Thursday, August 26, 2010

#15 Bo Schobel

Same last name, same killer instinct. This is our second and last Schobel on the list of greatest frogs (sorry Matt, you didn't make the cut this time). Bo is second all time in career sacks (28.5), only behind his cousin Aaron, and he is fourth in career yards lost tackling (205).

So why does he get the nod over his cousin? Simple. In 2003 (when the Frogs went 11-2) Bo went out of his mind. He finished that season with 17 sacks (yes that's right, 17) which puts him as the all-time leader for sacks in season (Aaron is the closest to him with 10 in 1999). He also finished '03 with sack yardage of 101 (another record), and yards lost tackling or 120 (another record). He ended up a second-team All American after '03 as well as first team all conference.

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