Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lessons in SMU Hate - Message Boards.


As the final installment of SMU Hate for the week – tomorrow is solely dedicated to the game preview and mental preparation – I thought I’d take the most direct route to hate that there is and see what they’re saying over at And, as you can imagine, our friends at Southern Methodist University, most of whom do not actually hail from the south, have an opinion or two about the game tomorrow evening. While most of the fans have realistic expectations for the game – most hold out hope of an upset, which is always reasonable in this series no matter the situation, but by no means expect an SMU win – there are a few out there who think that this is the Ponies year and that our undefeated run crumbles tomorrow evening at Ford Field.

But don’t take my word for it, here's a peek at what they’re saying.

The SMU fans seem to fit pretty well into three categories.

There are those who think SMU can pull the upset with kicker Matt Szymanski beating us on a last second 65 yard field goal. There are those who say TCU is going to win, but look on the bright side and see a positive future for this rivalry from an SMU perspective, although when a “pony fans legend” doesn’t think his team will win, that’s a problem. And then there are the rest who don’t necessarily think SMU will win or just don’t care, but love stirring shit up either way.

I found that most of the people who post on Ponyfans fall into the last category.

So there’s the video posted above, complete with the TCU fan dressed as a clown. You know, because we’re just a bunch of clowns. Clever. It’s actually pretty funny – it recalls the 2007 game against Texas - which is COMPLETELY relevant to this season - makes fun of the new uniforms - which is also one of our own favorite pastimes at least when we’re talking about the pants - and paints the average TCU fan as viewing SMU as a lesser opponent - which, of course, they are. I guess I’m supposed to be offended, but I wasn’t one of those kids who was afraid of clowns growing up, and I can’t really find anything other than that to get worked up about in the entirety of the 3 minutes. Better luck next time, guys.

And to continue their juvenile antics, they’re rumoring to be featuring a new “TCU Sucks” shirt that reads “Tuck FCU.” Now, I know we have some fans who wear shirts that say “Muck the Fustangs,” and while I admire their honesty, I’ve never been a big fan of making t shirts for a specific team. I don’t like the “Beat Tech” shirts and I don’t like the “Beat Texas” shirts. It shows inferiority and is kind of bush league. But, for SMU to not only hold these shirts in high regard – one guy says he wants a box so he can have 365 of them for each day of the year. That's good hate form right there, sir – and then to rip off an idea that TCU has already used is just a double inferiority complex. But, I suppose imitation is the highest form of flattery, and if you want to think positive, this is probably the most significant pub Florida Christian University has or will ever receive.

There’s then another thread re: Why I didn’t go to TCU that leads off with the hazing incident involving those naught Kappa Sigs where Amon Carter IV was branded "against his will and totally not drunk" on a ski trip. And while that’s likely some sort of attack on the TCU fraternity system in general, considering a member of the SMU Alpha Phi Alpha chapter died from hazing a few years back and that young SMU fraternity members consistently do things such as overdose on extreme morphine, experience kidney failure for excessive drug use, and hang out with girls who get murdered by drug dealers and stashed away in Waco portapotties , you may not want to cast stones, bud. But, they can deny that all of these things ever happened because the school covered them up so they wouldn’t lose the Bush Library. So I guess I’m a liar.

That posting then devolves into a bunch of "SMU kids are smarter than TCU kids" self assurances from the Pony faithful, none better than the poster who criticizes the TCU Theatre Arts department, and that's when SWW moves on to the next point.

While we don't agree with SMU on many points, on the plus side, at least they don’t like KillerFrogs either.

But they DO love conjuring up visions of a TCU inferiority complex, in this case based on the fact that we didn’t get a lot of attention on College Football Live compared to other top ranked schools. I really can’t think of why we aren’t getting talked about this…. Oh yeah, because we’re playing the bottom feeder of Texas football. And then they even get into the “What’s the difference between June Jones and GP?” which, according to them, is the NFL attention that SMU receives because June Jones is "respected in those circles", but once they run out of ammunition there, all they really can come up with is to call Gary Patterson fat.

But, even better than the fans who play the “TCU Sucks, SMU Rules” game are the fans who try and completely ignore the game tomorrow evening altogether. Like this thread, where SMU tries to downplay that winning tomorrow night means a lot to the program. This is based on the jargon June Jones is spewing to his team about how winning the conference is the only goal, and beating TCU doesn’t contribute to that goal. Fair enough… but shouldn’t you go into a rivalry game with the attitude of at least kind of wanting to win? I mean, if we had lost to Baylor last week, in the scheme of the conference it wouldn’t have mattered… but Patterson still wanted to rip their throats out. This is the biggest fundamental difference in our two programs for the time being. This is why SMU needs to beat us tomorrow night as much as we need to beat them.

But at least we know now where the party will not be happening after the game. When you're talking about partying all night after a win, then that's pretty solid evidence that it IS, in fact, your Super Bowl, Ponies.

Still, they have aeronautical technology on their side, flying a banner behind a plane advertising their slogan for the game of “Fill the Ford.” This campaign also applies to yard signage as I saw a handful of those and “Beat TCU” signs on my way home from work yesterday. So we’re probably screwed now.

And when they start attacking the TCU schedule strength, you know you’ll never win with these guys because in that argument they’re essentially discrediting themselves.

In all honesty, after reading through all of those posts, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the SMU fan in general. Obviously, as a whole, that’s just an extremely hateable place. My now nearly 20 Lessons in SMU Hate can attest to that. But after last week, I honestly have to reevaluate my hate scale because Baylor fans are just so darned awful they may actually take the cake as the least likeable fans on the schedule; a title they will retain until Tech comes to town next year and blows everyone else out of the water in that department. At least SMU fans don't have the pompous Big 12 failure attitude driving them. And just for that underestimation, I’m probably getting heckled by the band once again tomorrow night.

But still, there’s more than enough information in there to rile up even the most skeptical haters in our ranks and I fully urge you to check it out so you have some fuel for the fire tomorrow. It might not end up being the bloodbath that we all imagine it to be… except it will probably be the bloodbath that we all expect it to be. Regardless, unless we win the battle in the stands as well and make it a clean sweep two trips in a row, we’ll never be able to say that we fully won the war. So if the guy that tried to fight lyle and I in the bathroom two years ago is looking for us, come find us in TCU visitor’s section, southwest end zone. We look forward to it.

And to close, perhaps the greatest uniform smack talk I've seen in all my days, courtesy of EastStang

EastStang wrote:I thought black in uniforms was a kind of a racial thing. Like Mike Tyson wearing black socks. If you're a lilly white Christian, Ft. Worth school, you need some skill players who might not like at first the idea of going there. This tells them that they're welcome. And thanks for the color explanation of purple (color of royalty) and white (color of redemption from sin). Now, they're wearing the color of death. Way to blur that testimony.


Cro-magnon Frog said...

"I applied to TCU and got accepted, but chose SMU due to a superior theatre program (we actually audition people) as well as an overall (vastly) better education."

Thats a winner of a quote from pony fans.

Their Fans are drama students.

Army Frog Fan said...

I went ahead and joined Ponyfans just to post the Brock Block video on several of their threads.

Bumblebeetuna said...

I mean a mustang is pretty terrifying... they did kill superman

HFrog77 said...

Muck the Fustangs is as relevant now as it ever was...

Brandon said...

wow, you guys are fucking ridiculous over here. get a job loser.

smu is going to beat your ass soon - all your seniors are gone next year assholes