Thursday, September 9, 2010

Frog Club Luncheon

Alright, so this was suppose to happen weekly last year, and I half assed it if not completely got drunk and forgot about it. This year will be different, in the future. Last week, well, same ol story, major points I remember season high 18,000 season tickets sold, baylor game 40,000+ sold. OK, now to this week, and for people that refresh this site every second, in the future this will be put out every Thursday afternoon (2-3ish) of the frog club luncheon. But on to this weeks highlights from the luncheon, also I went to Railhead for the Patterson show, but couldn't hear shit, so listen to it, or someone else go earlier or don't get drunk if you want info on that.

- Who the hell does Corso think he is, do I think he needs to die, yes. Am I happy he inspired pure hatred out of the boys, Yes. So tune in this Saturday's Gameday, Watch, Tivo, Reenact, whatever. Patterson has mailed Corso a package, that will be opened during the show. No insights as to what it contains, but Patterson said "Tune In," so do what God says.

- If you dont like all these new uni's or talk of such, then move on to next point. For those of which who get a FRONER seeing the frogs in new threads, this is for you. This is actually an IV of those magical blue diamond pills straight to your future frog maker. ANd for the ladies reading, its like getting that Big O you desire first, but for real this time. TCU will sport new uni's against Tennessee Tech this gameday, but with normal helmet. What the fuck are you thinking, why waist new uni's on a frapping division 2 school. Well, the closet is full, gatta wear em when you can. If your following my rant, thats right, we got another new uni ready to break out with a new helmet to match. My money is on BYU game or bowl game, but who am I, I got no insight, though Patterson did say "How are you doing" tonight at Railhead directed at me, the Ginger thats not the quarterback, and Mrs.Me; So yeah Patterson talks to me. So for the statisticians out there thats 3 new uni's and 2 new helmets. Bet that IV worked faster than that cialis shit, and twice as long.

-Patterson is a better coach and man than most men/people reading this site, so yes he did call Boise State coach Peterson to congratulate him on his victory. Peterson called him back (dont know how that worked since we played first, but Patterson said it, so it is) congratulate the Frogs on their Victory, and also any tips on how to defeat the Beavers. He said, pound it pound it pound it, till they like it; OR Hell no. no tips, you play them in a few weeks. I think you know which one he said..?

-Patterson loves the rowdy student section, this is not a lie, and the foul language they throw out at the ref's/other team. He did not say ref's/other teams, but thats the only thing that anyone calls bullshit on. He really did say he liked the rowdy student section and their choice words, even though the chancellor doesn't always.

-On the note of alcohol, someone came up to Patterson after the Oregon State game and said "I am surprised that we ran out of alcohol in a section before the game was over." Patterson's classic response, that I will now use as an excuse for my drunk ass, "Surprised? Have you ever been to a party in Ft. Worth?" -yes, my heart rate rose, cuz someone finally understood me.

- And if TCU were to get up in the game, the backup QB to get in, would be Pachall.

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Angry Trey said...

The uniform debuting on Saturday is our new standard home uniforms. We also have new all white away uniforms.

TCU will also be wearing a special camo type jersey for the Utah game to support the troops or something.

So there is going to be another one also?