Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DCTF Power Poll - Week 3

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"Finally — we're starting to see some movement in the Power Poll.

With the second week of the 2010 season in the books, we're starting to see the gaps between the large middle class of Texas FBS teams shrink rapidly. Though a near-consensus TCU squad has opened up a comfortable lead on the Longhorns for the top spot, all of that could change if UT waltzes out of Lubbock with a win this weekend. Even TCU's neutral-site win over ranked Oregon State can't top that victory. If UT loses, the second spot is all but gone.


BU has the chance to shake everything up — it travels to TCU to start a new multi-game installment in Texas' least-talked rivalry game. If the Bears come out with a win, it would be one of college football top upsets of the year to date ... and it would devastate a Froggie nation that's living up its national No. 4 status. A&M enjoys its third cupcake in a row, but SMU gets Washington State, the team that so narrowly escaped it a year ago. Revenge on their mind, anyone?"

Number One Votes in Parenthesis

  1. TCU (4)
  2. Texas (1)
  3. Houston
  4. A&M
  5. Tech
  6. Baylor
  7. SMU
  8. UTEP
  9. Rice
  10. North Texas

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