Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DCTF Texas Power Poll - Week 1

This is acctually the preseason rankings, I will update with week 2 when they come out.

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"The 2010 season opens with five teams legitimately vying for nearly every spot in the upper half of the state, and with just five voters on the poll right now, we've got some neck-and-neck races that have to get sorted out eventually. The first starts up top, with TCU and Texas, the two teams most people seem to think are our little world's best.

The Horned Frogs, whom we ranked above Texas in our preseason college Top 25, return the majority of a prolific 2009 offense and enough defensive pieces to once again assume that coach Gary Patterson can cobble together a nation-leading unit. Texas, on the other hand, should sport a bone-crushing defense with an offense that will need some time to find an identity. Texas' two title appearance in the past five years has earned it some street cred here at the DCTF office, but we stand by (or at least some of us do) our claim in the summer mag that TCU is Texas' best for now."

Number One Votes in Parenthesis

  1. TCU (3)
  2. Texas (3)
  3. A&M
  4. Houston
  5. Tech
  6. SMU
  7. Baylor
  8. UTEP
  9. Rice
  10. North Texas

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