Monday, August 23, 2010

#20 Andre Davis

I've looked everywhere and cant find a picture of this guy.

AD is the Frog's third all time leading rusher with 3,182 yards in just three years. He finished with 21 rushing TDs, which is good enough for 6th all time. He racked up 16 100 yard games (only behind LT with 21), one 200 yard game, and even one 300 yard game (v. New Mexico, 1994, 325 yards, 31 att., and 2 TDs).

Andre was another one of those "dual threats" that defenses love to hate. He took in 114 receptions (8th all time) and 1,084 receiving yards during his time as a Frog. In 1994 he led the team in both recieving (522 yards) and rushing (1,492 yards). That '94 season would go down as the second greatest individual performance for all-purpose yards gained in a season (2,016). He finished his career as the all-time leader in career all purpose yards (4,864); however, this record would soon fall some 5 years later.

Random Stats: Andre holds the record for most two-point conversions made in a season (3); the third longest play in TCU history (87 yards v. New Mexico in '94); and the third most points scored in a game (26 v. New Mexico, 1993)

Up next, the first new addition to this years edition of the top thirty countdown. Any guesses?

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John Lamberth said...

Hey Counselor, I can scan some Andre Davis images from old yearbooks or media guides if you want an AD pic. Let me know.