Monday, August 23, 2010

HIstory of the World 8/23

Happy Birthday!!

Sonny Jurgensen, Football Hall-of-Fame, 1934

Julio Franco, 1958

Kobe Bryant, 1978

On this day:

In 1833, Britain abolishes slavery and 700,000 slaves are freed.

In 1933, Archie Sexton faces Laurie Raiteri in the 1st TV boxing match.

In 1985, Paul Hornung is awarded $1.16 million by a Louisville court against the NCAA for barring him as a college football analyst for betting on games.

Weird News of the Day!!

Featured at London's Royal College of Art in June was Hiromi Ozaki's "Menstruation Machine" -- a wearable contraption that enables men to experience the two primary symptoms of the "curse." It periodically generates abdominal pain, and its reservoir permits liquid ("blood") to be stored and released over several days' time. [, 6-28-10] Why?

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