Friday, August 20, 2010


LA Frog said...

Does BYU think by losing to TX every year that will get them an automatic bid? If BYU ends up staying in the MWC will TX cancel these games because of the stigma the MWC gives them or do they really need to beef up their Park City alumni chapter numbers?

D said...

That just brings to light how scared they really are to schedule with us. fucking butt pirates.

gtgossett said...

This is extremely gay. And it leaves me in torrid personal conflict.
Do I...

a) Hope the that the Mormon blue-and-(pure-as-the-driven-snow)- white beat the holy piss out of the burnt(out) orange hippie faggots, thus announcing their presences as the "Notre Dame of the West"?

b) Support fellow Texans in hopes that they beat a hated conference rival into (Joe) Smithereens?

c) Cross my fingers that an asteroid strikes Provo at the exact same moment 27yr-old sophomore Spencer Harline's 52yd, game-winning bomb is caught in the end-zone?

d)Insist that BYU AD Tom Holmoe (too easy) and "Sweet Double D" DeLoss Dodds have a potato sack race for the rights to hump Louisiana Tech and New Mexico State up and down the field the first game of the season every year?

I don't like it, but at least I have some options.