Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bill and Ted's Excellent Preseason Rankings Journey

I wrote this last year but never got around to posting it. Anyways, thought it was interesting to go back in time and see how far we’ve come in a year…

Greed is Good

First off, let me say I am quite content with TCU's #17 preseason ranking. That said, the point of my post is how pissed I am that I am content. Or, put another way, I'm pissed I'm not pissed. Allow me to illustrate….

Get it? What are the only 2 programs to fall double digits? While it's not surprising to see "non AQ schools" fall so much, it doesn't mean we should so readily accept it and not have a chip on our shoulder. The point I'm trying to make is we've reached the point with our program where we as fans should be a lot greedier. We have had one of the best programs in the country for years now, it's not like we had some flash-in-the-pan year when we finished #7 last year.

How many BCS schools finishing where TCU and Utah did would drop this far?? The last time a team finished top 10 and dropped double digits was the 2007 preseason when #6 ranked Boise dropped 17 spots, #15 BYU also dropped 19 spots (largest drops of ANY school that year). How content are you going to be if we finished the season ranked #17??

We have been incredibly blessed with great success these last few years, the trajectory of our program for over a decade now has been a hockey stick and it pisses me off that I find myself humbled to see us ranked #17. What pisses me off even more is the large number of people in the greater DFW area, many of them TCU grads/undergrads, that either don't like going to college football games and/or don't appreciate how special it is to have a Top 10 football program in their backyard enough to take a measure of pride in it and support it.

Maybe I'm being greedy not accepting our rank. Maybe it's greedy to think the greater metroplex should pull its head out of its ass and become a part of this. I love how the average TCU fan is very humble, and I'd never complain about our ranking to other "non-TCU" fans….but between you and me, fuck this #17 ranking and fuck all those people out there who claim to be big time sports fans who don't get off their ass and into Amon G to support a local team that’s consistently achieving at the highest level….a program who, despite what any preseason poll says, happens to STILL be one of top 10 in the country...this team and program deserve better, let's give it to them as we reach for the next level this year.

Fast forward to 2010: Well the city of Fort Worth came out for the Frogs '09…and we got a pretty nice preseason ranking this year. Most non-AQ’s didn’t drop 1,000 spots (except for BYU which dropped 16), but the problem remains. I understand perception=reality in CFB, but let me ask some of the same questions. Would a BCS team that has the talent returning that we do get the same preseason ranking? Will you be happy if we finish where we are currently ranked?

We need to build on our fan momentum and stay greedy in 2010. You get the opportunity to go see a TCU AWAY game for the price of gas + ~$75 this Saturday. It’s not as cheap as the SMU ‘away’ game, but it’s cheaper than any other ‘away’ game you’re ever going to see. So stop bitching about the ticket price and get Jerry paid this weekend (yes, TCU over shot on the ticket pricing, why don’t you punish the team for it). Come greedy and angry...and to continue with the theme from last year- fuck our #7 ranking, we’re way better than that.

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