Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Game Awards - TCU v. Tenn Tech

Well, this will be short and sweet. We beat the crap out of a D-2 school which is what we are supposed to do. All focus needs to be on this Saturday.

Defensive Player of the Game

Alex Ibiloye - Glad this games wasn't on ESPN as Brad Nessler would have mis-prnounced his name at least 11 times. He dominated this game with three forced fumbles and nine tackles (one and a half for loss). He was named MWC defensive player of the week for his efforts.

Offensive Player of the Game

Bart Johson - I know, I know, this is a little random. While he only had 56 yards he did have 7 catches. But the real reason is that he has now caught a pass in 24 consecutive games. Believe me I had no idea about this stat until Sunday in the Startlegram, did you? Anyway, it's a hell of an accomplishment and I feel he deserves some recognition for it.

Special Teams Player of the Game

Uhh, did our special teams even take the field on Saturday, outside of the kickoff team? Who knows, I guess this could go to Sharples who has finally figured out what a touchback is. God this guy infuriated me last season with his weak kickoffs to the 15, but it looks like he has improved his game a bit with 4 tbs out of 10 kicks with a 65 yard avg.

Play of the Game

Nothing like demoralizing a D-2 team right as they think they have some hope. It was only 14-0 near the end of a first quarter where I was positive we were gonna hang 70 on them. Then Jason Teague took over with a hell of a pick 6 (might have to make a youtube vid out of that one).

Awards over, week over, bring on the Bears.

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