Wednesday, August 18, 2010

History of the World 8/18

Happy Birthday!!

Roman Polanski, Film Director and known Pederast, 1933. (8 year olds dude)

Roberto Clemente, Hall-of-Fame Baseball Player, 1934

Jeremy Shockey, 1980

On this day:

In 1227, Mongolian Conqueror Genghis Khan dies.

In 1973, Hank Aaron hits record 1,378 extra base hit to surpass Stan Musial.

In 1983, Hurricane Alicia hits Texas coast, killing 22 people and causing over $1 billion in damage in Houston and Galveston.

In 1986, Jim Kelly signs with the Bills for 5 years/$75 Million. (They paid this much back then?)

Weird News of the Day!!

James Burden, 55, was convicted of indecent exposure in Scotland's Falkirk Sheriff Court in June based on a March incident when a neighbor looked out her window before dawn and saw Burden, naked, smoking a cigarette and masturbating while bouncing on her family's outdoor trampoline. Burden said he did not know anyone would be watching at that hour. [STV (Glasgow) (That takes some serious coordination)


LA Frog said...

Ah, Hurricane Alicia, the memories -- swimming in the streets and a tree came thru my room

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