Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big East, huh?

Just when you thought that the conference realignment talk was about to die down, the New York Post came out with a story today stating that the Big East is targeting TCU for expansion.

Say what?!?

At first the thought is pretty far-fetched. I mean, how could TCU possibly fit into a league primarily based in the northeast? Then again, the Frogs are already a complete misfit geographically in the Mountain West, so how big a change would it really be? (I, personally, am way too lazy to look up the comparative distances between TCU and Big East schools versus TCU and other MWC schools).

I think we all see the Big East as a league with greater visibility (read: TV $$$) and BCS access than the Mountain West, and I think it's also a league in which the Frogs would instantly be incredibly competitive in both football and baseball. They would definitely be a fish out of water in men's basketball, but could the increase in marquee teams coming through Daniel-Meyer and the opportunity to be the only Texas program to offer kids a chance to play Big East basketball actually be a BENEFIT to the program?

When reached by text message by ESPN Dallas, Gary Patterson said he was surprised by the report and stated that his focus was primarily on Colorado State. AD Chris Del Conte declined to speak on the matter.

As we learned this summer, it's probably wise to scrutinize the source of stories such as this one. So before you start getting excited over football games against Pitt and West Virginia or basketball games against Syracuse or Georgetown, remember that this came from the Post:


Tanner said...


HFrog77 said...

This story got me thinking (dangerous). We've been sweating the MWC earning an auto bid in 2 years, which hasn't looked certain because of the horrible performance of CO State, UNM, UNLV and SDSU.

It also occurs to me that the MWC could also earn it's auto bid with the ongoing piss poor performance of the Big East and ACC this year and next. If they sink faster than the MWC rises. These 2 conferences currently have no ranked teams in the Coaches poll and only 1 (NC State, #23) in the AP.

If there is any truth to this story, it's probably because the Big East is thinking they may lose their status without adding someone like TCU. Lots of $$$ lost for these schools if that happens. I'll bet both the Big East and the MWC are doing that math right now.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I know there are rules in place for keeping BCS status and such... but I can't see any situation where the BCS would actually yank a bid away from one of the original leagues. It'd have to be an absolutely tragic chain of events... which, in all fairness, I suppose is being set in motion as we speak with their on field performance this year.

MWC isn't getting a bid. We're just not. It's not fair, because the league is better than the Big East or ACC, but it's the nature of the beast. I see this as a win win... it's an easier track to a BCS bid than our current one, I have no idea about baseball but we're as good as anyone so that doesn't bother me, and I ABSOLUTELY think it helps basketball recruiting.

Could this report be leaking as a nudge to the Big 12? I'm not one of those folks that genuinely believes the Big 12 will pick us up, but it has to get them thinking, right?

Texas Hammer said...

I think Louisville actually hosted a Regional this year...maybe UCONN too.

I'm just wondering if this whole "super conference" talk has any legs. If the SEC / ACC poach some teams from the Big Least (one of them not being TCU), then we're back in C-USA again.

Texas Hammer played in C-USA days...Texas Hammer does not like C-USA.

The travel is absolutely horrendous and the destinations(save Tampa) are dogshit.

Seriously, we should stay in the MWC just so we have an excuse to go to Wegas every other year.

Rotten Arsenal said...

I'm with Hammer... knowing our history, we'd jump to the BEast and then the whole conference would just collapse.
The only way I'd feel good about this is if the Big East was planning on building a super con and stealing ACC teams.
Besides, the core group of the Big East has already shown that they have no problem bailing for the first "better" opportunity... these were the jerks that bailed on CUSA.

Maybe we've got better administration now, but in the past, we seem to be slow to react and end up sitting in dying conferences. The Big East has a stink of death on it and I'm not sure that's our best move.

Texas Hammer said...

I definitely think we should just stay put for the time being and see what shakes out.

Obviously be proactive but don't accept an invite to the Big Least just b/c they have Bc$ status today...it's likely to be gone tomorrow.

Angry Trey said...

You have to jump all over this if offered. More money, BCS auto-bid, and easier path to BCS game.

If the conference falls apart, worry about that later. Its not like the MWC will get a BCS bid w/o TCU.

If you have the chance to join a conference thats tied to the BCS, you have to do it.

Angry Trey said...

The Big XII doesnt want us, Pac-10 doesnt want us, the SEC is unlikely at this point and there is no guarantee of the MWC getting a BCS bid. Have to do this.

Army Frog Fan said...

At first I thought this made no sense. People say TCU's travel budget would completely offset any gains from BCS revenue.

So I looked it up.

Big East flight distances from DFW airport:

UConn - 1467
Syracuse - 1332
Pitt - 1077
WVU - 1058
USF - 933
Cincy - 825
Louisville - 734

New MWC distances:

Nevada - 1348
Fresno - 1316
Boise - 1275
SDSU - 1170
UNLV - 1056
Wyoming - 748
Colo. St - 693
Air Force - 599
New Mexico - 572

I don't see much of a difference, really.

As for the expectations regarding the MWC getting an auto-bid. Noithing is certain. Going Big East would guarantee an auto-bid. holding out may not get them one.

Cro-magnon Frog said...

The problem with the argument about the BE collapsing is that it is very likely that the MWC also collapses if the BCS goes to super conferences. And aren't the chances the same if not better for TCU to join a super conference from the BE than the MWC.

Not too mention I don't believe that Super conferences are happening anytime soon.

If this offer actually does arrive at our door, we need to jump at it immediately.

janorman74 said...

Exactly cro - the big east is just as stable as the MWC - and has a BCS auto-bid - we'd be running through that conference like natty light through a freshman.

Remember 06 and 07 when the Big East was getting tons of pub and nat'l title talk - that could be TCU every year. Sorry that alone trumps staying in the MWC.

I say go and don't look back. The only thing now will be to come up with positive talking points about the crappy big east.

Mankdog said...

Definitely agree that we should jump at the chance if offered. With Utah and the Mormons leaving the only team that is going to come into the season ranked in the top 25 is most likely going to be Boise (though Nevada is looking like a good program). The Big East usually has at least a few (although Pitt always drops after they lose the first game)that start pretty high and usually their teams get more love due to their geography. I really don't see how we could lose in this situation, especially since I agree with Sir Wesley that it is highly unlikely automatic qualification will be pulled from any of the original conferences.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Staying to "see what happens" will only work out if you truly believe that at least 2-3 teams in our conference not named TCU or Boise will win 9-10 games, their bowl games, and any non conference games against BCS teams between now and the end of the evaluation period, which is, what, 2012? Air Force could potentially hit that number this year... but who else gives you hope? UNLV, New Mexico, CSU are obviously out. Fresno is in the same boat, and while SDSU is going to be a sleeper pick, check their recent history. Nevada is likely going to make some noise this year, but they're winning games because they have a mutant at QB... what happens when he leaves?

Bringing up the middle of our conference is what is holding us back, and even if Air Force and Nevada are successful this year, that still doesn't get you anywhere as both teams have very little track record. Air Force has had one nine win season in the 2000s; Nevada just cracked the TOp 25 for the first time since the 70s for chrissake!

So, needless to say, I'm increasingly pessimistic of the MWC getting an auto bid with the Utah and BYU records being erased from the discussion.

You have to ask yourself - would you rather battle Boise for a BCS bid every year, or West Virginia? Either way, you're always going to be behind the Televen, Twelve, SEC and likely Pac 10 in national title discussions, but WVU had a shot a couple of years back and crapped the bed in their last game. I say go for what helps you the most in the short term and worry about the long term stuff later because there are no guarantees about anything.

rant over.

Rotten Arsenal said...

According to MacAss Engel, Del Conte and Craig Thompson are in New York meeting about something... didn't mention anybody else being in the meeting.

Hey! Maybe the Beast wants to add TCU & Boise to get to 10 teams

And while I'm talking crazy talk... I want Jerry Hughes to deliver me a nice purple '67 Shelby Mustang to my house and then we go out for ice cream

Rotten Arsenal said...

Found this University of Louisville blog yesterday. I commented and now they guy wants me to draft another post