Thursday, August 26, 2010

There Will Be Craig Thompson.

Official Credits: Daniel Day Lewis as Craig Thompson, Paul Dano as BYU
and milkshake as the WAC.

Continuing the trend of BYU schadenfreude videos that lt4heisman started just moments ago, I just thought we should sit back and think about the real hero in all of this: MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson. Say what you will about his fudging of our TV contract - and OH, it's bad. The main reason BYU entertained independence was because of it - but he absolutely drank the Cougars milkshake. He drank it up, and then he beat them to death with a bowling pin in his personal bowling alley.

With all the rumblings, chances are he would've extended the invite to Fresno State and Nevada anyway, but the fact that the invites came down just to poison the well of BYU's independence ploy makes it that much more satisfying. Pretty ironic that by trying to strengthen their own position, the end result of BYU's jockeying was killing the WAC, strengthening the MWC, becoming the most hated team in the conference at the end of the day and essentially getting nothing out of the deal. I'm pretty sure this is all deferred karma due to the kid who accused shortnkerley's of wearing mom jeans and then put him in a choke-hold at the game in Provo last year. And TGIErin probably played a role as well.

So once again, let's raise our glasses to Craig Thompson and his hair dye provider for saving the MWC and pushing the Cougars even further down the food chain.


shortnkerley's said...

Oh, TGIErin. I miss her every day. Yeah it was pretty fun watching those Mormons be so butt hurt from the pounding we gave them that their only response to my victory stare down was to choke hold the TCU section. Let's not forget the attempted double team of Bucknasty for having "offensive" signs at gameday. Pretty sure this is God's way of getting back at BYU for having an ill-tempered, douchebag fan base...that and the whole being Mormon thing.

LA Frog said...

My karma dream is that BYU beats UW (to help the MWC cred) then loses to AF the next week, then beats FL State the next week (more cred) then who cares until TCU beats the crap out of them (and hope they beat Utah to send the other LDSers on their merry way to the West Coast).

Matt said...

Stop crying, you sniveling ass! Stop your nonsense. You're just the afterbirth, Eli.

VikingFrog said...

Baby in a basket

Bumblebeetuna said...

Well let's go ahead and tell Craig that we don't want Utah St. I heard through the rumor mill that the MWC is still talking to them as our potential 12th team. They will definately weaken the conference. Houston is a much better choice .