Thursday, August 26, 2010

Morning Dump

Bowl loss pushes Dalton, offense to improve on last year's effort Star-Telegram

Some changes, but TCU expects another tough defensive unit

Horned Frogs' fans need to step up for opener

TCU aiming to dominate again, ending with BCS repeat

Doak Walker watch list includes two from TCU

Top 10 running backs in Texas
Fox Sports Southwest
-I hope our running backs read this

Air Force seeks higher altitude in Mountain West
USA Today

Sources: BYU to stay in Mountain West
Denver Post

The Opponent:
Answers to 10 Beaver questions
Portland Tribune

Day 15 at Oregon State

Day 15 - Double days are in books

Garrett's quick rise paying off for Panthers
Lufkin Daily News

Linebacker Jason Phillip's status in question despite good play
Baltimore Sun


LA Frog said...

Too many things to comment on this morning -- good luck to Jason I hope he gets the starting gig or first backup or released so a team can pick him up to start this year (his preseason has been great); Top 10 running backs!? How about call it Top RB per College Football Teams I Know in TX -- shit! I am sure SHSU has a better RB than Baylor's 300+ rusher -- oh, wait -- Tucker is better (as footnoted in the article) give him his own paragraph asswipe!; Go Air Force! I hope you beat the shit out of BYU next month -- we need a new #3 in the conference!

Matt said...

25,000 tickets sold for the game so far, plus another 5,000 from OSU?? This may look pretty embarrassing on ESPN?? Shit balls

LA Frog said...

And T. Boone can shut the hell up about our fan base. Why don't you worry about how to win another outright conference championship (OSU hasn't done it since you were in your 20s -- the old Mizzou Vally days). I dont think throwing more $ at the problem solves it you old fart. Why don't you spend your money on something with a better ROI -- like charity. Let us worry about our fan base.