Friday, August 13, 2010

Frogs on the Radar.

Is that Malcolm Brown out there?

This probably isn't particularly worthy of a post, but Friday is always a slow posting/reading day so something is better than nothing. Anyway, the Dallas Morning News released their area Top 100 today and while it's typically a reason for Frogs fans to get angry because the top players in D/FW treat us like lepers, there are definitely a few pleasant surprises today. For one, we currently have commits from 7 of the top 100 area prospects, which is a major development in itself, but if you continue checking down the list, among non-committed prospects the Frogs are doing extremely well. We've drawn the interest of over half of that group which may seem like a small victory to a lot of you, but for those who have scanned this list in previous years, you'll understand how big of a deal this is. As we're well aware, D/FW is Big 12 recruiting country first, everyone else second, so being able to catch the attention of the best recruits in the area shows that the Frogs are finally getting the respect we deserve. And while recruiting victories over Texas and Oklahoma will be few and far between, if we can start to out muscle the Big 12 South also-rans from north Texas, the Frogs should continue to be a Tier 1 Football team for the forseeable future.

Also, we have the top kicking recruit in the area committed, which should be cause for celebration on its own merit. Go Frogs.

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