Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Your Hate Is Noted and Appreciated.

You may not appreciate the author's TCU Hate,
But just remember, it could be worse
You could look like him.

You'll probably all remember's Drew Magary's take on the Top 25 last year because he wrote something about how our fans enjoy getting drunk and then every single girl from TCU you're friends with on Facebook posted it as their status. You'll also remember that most of these girls did not actually attend a single TCU game last year in yet another reason why girls should not be allowed to be fans of any sport. But anyway, yesterday brought the 2010 edition of the Haters Guide to the Top 25 and, unlike last year, we now get a hate filled spin in our section. Hint: It involves SMU Hate, so I naturally approve wholeheartedly.

Some of you may read what he wrote and think, "Hey! Quit attacking our rivalry, even though it genuinely is one of the dumber trophies in all of sport to vie for!" And if that's your response, then I invite you to read what he wrote about everyone else, because it's much more offensive. Also, doesn't generating hate from a mid 30s Minnesota Vikings fan who lives in Maryland mean we've truly arrived? I think yes.


Texas Hammer said...

Nice retro Tommy Hilfiger shirt...NOT!

CrabblerK3 said...


"Best of all, many college football fans are college age men between the ages of 18 and 22. And lemme tell you something, there are no better haters out there than men that age. You talk about a worthless and vile segment of humanity. Guys that age are fucking DICKS. They get drunk. They yell. They start fights. They bite women. They're spectacularly awful human beings. And every Saturday, they huddle up Delta Fuckface Douchilon at 7AM to drink Popov and paddle each other on the ass, specifically so that they can be as drunk and obnoxious as humanly possible once game time hits. They say some of the meanest, dumbest, most horrible shit you can imagine. And that's what makes college football so pantshittingly kickass."

I feel like Drew could have done a lot more with hating on TCU, but probably doesn't know too much about the school and local stereotypes. Overall, a great bit of hate and I particularly like the UT bit - indie shit blows and the hipsters that "support" it can eat shit and die.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Yeah, don't know how many of you read him at kissing suzy kolber, but that dude is great. The only reason I read monday morning QB is so I can read Drew's deconstruction of it. But yeah, he's definitely more into the NFL than college.

Angela said...

FYI, I'm a girl and a HUGE football fan. Haven't missed more than one TCU home game since my freshman year, way back in 2002. I'm probably more loyal and knowledgeable than most of the idiots who follow this blog.


shortnkerley's said...

Hey Angela- So you're admitting you have missed a home game in the past 8 years? That's terrible. Title 9 sucks!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Well at least we can now count you among those idiots. Welcome aboard! Also, you're clearly barking up the wrong tree if you think insulting our football intelligence hurts our pride. Smu hate intelligence, perhaps, but not football. Besides, what more do you really need to know about beyond the frogs?

spoiledguineabrat said...

i just e-mailed this to you today; didn't realize you had already posted. my bad