Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Full gigantically hate filled rant coming tomorrow.


LA Frog said...

Great! Maybe the LDS should not have spent over a million dollares in campaigning against gay marriage in CA last year. It has been appealed -- what a waste of money -- now they have to screw the MWC to go make more to force their views on states that they don't have any constituents in. Maybe they need money to campaign in AZ to keep the illegals out (because they are all Catholic) Stereotyping rules!

AngryFrog said...

Nevada and Fresno move to the MWC, leaving 6 teams in the WAC. Not a conference!! BYU was going to play non football in the WAC. Oh yeah, they don't exist!!!New MWC rule should be no member can schedule BYU. Checkmate assholes!!!!

LA Frog said...

BYU leaves MWC: Sucks for us
MWC pilfers top 2 WAC teams: Sucks for BYU
BYU forced to play 4 of 5 WAC leftovers in football (Idaho, La Tech, Utah State, San Jose, New Mexico State)only 1 had a winning record in 2009: Sucks for BYU
BYU loses BCS berth option: Priceless

LA Frog said...

Sorry, forgot to add Hawaii (still only 1 team with a winning record) I love it! FU BYU

Angry Trey said...

Coach Patterson had some good quotes about this situation after practice today