Thursday, September 9, 2010

College Pick Em Standings - Week 1

Here is the rundown of the top 10 after week 1. If you haven't submitted your picks yet be sure to do it by this evening as tonight's Auburn vs. Mississippi State game is on the slate. Remember, we are picking outright winners this year, not against the spread. The spread is posted for your information only.

1 geezerfrog's picks, 10-0, 55
2 gtgossett's picks, 9-1, 54
2 rmartinez's picks, 9-1, 54
4 THE FINCH, 8-2, 51
4 TN2TXtony's picks, 9-1, 51
6 FrogFan1986's picks, 8-2, 50
7 cftt's picks, 9-1, 49
8 BUFFALO's picks, 8-2, 48
9 Hornedfrog1982's picks, 8-2, 47
10 tcufrog4's picks, 8-2, 46
10 FakeGP's picks, 7-3, 46

Also, don't forget to donate $9 to the Purple People Seaters by clicking on the sidebar gauge. Only a handful of you have lived up to your pledge. Please remember to do this week to week if you can, otherwise you will never catch up. This week we may have to dig a little deeper into our pockets, I hope. Thanks to those of you who have already donated for last week's 9 point victory.


Cro-magnon Frog said...

this week will make quite a dent in my pocket book

John Lamberth said...

Whoo-hoo! I'm dead last! TBC for the loss!

Geezer Frog said...

Just received this website for SWC fans. Haven't really had a chance to review it.