Monday, September 20, 2010

Lessons in SMU Hate - Retroactive Version.

Apologies for this cop out Hate post. I fully intended to bring you five full days worth of hate posts to ring in Hate Week 2010, but I've simply run out of time today. No need to worry though, I have a couple of things brewing for the rest of the week and hopefully inspire some of you who might have been on the fence about this whole "despising SMU thing." Meantime, I thought I'd link up to a few older hate pieces because, despite the fact that you're already familiar with them, it never hurts to reignite the fire that burns within you. And I'm not talking about that gonorreah you contracted at the Aardvark Saturday night.

First - Some old, more factualized hate from back in 2007 celebrating the Death Penalty. We were such a wee blog then.

Second - The one that launched the hate revolution, the Clifton Murphy commitment yarn that was eventually credited as factual information in another article on another site. Shockingly enough, this one is only from January of this year... it feels like we've been hating for so much longer than that, no?

Third - Just because it's always cool to hate Craig James, and because it was the most commented of all of the hate posts to date, here's the Legend of Craig James as told by yours truly, which also featured THIS addendum. Unbiased viewpoints sold separately.

So enjoy those, dear readers, and I'll be back tomorrow with something a bit more fresh. Hint: It involves the worst TV program not named Grey's Anatomy to hit the airwaves this century.


LA Frog said...

Aardvark!? What about in the port-o-lets with the CWBCs?

shortnkerley's said...

Let's not forget about the Texas Monthly SMU sweeps their drug overdose problem and doesn't let dallas police investigate despite overwhelming evidence hate.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Back in '99, we beat the ponies 21-0 at home, but those lil' pricks in the band left us a nice present on our home field... When they did their "M" formation during halftime, they all dropped a handful of ryegrass seed on the field and then it was nicely ground into the dirt during the second half. So, we ended up with a nice Mustang logo growing on to our field.
For a pic, scroll down to the near bottom of this TCU Mag web archive