Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Purple People Seaters Campaign - 2010

Most of you are aware of our successful Purple People Seaters campaign last year where we were able to send 200 kids to the New Mexico game towards the end of the season. We set our goal at $5,000 and nearly hit it with only a month to do so.

This year we are going to step it up a notch. Our goal at Spitblood is to raise $10,000 by seasons end. We already have a good base from the proceeds from our successful Inaugural Spitblood Scramble golf tournament, and I have come up with a challenge to you to help us reach our goal.

The Challenge:
For each Spitblood reader out there, I want you to make a pledge to yourself to donate a set dollar amount for every point that we win by this year. Each week that the Frogs are victorious on the field, the PPS fund grows. I have pledged to donate $1 for every point that we win by, and i'm broke as shit. So, whether you can afford half a dollar for every point or $5 for every point, it doesn't matter as long as we all get involved and stick true to our pledge.

For example, if we win 10 games (i've come to expect it), by an average of 4 points per game (conservative), we only need 250 Spitblooders to pledge $1 per point to hit $10,000 by season's end. I think this is a very realistic goal for us.

So, think about your pledge ability over the next 16 days, and lets get ready for a magical season for both the Frogs and the Purple People Seaters Foundation.


Middle Man said...

Great idea. Are we going to get weekly updates like last year?

THEFINCH said...

absolutely, with a fund raising gauge to track our progress on the sidebar

Middle Man said...

sign me up. $1 a point. 20 minimum per game. Hopefully Dalton and the gang run up the score so we can put more kids in seats.

Spit Purple said...

Can we also get Monday reminder to donate? 30 or so a week is much easier to manage that a big ol lump some.

Bumblebeetuna said...

Our own version of spitblood tithing... haha jk

THEFINCH said...

i meant to include in the post to donate the week after each game

Lyle Lanley said...

We should get a giant check printed up when we give the money to PPS.

I'm also broke as shit...mostly because I spend too much time posting stuff on this site...which is why I don't post under my real name, Ullysses S. Lanley.

$1 per point from me.