Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog Exchange With The Enemy

We decided to participate in a blog exchange with this week. They asked us five questions, we asked them five. Click over to see Sir Wesley Willis' five answers to following questions:

1) What weaknesses were exposed during the Oregon St. game on offense & defense that Baylor may be able to exploit?

2) What has allowed the TCU defense to be so successful against the spread offense? Is it more the system or the athletes?

3) Was there a conspiracy by the BCS to not allow you and Boise St. to play 2 other AQ teams last year? Were the Frog faithful excited about this matchup or were they looking forward to playing a more traditional power?

4) From a TCU perspective, what is the best and worst case scenarios for realignment given the recent departures from the MWC?

5) Beyond containing Robert Griffin, what are the keys to success for TCU?

Bonus Question: Describe in one word both your offense and defense?

1 comment:

Bumblebeetuna said...

Those Baylor kids are d-bags. I actually feel bad for them. They have nothing good to talk trash with. They suck and they know it. Sounds self perpetuating....