Monday, September 27, 2010

Hate Week Top 10 Recap.

Make this quick and painless... except I suppose I'll have to gloat a bit during the UT section.

#1 Alabama 24, #10 Arkansas 20. Oh Ryan Mallett. OH, Ryan Mallett. In what was supposed to be his breakout Heisman game, Mallett tossed 3 INTs, including two in the fourth quarter that were absolute back breakers and the Hogs lost by 4. In the process they peed away a 13 point lead and led Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson combine for 242 yards on the ground. The Hogs defense actually didn't do terrible, picking off Greg McElroy twice, including once in the end zone, but in the end it was Ryan Mallett who killed their hopes. But, I suppose that's a tradeoff the Arky faithful are willing to make.

#2 Ohio State 73, Eastern Michigan 20. Yikes! The stats are pretty hilarious.

#3 Boise State 37, #24 Oregon State 24. Well, at least Oregon State scored their ranking. I didn't get to watch one second of this one, so I won't pretend to know what went on, but judging by the fact that OSU only scored one of their 3 TDs on offense, I'm gonna say Boise should've done a lot more than they did. On paper it's more impressive than our win against the Beavers, and by now you all know we lost some ground on the Broncos after this one, but neither win was particularly impressive, and hopefully Boise will lose some luster come conference play. For now we root against Nevada and Virginia Tech wholeheartedly.

#5 Oregon 42, Arizona State 31. Arizona State turned the ball over a healthy seven times and Oregon only won by 11? Apparently the mothers of both teams taught them to share. LaMichael James didn't run for 200 yards as he prefers, but QB Darron Thomas and the defense got the job done and apparently it was enough to elevate the Ducks over the Frogs. Also, SpitBlood fan favorite Josh Huff had a touchdown.

#6 Nebraska 17, South Dakota State 3. Whoa now. Big 12 North probably needs to stop scheduling anything with "Dakota" in the name, although I think they'll dodge a bullet when Dakota Fanning opts to not go to college and continue being filthy rich and even more filthy jailbait. Huskers QB Taylor Martinez finally played like a true freshman, tossing 2 interceptions and not scoring a rushing TD. They were probably just let down that Texas let UCLA slap them around before their trip to Lincoln next month. Speaking of which...

#7 Texas 12, UCLA 34.
#8 Oklahoma 31, Cincinnati 29. Wow. Just, wow. Didn't see that one coming. After unspiring inspiring performances against Kansas State (9 point loss) and Stanford (35 point shut out), then a shocking win against Houston (18 point win, quarterback genocide), who really knew what to expect from UCLA against Texas? Well, it didn't really matter because the Bruins treated them like Mackovic was still on the sidelines, including a garbage time score when all they were trying to do was run out the clock. Texas didn't help themselves with 5 turnovers, but my goodness is that running game just atrocious. Poor Malcolm Brown, he'll get his feet put to the fire right off the bat next year and probably never amount to anything of substance. The most shocking thing about it is how poorly the Texas defense played, even though they were given a tough task with the turnover created field position. UCLA only had 291 yards of total offense, but wanna know how many were passing? 21. TWENTY ONE! That means they had 264 yards on the ground. DeMarco Murray says wassup.

But speaking of Murray's crew, I combined these two scorelines because how awful is the game this weekend going to be when the two go head to head? OK, so it won't be awful - these two teams always give it a huge go in Dallas and this weekend will be no different - but how much did these two games take some of the luster off? Not upset with the timing of the TCU game by any means. But, as for OU and Cincy, the Sooners had 452 yards of offense and Landry Jones threw 3 TDs and had 370 and STILL almost lost. And Cincy had 4 turnovers to OU's 1! They protect the ball a little better, OU and Texas are both sitting 3-1 this weekend. The Bearcats actually outgained Oklahoma by 9 yards as well. Yeesh.

For their efforts, Texas got drop kicked 14 spots to 21st in the rankings. This makes my nipples sensitive. At least the Dave Campbell's power poll will be easy to decipher this week.

#9 Florida 48, Kentucky 14. I guess Florida was bound to figure it out eventually. In this case, they just let Freshman Trey Burton do the heavy lifting has he scored SIX touchdowns on his own. This beat the record set by Tim Tebow. Sorry dude, they won't be erecting statues of you and jerking off to your crying face in Gainesville anytime soon, but nice work.

So good and bad week for the the Top 10. On one hand Texas lost. On the other hand Texas lost AND eliminated themselves from the Top 10 discussion for a while. But on the OTHER other hand, the Frogs lost some ground in the rankings and dropped to fifth. Guess you'll have to read the preview this Wednesday to find out what we can expect from this weekend.

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LT4heisman said...

Funny how Boises uniforms were the exact same shade of blue as that god aweful turf. Gays.