Monday, September 20, 2010

Game Awards - TCU v. Baylor

Is that your bowl chances down on the ground there? Enjoy another season of disappointment and non-bowl participation. But hey, at least your in the Big 12 (10), right????

First our Waco campus mysteriously burns to the ground, then our coach dies on the sideline against Baylor (see Here), then they lobby against us during the downfall of the SWC. So it is nice to continue to destroy this team on the field.

Defensive Player of the Week - Teejay Johnson & Collin Jones

It is hard to pick just one when your entire defense dominates a squad as badly as they did, so I am going to go with two. It's always good to see your men in the back come to play, and thats exactly what Johnson and Jones did. They combined for 14 tackles with two being for loss and didn't allow Griffin to ever go long (notice I didn't include McCoy in this). And as mentioned by Sir Wesley, it is good to see Jones come back from that injury.

Offensive Player of the Week
- Andy Dalton

Well when you have two players who go out and totally dominate on offense (Dalton and Wesley) you gotta pick the one who was breaking records in his performance. Dalton was 21 of 23 for 267 yards and two TDs. His 91% completion rate was yet another TCU record for Dalton. He completed his first 11 passes and only missed his 12th because he intentionally threw it out of the end zone because Kerley was covered. There have been some questions about the passing game in the first two contests, but when your ground game dominates the way it does we really have no reason to throw the ball. Unless of course you want to completely demoralize an opponent. When Dalton is on he seems to have a knack for doing it with such efficiency that a D has no chance. I have full confidence this will be the case on Friday.

Special Teams Player of the Week
- Jeremy Kerley

Ohh its coming, we know it, he knows it, the coaches know it, and you can damn well bet SMU knows it. This guy is about to break one. He is dying to break someones ankles on the way to the endzone so ridiculously (is that a word? it is to me) it will make the CSU return look like pop warner. Why do you think he didn't just try and hurdle the punter? Because he wanted to make him look foolish by falling over his own two feet. The 45 yard return was by far the highlight of the special teams and the game (see below). I am calling it, this week, we see Kerley make Sports Center top 10.

Play of the Game

It has been along time since I have heard Amon G. erupt from a hit like that. If you haven't done so, go back and watch Patterson's press conference around the 7:30 mark. He tries so hard to act like he doesn't know what hit the reporter is asking about, but ohh he knows, his grin is priceless. Let's compare the one from Saturday v. The Great White Hit (still my all time personal favorite). Hopefully we can get a better quality video when the full highlights come out.


buffalo said...

white's hit never gets old!

LT4heisman said...

Incredible block. But I agree with the Buff - G W H never gets old.

LA Frog said...

Tejay was great. Did anyone see this story on him on the MWC site?

How do you sign "Kill the Ponies"?