Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An unpaid endorsement

Because we're not afraid of a little competition (unlike some other TCU-related website you may have heard of...), from time to time we like to point you in the right direction to where you can best satisfy your craving for the best Horned Frog content on the web. Unquestionably, during baseball season the most in-depth coverage of Schlossnagle's squad came from HornedFrogSports.com. I have no problem saying those guys know that team better than myself and any of the other rag-tag posters over here.

And if you're into recruiting, we certainly like the work Jimmiemac is doing for us- it's a nice compliment to the coverage from Purple Menace (the TCU rivals site). But once practice starts later this week, you are definitely going to want to have an account at Purple Menace.

From day one of 2-a-days until the first game of the season, you'll find yourself logging on first thing in the morning to read their reports from practice the previous day. How does GP feel about the team's progress? What veterans are looking to step up this year and which freshmen are impressing enough to start earning PT early in their careers? Who's taking control in the battle at right tackle? Or back-up QB? Or deep snapper? These are all the types of things you'll read about in their coverage, and they even include photos when they're allowed to.

Sure, I've ragged on Rivals before (namely the creepy art teacher/molester-looking dweeb at the K-State site and Chip Brown's "I'll report any story UT wants me to float out there" attitude at Orangebloods), but Jeremy Clark and Jeremiah Glenn at Purple Menace really do an outstanding job- and especially in this last month or so before the season. I'd love to copy & paste their reports onto Spit Blood, but since it's content for subscribers only, that'd be just a bit of a dickhead move.

Hey, this is just a little free advice from one Frog fan to another (or do we actually have multiple readers nowadays?). If you're developing nervous ticks and gnashing your teeth down to little stubs with pre-season anxiety like I am (it's only Waymon James' # of days until Oregon State!), then there's definitely a fix for that. While nothing other than it actually being game day can help you catch that dragon, these practice reports are the next best thing. But as LeVar Burton taught us, don't take my word for it.

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