Friday, August 20, 2010

Couple of mid afternoon nuggets

Apparently in addition to recently working out a home and home with tx, BYU had also slated games against a number of WAC teams according to this ESPN article. The article also notes a recent letter sent out by Utah State AD claiming that they were in fact the first school to be offered an MWC invite but opted to stay in the WAC due to a recently signed buyout agreement.

Additional rumors for the day are that BYU is trying to negotiate TV concessions from the MWC. The deal they supposedly want is to remain in the MWC but to obtain broadcast rights to their home games which would allow them to work out whatever deal they may want. No idea if this is true but if it is I hope we use a string of words banned by the LDS to tell them no. It's not like they really have any where else to go at this point. Rumor number two is that Houston is on the cusp of receiving an MWC bid. This would obviously dispel the the MWC C-USA championship game auto bid rumor.

Finally, in other conference realignment news the Utah and Colorado to the PAC-10 deal is apparently not yet "set in stone", at least according to former UCLA chancellor Chuck Young. That's all the rumor mongering I have for now, good luck being productive the afternoon.


Spit Purple said...

Forgot to include Mark May saying to watch the Big East for expansion:

Spit Purple said...

MWC says Houston has not been contacted:

LA Frog said...

Utah State, really? They got the first invite? I find that very hard to believe -- a sub .500 football team in NE Utah would add what to the MWC -- nada. Barnes needs to get off his "holy-i-er than though" facade that he did the right thing. Hell, if the SWAC offered him membership, then he would bite in a minute to get some great southern U.S. football talent. This guy is just trying to get his school's name on TV. Jackass!