Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More SMU Video stuff

Here's a preview of the game (in 2 parts) from

Part I:

Part II:

Here's an interview with sophomore QB Kyle Padron:

...and one with senior LB Pete Fleps:


Angry Trey said...

Padron is going to be eaten alive.

Tanner said...

In my inbox today.

Starr plays major role in reaching beneficial settlement with departing Big 12 members.

The Big 12 Conference announced Tuesday that it has reached an agreement with Colorado and Nebraska to resolve issues related to those schools' withdrawal from the league. Each school will leave effective June 10, 2011, so that the Big 12 will begin the 2011-12 school year as a 10-team conference.

Once again, Baylor (and specifically President Ken Starr) played an important role in the Big 12 discussions. In this instance, he served on the three-member presidents subcommittee that negotiated the terms of the final agreement. Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe specifically credited the BU president for his work, saying, "President Starr's diplomacy, experience and legal acumen were of great benefit to the Big 12 during this process."

Starr, Kansas State President Kirk Schulz and Oklahoma State President Burns Hargis worked together to ensure a process that would avoid lengthy and costly litigation. (That's exactly the scenario facing the Western Athletic Conference [WAC], as it has filed suit against two of its member institutions and the Mountain West Conference following the departure of Fresno State and Nevada.)

Sic 'em, President Starr, and sic 'em, Bears!


Wow, so if you can't win at anything, get the most money that you can from them. awesome?

HFrog77 said...

Great post, Tanner.

This from 2 different articles today:

1. Colorado plans to leave for the Pac-10 on June 30, 2011 and have $6.863 million withheld from its conference revenue.

2. The Big 12 and Nebraska announced a settlement in which the conference will withhold $9.255 million in conference distributions.

That’s a payment of over $1.6M to each remaining Big XII school as compensation for these 2 teams leaving the conference after this season. Which is better than just about any bowl payouts outside of the 5 BCS bowls, and more than TCU makes on its MWC TV contracts.

It’s nice to be a member of the BCS Club -- Baylor doesn't need a decent football team.

Tanner said...

Actually, if i remember correctly, that penalty money is already accounted for and is going to only a few big 12 members, so Baylor will be getting none or just a little of it anyways.

Army Frog Fan said...

Is that the worst/ most awkward pre-game video interview ever?