Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top 30 Frogs of All Time - UPDATE

For all you loyal readers out there, you might remember Spitpurple and me ranking the top 30 football frogs of all time some two years ago. Well, we have had multiple requests to update the list a little bit, and like all people who want to be cool, we cave under peer pressure.

We will be adding 4 new members to the list. I know what your thinking, how do we pick who to bump off of this magical list? Well we are making this one easy, no coaches on the list. While no one can doubt their contribution to the program, this is a players only list. Also, we violated our own rule on the first go around. No active personnel on the list. So GP is out. But no one can doubt that in 30 years when he retires from the Frogs JoPa style, he will be right at the top.

Your also probably thinking, we only have 3 coaches on the list. Well to solve that problem we are also not allowing anyone who has any current affiliation with the Baylor Bears on our list. So Guy Morris, you're gone.

To refresh everyone's memory about their accomplishments we are going to start over on number 30 and we will note who are the new additions to the list. There will be 2 a day, so be sure not to miss your favorite TCU great. Now on to the list....


buffalo said...

cut any special teams players...you know GP would agree.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

seconded and thirded and fourthded.