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OSU Coach Mike Riley:

Oregon State coach Mike Riley's press conference from Tuesday.

#11 Jeff Ballard

The Jeff Ballard story is one that plays right out of the pages of a Disney screenplay. From third team QB, to the long time back up to the consistently injured heir appointed Tye Gunn, to one of the all time great QBs to play for the Frogs. In just two seasons as the starter, Ballard became fourth all-time in career passer in yards (4,621) and the first in career completion percentage (61.1).

He finished his career with 27 passing TDs and 16 rushing TDs, as well as a host of other TCU records including most TDs in a game (6, Twice); Completion Pct. in a game (87.0 v SDSU); Completion Pct. in a season (61.9 - 2006); Interception Avoidance Percentage for Career (2.2); Consecutive Pass Completions (14); and, Consecutive Passes w/o an int. (154).

All those records aside, his greatest stat is unarguably 19-2. That was his record as the TCU starting QB. Those 19 wins also include two bowl victories. One was the nail biter against Iowa State and the other was the throttling of Northern Illinois. In those two bowl games he accounted for 5 TDs (3 rush, 2 pass) and close to 560 yards. Ballard finished with all-conference honors in both seasons he played, as well as becoming only the fourth two time winner of the Rogers Trophy (for TCU MVP).

Even with all he accomplished, I think I can still hear the student section heckling him for throwing the ball away too often.

#12 Rags Matthews

I have to admit, I don't know a whole lot about Rags, seeing as how be played a decade before the likes of Sammy Baugh and Davey O'Brien, but here goes. Rags was a force to be reckoned with on the D-line. An intimidating six foot frame packed with 176 pounds of badass Matthews was the first SWC player selected to play in the East-West Shrine game and in 1969 Matthews was inducted in to the college football hall of fame. The Fort Worth native was elected the teams most valuable player in 1926 and 1927 and in 1927 Matthews became TCU's first ever AP all-American.

#13 Cory Rodgers

Ah, I can hear it like it was yesterday "Co-ry Rod-gers, Co-ry Rod-gers", and then shortly after, CoRowould break for yet another 40 yard return. Give him a seam, and he was gone. He finished as the all time leader in career return yards (2,572), return yards in a season (906), return yards in a game (229), and returns in a career (140). Rodgers was the first in what has become a string of all conference return men for the Frogs.

On top of the return numbers, Corey also dominated down the field. He ended his career with the Frogs as the fourth all time leading receiver in terms of receptions (152), sixth in receiving yards (2,111) and tied with the great Mike Renfro for TD receptions in a career (17).

He finished third in all-purpose yards for a career (4,798), only behind LT and Andre Davis, and fifth in career TDs scored (29).


September 2010 Cover
Ever since this arrived on my doorstep
I've been afraid to look in my mailbox.

For better or for worse, I've been a subscriber to to Texas Monthly for as long as I can remember, and I honestly couldn't tell you why. Sure, it sometimes has decent features, but it's an incredibly liberal rag with a pro-UT viewpoint and the Texanist section is arguably the most useless waste of column space this side of Jean Jacques Taylor. But, after receiving THAT in my mailbox last week, I'm out. I'm done. I immediately got on the TM website and cancelled my subscription, thus ridding myself of the politics of a magazine whose writers are almost all Texas transplants and view Texas mostly as a farcical land for story fodder rather than a place to live, and added another buck a month to my bank account. Yes, it's really a dollar a month to subscribe. That's 12 more dollars annually than I make writing for this blog, an amount I consider a wash considering I get to be my own editor.

Given, this cancellation was a long time coming, but after attempting to navigate the Colt slurp fest that was the cover story, I just can't do it anymore. Honestly, the fact that they put Colt on the cover doesn't bother me. Believe it or not, there are UT fans who hold him in higher esteem than Vince Young despite accomplishing half the feats, so it's a definitely a solid way to sell some magazines. But, the fact that they frame a Colt McCoy lovefest under the guise of a story about Texas QBs is what got me. Seriously, try and read it. I tried to skip over all of the Colt-centric paragraphs and get to the meat of the story, and before I knew it, I was done and hadn't learned a thing. It's not that I didn't know what I was getting into, it's just that it basically gives you no information about why the Texas QB has become what he has. It tries to offer some basic information about 7 on 7 football and how it transformed the "3 yards and a cloud of dust" old school football mentality espoused in Texas into the current spread style offenses you see in every major HS program today... but that's probably 100 words out of 10000. It never gets to the point and it never really mentions that most state's not named Texas also have 7 on 7 tournaments and also produce good quarterbacks. It's basically "Awww... Poor little Colt never got a chance to win the big one. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!" and I just couldn't stomach it.

And the kicker?

In the middle of the article it has a lineup of photographs showing the successful Texas QBs of the past 10-15 years, skewing heavily towards more current players. It should be noted that these photos are a clear smoke screen trying to draw reader attention away from the fact that they're reading a gay pride memorial to Colt McCoy. The spread has the usual suspects - Drew Brees at Westlake, Vince Young at Madison, Chase Daniel at Southlake - but it also features guys who haven't done anything in their collegiate careers such as Garrett Gilbert, Robert Griffin and Jerrod Johnson. Keep in mind, this article is supposed to be about Texas high school quarterbacks who were successful in high school and have taken that success and turned it into high caliber college careers, or more. So you'd think that list might include a quarterback who played at maybe THE Texas powerhouse high school and while there tossed 52 TDs, won 27 games, led his team to the state title game and was the Houston area-the biggest metro area in Texas, mind you - player of the year, then went to college IN TEXAS where he is a four year starter and has become the school's career leader in just about every category imaginable while leading his team to an undefeated season and BCS game and enters his senior season as the current NCAA leader in wins? That guy, no matter his hair color, might merit some attention, right?

Do you still wonder why I cancelled my subscription?

In my old age I've tried to tone down the aggressive language, especially when writing on here because I know it's gone beyond the five guys it started with, but I'm making an exception here. Fuck You, Texas Monthly. Fuck You right in the ear. If you've ever wondered why the print news industry is an epic failure, look no further than that. I mean, does this make any sense? Oh, and to be fair, Dalton gets one mention... in a long paragraph mentioning about 15 other QBs and gets no distinguishing treatment. How can you call yourself a legitimate publication and then write an article about Texas High school Quarterbacks and leave him off? I mean, I accept that Colt McCoy is going to be your center piece. I really do because, when you're charging a dollar a month for a subscription, you've gotta generate some outside sales. This is the same reason I've never had a problem with Rivals overlooking our recruiting classes. But to act like he's the most successful high school QB to ever come out of Texas is absolutely ludicrous. I mean, in this article, Jordan Shipley gets more play than Dalton... JORDAN SHIPLEY!! Infuriating. Absolutely infuriating.

So, after reading that you'd think Colt McCoy is going to go on to be the next Peyton Manning or Joe Montana or Dan Marino, right? Well, it appears the Cleveland Browns might share my skeptical views on Colt McCoy's talent level because, according to SI.com, it looks like Colt just might not make the cut in Cleveland. In fact, Colt is the top guy on their list when it comes to guys who are on the chopping block. Cleveland, a team that currently employs Jake Delhomme - !!!!!!!!!!- and Seneca Wallace at QB. According to the piece, Colt is in a losing battle for the third QB spot with something called Brett Ratliff. I don't even think that player exists. A pro-UT fan would probably try and frame this as a loser organization not knowing a good thing when they have it, but you'll recall that Mike Holmgren recently took over as Cleveland's GM, and history suggests he knows a thing or two about quarterback talent.

So, I repeat - Colt McCoy, Texas Monthly coverboy and the guy that Texas fans felt could've been a late first rounder and was a "steal" in the third round, could get cut by an organization that still employs JAKE DELHOMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In all honesty, I don't even really hate Colt McCoy like I've hated many other UT athletes, but you have to admit there's quite a bit of karmic justice in this situation. Getting to use Colt McCoy as a reason to finally cancel my subscription to a publication I don't even like, and then possibly having Colt cut by the Cleveland Browns in the same month makes me feel like a true winner. You know, like an Andy Dalton.

Die, Texas Monthly. Just die.

Morning Dump

Defensive line still a strong point for TCU

TCU's Dalton a winner set to pass 'Slingin Sammy'

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10th annual Herbie Awards

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The opponent:
Collins moves from safety to linebacker
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Oregon State football team ready for a challenging opener
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Riley says "Katz knows what he's doing" and that will be a must against a loaded TCU defense

How big is this game? Katz may suspend his twitter

Oregon State QB Katz wants no distractions heading into showdown with TCU
USA Today

Oregon State in position to impact Pac-10, BCS races in 2010
Sports Illustrated

Mormon decision day:
It's almost decision time for BYU
Provo Daily Herald

The decision: please make it known today BYU
Provo Daily Herald

Cougars remain quiet as MWC deadline closes in
Deseret News

Court's in session with Hank Thorns

TCU women announce conference, TV schedules

Hometown team:
New historical marker celebrates TCU's 100 year partnership with Fort Worth

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Pre-game Opponent Hate: Oregon State

I kind of wish we were playing Oregon instead, because I could fill the pages of War and Peace with reasons to hate Oregon (jerseys, jailbirds, Mike Belotti’s porn stache, etc.), but instead, we are playing their fat, ugly (black and orange, really?) worthless sister, the Oregon State Beavers. You can’t fault them for being so insignificant in comparison to Oregon. I mean, Oregon can flaunt their Phil Knight Nike money and facilities at recruits. Oregon State has, well, I don’t know- former loud-mouthed championship ring chaser Gary “The Glove” Payton? Yeah, that guy is pretty hateable as well, but I digress. Generally, people and teams in the Pacific Northwest are too passive or apathetic to hate, so I’ve broken this down into 3 segments of why Oregon State is a very worthy hate-filled opponent.

1) Presidential Hate-

Craig Robinson (AFP OUT) U.S. President Barack Obama watches along with his mother in law Marian Robinson (2L) wife first lady Michelle Obama (3L) daughter Sasha Obama (3R), brother in law Craig Robinson (2R) and daughter Malia Obama (R) during a college basketball game at George Washington University November 28, 2009 in Washington, DC.  President Barack Obama attended the game between George Washington University and Oregon State, which is coached by his brother in law Craig Robinson.

Stimulus Job

Craig Robinson, head basketball coach for Oregon State- I will not refer to them by their mascot name until #3, because then they get what they wanted- is the much more feminine, less broad shouldered brother of Michelle Obama. His first season as Oregon State’s coach? 2 years ago. How fitting. You can choose to see this one of 2 ways. Either Oregon State hired Little Michelle in hopes of Tebow-style media whoring out their program and drawing publicity to a program that has just sucked beyond belief for my whole lifetime, or Barry O used his clout as President and wannabe basketball aficionado to place a family member into a somewhat high-profile job. I wont get too balls deep into politics here, but this job looks to me like a free handout to a family member who probably isn’t deserving of his position. Furthermore, if you read Robinson’s bio page on the Oregon State athletic site, they talk about this guy like he’s Coach K and in the process of bringing life this program. You went 18-18, good for 5th in the Pac-10, which is a shitty conference, so please get off your knees and wipe you chin. Enough is enough. But if you’re rooting for mediocrity, then maybe Oregon State will re-up his contract in 2012 and the country can re-up Obama as well.

2) Meat-Head Hate-

Naked OSU football player squares up, cops tase him

Is that you Jared Allen? No, that's just a drunk nudist.

Tyler Parick Thomas, the drunken, mullety, ogre of a reserve Offensive Lineman mentioned in previous weeks for his arrest, has been dismissed from the team. First of all, if you are getting dismissed from the team for something like this, then clearly you are not that important. Look at Texas, Ramonce Taylor and Sergio Kindle stuck around that program wayyy longer than they should’ve been allowed to. Their rap-sheet combined probably rivals that of Roland “Wee-Bey” Brice (The Wire reference, sorry for those who don’t follow). Anyways, back to Thomas. Somehow this clown broke into a 32 year old woman’s house, naked, and then when the police showed up to take care of the situation he went down with 2 feet and 1 hand on the ground. Either he was getting his prison stance ready or he was getting in a 3-point stance and into attack mode. Turns out it was attack mode, because this mulleted Mensa-Clubber fired off at police as if to…block them?? Well, this was a bad decision by Mr. Thomas, as he was tased a couple of times, rumor has it once in the crotch, and taken into custody. Now Tyler can watch the game from his couch, with an ice pack on his nuts, unless of course he has community service that evening. Nice career move, genius. Ju-Co football in Oregon will be a blast, not to mention really competitive…

3) Hat Hate-

Oregon State Beavers "BEAVERS" The Game Classic Bar Adjustable Cap with Mascot Name

Get it? Like a vagina?!?

Yeah, game hats that say COCKS, or FU, or BEAVERS are hilarious…if you’re in middle school! I can gladly say I never owned one of these hats, probably because my dad would’ve thrown it in the fireplace and then made me do child labor for a month if I ever tried to leave the house with one on, but now that I’m a mature adult (haha) I am really glad I didn’t own one. The hat itself with its catchy sexual innuendo was bad enough, but then there were the guys who would scrape the bill along some concrete to give it the Abercrombie frayed look. Yikes. It was the mid-90’s version of the Von Dutch hat. I hated it, and I’m glad I don’t see it anymore. And the thing is, growing up in Texas nobody gives a shit about South Carolina, Fordham (nobody cares about Fordham anywhere) or Oregon State. However, every single purchase of these ridiculous hats gives money to that school. Hey, Oregon State, how about a hat that just has “OSU” on the front? I’ll tell you why not- because Beavers is slang for vagina and it’s effing funny, bro! Oregon State, as well as the rest of the Pacific Northwest, is so ahead of the curve and edgy. It is my challenge to every spitblood reader to destroy any hat you see Saturday that says Beavers on it. If you see anyone over the age of 16 with one on, please ridicule them to no end for their middle school hat fetish. I imagine any grown man wearing at hat that says Beavers on it is probably the type you’ll see Chris Hanson questioning on To Catch A Predator. And if you see a girl wearing one, then she is BEGGING you to call her a slut to her face and to de-virginize a bathroom stall inside of Jerry World.

And that’s this week’s lesson in Frog opponent Hate.

Morning Dump


CFN predicts TCU-Oregon State

The guys at collegefootballnews.com always etiher seem to be completely in love with the Frogs...or be their biggest critics. So it'll be interesting to see how they feel about the 2010 Frogs, starting with their game prediction for this week's showdown with Oregon State.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Special Uniforms for Oregon State game

This poster is apparently a sneak peak of the special Nike uniforms that the Frogs will be wearing when they kick off against Oregon State on Saturday. Thanks to Angry Trey for the scoop, and if you want some more details, check out his blog.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Utah State? Seriously?!?!

The persistent rumor that the Mountain West is in talks with Utah State University to become the leagues' 12th team has to worry any Frog fan. After all, as Jared Bradley of HornedFrogSports.com points out, that means TCU would be in a conference with another set of Aggies.

Friday, August 27, 2010

behind the scenes story of the BYU Debacle

"And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids
and that damn dog"---Cecil Samuelson (BYU President)
Warning: If you have a problem a problem with hating BYU and all that they stand for, do not read this article

Thursday, August 26, 2010

#14 Lonta Hobbs

After being named offensive MVP as a freshman, first team C-USA, C-USA freshman of the year and becoming the first freshman in TCU history to rush for 1,000 yards Lonta fought through a host of injuries to end his career as the fourth all-time leading rusher (3,071) second all-time in career touchdowns (41), and 5th in career points scored (246). He had 11 100 yard games including a 287 yard steamrolling of Memphis in '02 which is the 7th greatest rushing performance in Frog history.

Up next: A high school QB who came to TCU and became an all-American at a different position.

#15 Bo Schobel

Same last name, same killer instinct. This is our second and last Schobel on the list of greatest frogs (sorry Matt, you didn't make the cut this time). Bo is second all time in career sacks (28.5), only behind his cousin Aaron, and he is fourth in career yards lost tackling (205).

So why does he get the nod over his cousin? Simple. In 2003 (when the Frogs went 11-2) Bo went out of his mind. He finished that season with 17 sacks (yes that's right, 17) which puts him as the all-time leader for sacks in season (Aaron is the closest to him with 10 in 1999). He also finished '03 with sack yardage of 101 (another record), and yards lost tackling or 120 (another record). He ended up a second-team All American after '03 as well as first team all conference.

History of the World 8/26

Happy Birthday!!

Mark Mangino, 1956

Jamal Lewis, 1979

Macaulay Culkin, 1980

On this day:

In 580, the Chinese invent toilet paper. (Best invention ever?)

In 1939, the first major league baseball game is telecast. Reds vs. Brooklyn Dodgers.

In 1973, University of Texas (Arlington) becomes the 1st accredited school to offer belly dancing.

Weird News of the Day!!

Australian Police have been unable to recommend a prosecution for the following scam:
A company takes out a newspaper advertisement claiming to be able to supply imported hard core pornographic videos. As their prices seem reasonable, people place orders and make payments via check. After several weeks, the company writes back explaining that under the present law they are unable to supply the materials and do not wish to be prosecuted. So they return their customers' money in the form of a company check. However, due to the name of the company, few people will present these checks to their banks. The name of the company:
"The Anal Sex and Fetish Perversion Company."

And a little bonus:

A Little GTL Celebrating the Last Thursday With No Football.

Keep It In Your Pants, SMU.

In this week's version of his College Football Mailbag, SI.com pundit and occasional SpitBlood punching bag Stewart Mandel was asked a question regarding comparing NCAA Football Teams to cast members on Jersey Shore. Unfortunately for his less enthusiastic readership, Mandel failed to deliver on answer the question but instead invited his readers to take their own shot at it and he'd post the best responses next week. Seeing as how I'm so ravenously ready for next weekend that I can hardly sit still at my desk for two seconds unless I'm reading about football, and also seeing as how I'm the most closeted of closet Jersey Shores fans still left, I knew I had to take the bait and hopefully get SB some love in the process. However, rather than take the easy way out and compare everyone to a major program, I decided I'd up the difficulty level and only include opponents on the current Frogs schedule. The end result is rockier than JWoWW's undercarriage, but I thought it was worth a post as it's been a slow news day.

Situation – Utah. This one must be pretty obvious as both parties involved took their short term success and turned it into long term profitability. The Situation took his guido image and loud mouth, turned it into a $5 million windfall and quickly escalated himself to the head of the cast. By the same measure, Utah has taken short term success – let’s face it, what did they have going for them prior to the Urban Meyer led Fiesta Bowl run in 2004? – and turned it into a multi-million dollar payday with the Pac 10 invite. And much like the Situation did to his self proclaimed little sister Snooki, Utah banged out their sister BYU in the hot tub and then left her high and dry. Also like The Situation, the Utes are capitalizing on their success now, because in two years the best job they'll be able to get is a spot on the Surreal Life, otherwise known as 3rd place in the Pac 12.

Ronnie – New Mexico. While most of the cast members have seemingly figured out in season two that they can still fill their roles on the show without coming across as complete jerk offs, Ron Ron is still going out to the clubs, getting hammered, diving on grenades and alienating himself from the rest of the housemates to the point that I'm pretty sure someone in the house is going to take him deep sea fishing and give him the Fredo treatment. Ronnie is completely unstable and if he does any more blow or sticks another syringe of HGH in his ass, he's going to pop like an overstuffed tick. By comparison, New Mexico Head Coach Mike Locksley walks around acting like a roided up juice head by punching out his assistants and sexually harassing his secretaries, all the while the rest of the conference realizes the positive foothold the MWC has on the national scene and adjusts accordingly, leaving the Lobos in the dust. Mike Locksley is definitely the President of the MWC's Chapter of the I.F.F.

Angelina –BYU. This was the easiest one. Angelina started strong in season one, showing up with nothing but the trash bags in her hands and going toe to toe with the rest of the housemates, only to abruptly leave the house and strike out on her own. But, when everyone else started gaining more notoriety and getting paid, she came crawling back, only to make an ass of herself and end up being even more disliked in the process. I’m pretty sure you can substitute “BYU” for “Angelina” and the entire scenario works out accordingly. When the MWC first started, the Cougars were on level ground with everyone else, and probably even more so than most. But while they sat back and took themselves out of the national scene by dropping games they shouldn't have, the rest of their cast – Utah to the Pac 10, TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. Boise State being invited– started passing them by, gave them no respect, and they tried to strike out on their own. Unfortunately for the Cougars, they learned the hard way that sometimes it’s easier to further your own success by riding the coattails of the rest of the group, so they returned, only to be spurned by everyone after they talked a bunch of shit to J420 and Johnny Yanks, ie the WAC, while absent. Now, the Cougars are back in the mix, but even after they admit that they did wrong, no one likes them

JWoWW – Oregon State. In season one of Jersey Shore, JWoww, despite her provactive fashion sense,was, for lack of a better term, banged up lookin’ And I don’t mean that in a, “well, she needs a few tweaks here and there and she could potentially be serviceable,” I mean, “Girl had a skunk weave, the silliest looking boob job I’ve ever seen, and the intelligence of a retarded dolphin.” There are Vietnamese hookers most people would ride bareback before even considering Jenni. In other words, she had a ways to go. But, after experiencing her season of success, someone obviously got in touch with her and she lost the skunk weave, stopped trying to pass lingerie off as evening attire, and pretty took some attention off her her face by further accenting her "girls." Much like JWoWW, Oregon State are a bunch of blue collar folks who took some beatings before hiring a successful strategist – in the case, Mike Riley – covering up their black eyes and bruises with some heavy make up – swapping non conference losses by beating up on USC – and bought themselves some fancy new “girls” in the Rogers Brothers. In reality though, I could’ve just mentioned “JWoWW” and “Beavers” and left it at that and you would’ve gotten the point, right?

Vinny – Baylor. In season one, Vinny was the non-threatening house member that, while he occasionally stepped out from behind his harmless fa├žade and challenged the Sitaution, was more or less never taken seriously and was probably the least interesting cast member in the series. Fast forward to season two, and Vinny has a new haircut, new cocky attitude, spanking new trashy tat and an unhealthly alliance with Pauly D and The Situation, known as MVP. Apparently Vinny’s publicist informed him that nice guys finish last when it comes to book deals and endorsements. Like Vinny, since the Big 12 was formed Baylor has always been the non- threatening cast member that would occasionally step out of line and beat aggy, but has still never had a winning record in conference play. Now? Baylor got tired of watching the conference members rack up wins and paydays, got themselves a new haircut – Art Briles – and new, personality defining tattoo – Robert Griffin – and are hoping to be the third wheel in the OU/UT Big 12 South entourage. BOT if you will. But, your past will always catch up to you and, much like Vinnie eventually got drunk and banged out Snooki despite looking like he was going to make a name for himself, the Bears, amidst the highest of expectations, lost Robert Griffin for the season and collapsed back into mediocrity. The Bears eventually had to beg their more popular friends to help them get laid by giving them their money to keep the Big 12 together, much like Vinny’s future will most certainly involve begging the Situation and Pauly to let him be their wing man and fall on any grenades that roll his way.

Snooki - SMU. Snooki is small, she looks like a troll, she’s northeast trash of the worst kind and she most likely has some serious daddy issues. SMU is small time, their athletic success is about as attractive as a troll’s ass, they’re filled with a bunch of trash from the northeast – much like Snooki (wink wink)– and, they most certainly have daddy issues with the NCAA due to the whole Death Penalty thing. Besides, they may run their mouths a lot about how classy and relevant they are, but at the end of the night they end up spreading their legs for the drunk guy at the bar, aka CUSA teams, anyway.

Pauly D - San Diego State. Because I imagine most of their student body sports gelled hair and dingaling piercings. That's really all I have - Pauly is actually kind of normal.

Sammi – Tennessee Tech. This was probably the hardest one to match because both are completely irrelevant and boring, but, for the sake of finishing I pressed on. Sammi is easily the most insufferable member of the cast and I’m pretty sure she’s just around as some sort of sadistic side bet made by Ronnie as to how many times he can tell her he hates her and then come home and smush her. And I think Sammi is in on it; she shows up, parties in Miami for a couple of months, gets banged out, then collects her payday and goes on her way. Let’s look at Tennessee Tech’s non-conference opponents over the past few seasons: TCU, Arkansas, Kansas State, Georgia, Louisville, Auburn. You know the scene in that movie Road Trip where Tom Green asks the girl that was only cast in that movie because she took her clothes off and let that guy lick her toes, “Are you here for the feeding?” Well, yeah, that pretty much sums up every single non-conference game for Tennessee Tech. They show up, get smushed by a much larger force of nature, take their money and then live the rest of their lives out how they see fit. They pimp themselves out more aggressively than Laurence Fishburne’s daughter.

So, hope you guys enjoyed that because from here on out its football football football! Eh, who am I trying to kid - if I figure out a way to incorporate Arrested Development or Wet Hot American Summer into a post, I'm going for it. Go Frogs.

Jack Donnelly Tailgate Tour 2010

Our good friends at Jack Donnelly are kicking off their 2010 Tailgate Tour at Jerry World for the TCU vs Oregon State game. Stop on by RV lot 14 for free booze, promo items, and giveaways. See you there.

There Will Be Craig Thompson.

Official Credits: Daniel Day Lewis as Craig Thompson, Paul Dano as BYU
and milkshake as the WAC.

Continuing the trend of BYU schadenfreude videos that lt4heisman started just moments ago, I just thought we should sit back and think about the real hero in all of this: MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson. Say what you will about his fudging of our TV contract - and OH, it's bad. The main reason BYU entertained independence was because of it - but he absolutely drank the Cougars milkshake. He drank it up, and then he beat them to death with a bowling pin in his personal bowling alley.

With all the rumblings, chances are he would've extended the invite to Fresno State and Nevada anyway, but the fact that the invites came down just to poison the well of BYU's independence ploy makes it that much more satisfying. Pretty ironic that by trying to strengthen their own position, the end result of BYU's jockeying was killing the WAC, strengthening the MWC, becoming the most hated team in the conference at the end of the day and essentially getting nothing out of the deal. I'm pretty sure this is all deferred karma due to the kid who accused shortnkerley's of wearing mom jeans and then put him in a choke-hold at the game in Provo last year. And TGIErin probably played a role as well.

So once again, let's raise our glasses to Craig Thompson and his hair dye provider for saving the MWC and pushing the Cougars even further down the food chain.

Suck It, BYU!

In light of the Denver Post article in this mornings Dump, I thought this might be appropriate. This is for all the Cougars* out there. You guys are losers. Suck it!

*BYU Cougars, not hot, mature women....

Morning Dump

Bowl loss pushes Dalton, offense to improve on last year's effort Star-Telegram

Some changes, but TCU expects another tough defensive unit

Horned Frogs' fans need to step up for opener

TCU aiming to dominate again, ending with BCS repeat

Doak Walker watch list includes two from TCU

Top 10 running backs in Texas
Fox Sports Southwest
-I hope our running backs read this

Air Force seeks higher altitude in Mountain West
USA Today

Sources: BYU to stay in Mountain West
Denver Post

The Opponent:
Answers to 10 Beaver questions
Portland Tribune

Day 15 at Oregon State

Day 15 - Double days are in books

Garrett's quick rise paying off for Panthers
Lufkin Daily News

Linebacker Jason Phillip's status in question despite good play
Baltimore Sun

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#16 Aaron Schobel

Similar to Phillips, Schobel was a terror to any and all offenses that he faced. He will always be known as one of the greatest defensive ends to play for the Frogs. Schobel was a three time All-Conference Player from '98 - '00, and was also the WAC Defensive Player of Year in 2000.

His name is all over the TCU defensive record books. Most notably as the Frog's all time career sack leader (31). He is also first in yards lost tackling for a career (315); second on the sacks in a season (10 in '99); third in yards lost tackling in a season (113 in '98); and third in sack yardage in a season (65 in '98). As we all know, Aaron has gone on to great things in the NFL, racking up 67 sacks,2 picks, and two pro bowl appearances in his seven seasons with the bills.

Up next, this player overlapped with Aaron on the other side of the defense line for the 2000 season.

#17 Jason Phillips

I mean look at that picture? It terrifies me.

The first of the 4 new additions to the top 30 countdown, this 4-time all conference and freshman all-american struck fear into an opposing offense. While he didn't overwhelm the stat books like some of the other members of our list, his play on game day and ability to intimidate the opposition to its soul makes him very high on our list. I mean how many players would cut themselves intentionally to make themselves bleed just for shock factor?

Post Frogdom, he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens (known for their tenacious defenses) in the 5th round of the 2009 draft.

10 Days...

I just realized that in 240 hours I will be in the parking lot at Jerry World properly arming and lubricating myself for battle and almost did a spot on imitation of the youngster above. May god have mercy on those poor, poor souls from Corvallis. Go Frogs.

#18 Nick Browne

Number 18 brings us to our second and final kicker. Nick Browne, a two sport star, and the 2003 Playboy All-American was one of the most prolific kickers in TCU History. Browne holds the school record field goals in a career (65) and field goals in a game (5 on two occasions) . The two-time Academic All-American led C-USA in scoring his senior year and was a first team All-American according to the Football Writers Association.

New York Times Article on Browne

#19 Kelly Blackwell

Kelly Blackwell is the all-time receptions leader for TCU. Blackwell led the team in receptions in 1990 setting a school record with 64 grabs. He followed his outstanding Junior year with a record tying 64 catches in his senior year on his was to being named an All-American.

Blackwell went on to play two years in the NFL, appearing in 16 games as a rookie for the Chicago bears. As the all time receptions leader Blackwell has certainly set the precedent for receiving tight-ends at TCU.

Special section:
Where is he now?

Kelly Blackwell works as director of Internet sales at Five Star Ford in North Richland Hills

Here is a good article about Kelly deciding to leave the game of football.
If you read all the way to the bottom you will learn that Dave "Mustache" Wannstedt is to blame for Blackwell's abrupt ending to his NFL career.

History of the World 8/25

Happy Birthday!!
Sean Connery, 1930.
Billy Ray Cyrus, 1961
Marvin Harrison, 1972

On this day:
In 1922, the Cubs beat the Phillies 26-23 in baseball’s highest scoring game.
In 1960, the AFL begins putting names on the back of the jerseys.
In 1985, Dwight Gooden becomes the youngest pitcher at 19 to win 20 games in a season.

It Took Me Five Years To Notice I Was Shot In the Head!
A 35-year-old German man was shot in the head -- and he didn't even notice until FIVE YEARS LATER! Police say our friend was apparently hit in the head by a .22 caliber bullet on New Year's Eve 2005! He recalled getting a blow to the head but he was out on the street partying and drunk at the time so never really paid much attention. The bullet did not penetrate the skull, and the guy only went to see a doctor recently when he felt a lump on the back of his head. An X-ray showed an object under his skin and doctors operated and found the bullet. Police theorize it may have been a stray bullet fired by a reveler in celebration. (myway.com)

Morning Dump


The opponent:

Athletic Department:


Sportscenter East Magazine
-Scroll to page 10 for a story on Matt Purke

Your Hate Is Noted and Appreciated.

You may not appreciate the author's TCU Hate,
But just remember, it could be worse
You could look like him.

You'll probably all remember Deadspin.com's Drew Magary's take on the Top 25 last year because he wrote something about how our fans enjoy getting drunk and then every single girl from TCU you're friends with on Facebook posted it as their status. You'll also remember that most of these girls did not actually attend a single TCU game last year in yet another reason why girls should not be allowed to be fans of any sport. But anyway, yesterday brought the 2010 edition of the Haters Guide to the Top 25 and, unlike last year, we now get a hate filled spin in our section. Hint: It involves SMU Hate, so I naturally approve wholeheartedly.

Some of you may read what he wrote and think, "Hey! Quit attacking our rivalry, even though it genuinely is one of the dumber trophies in all of sport to vie for!" And if that's your response, then I invite you to read what he wrote about everyone else, because it's much more offensive. Also, doesn't generating hate from a mid 30s Minnesota Vikings fan who lives in Maryland mean we've truly arrived? I think yes.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Frogs add another local radio affiliate

With WBAP becoming the Frogs' flagship station this year, TCU games were already set to broadcast on three frequencies locally (820 AM, 96.7 FM and 88.7 FM). A fourth has just been added, as the school's football games will be broadcast in Spanish for the first time ever on 1270 AM.
Miguel Cruz will handle play-by-play duties on the Spanish broadcast, with color commentary from former TCU safety Elvis Gallegos. 1270 is also the home for Spanish broadcasts of the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers.

History of the World 8/24

Where are you?

Happy Birthday!!

Sir Daniel Gooch, 1816, laid first successful transatlantic cables (Couldn’t resist)

Cal Ripken Jr., 1960

Dave Chappelle, 1973

On this day:

In 1869, the waffle iron is invented.

In 1989, Pete Rose receives a life suspension from baseball for gambling.

In 1992, the Cleveland Brown suffer their worst preseason loss to Vikings, 56-3

Weird News of the Day!!

Wrong Time To Call Police!
In McComb, Mississippi, 28-year-old Denonta D. Thadison called police to report that $10,000 had been stolen from his hotel room. The good news is the police came right over and found the money -- stuffed in the hotel room's microwave oven. The bad news is right next to the money they also found more than two pounds of crack and powdered cocaine! That of course means Mr. Thadison and his girlfriend, 22-year-old Thashedrea Seals, were arrested and charged with possession. Worse -- Miss Seals' 16-month-old son was in the hotel room at the time, and is now in the custody of the Department of Human Services. (Clarion Ledger)

Top 25 MDK: Part Two.

Die, please.

Yesterday I pooh pooh’d the chances of an undefeated season for the AP Top 10 teams not called TCU; today I’ll finish out all 25. I’ll probably be a little more brief with the remaining 15 teams because, what the heck am I really going to say about North Carolina? And does anyone even know if Penn State has a living, breathing Coach?

Also, not sure if I was clear yesterday, but all I’m trying to do is determine when I think each team will lose their first game, thus putting TCU in the driver’s seat as the only undefeated team in the country, and not attempting to pick each loss per team.


#11 Oregon Ducks

Potential Pitfalls: 9/11 @ Tennessee, 10/2 vs. Stanford, 10/30 @ #14 USC, 12/4 @ #24 Oregon State.

When They Fall: Oregon being ranked this high, to me, is the biggest outlier in the entire Top 25. I can accept Nebraska because there’s always that hype team every single year that is over-ranked and ends up finishing with 3 losses and a low 20s ranking, and while I have no respect for Iowa, I get that half the voters attended a Big Ten school and overrated the hell out of those guys. But Oregon? Really? A team that lost its quarterback to the law and then to Houston Nutt? A team whose starting running back is suspended for beating up a lady? A team who, were they not owned by Nike Founder Phil Knight, would be Washington State? Please. All of those games are loseable, but I’m throwing spitpurple a bone here and saying they drop that week 2 game to the Vols. Predicted Fall: Week 2.

#12 Wisconsin Badgers

Potential Pitfalls: 9/4 @ UNLV, 10/16 vs. #2 Ohio State, 10/23 @ #9 Iowa.

When They Fall: Really wishing I had that Ohio State pick back from yesterday, but seeing as how I’ve already locked myself in, the only solution left is for the Badgers to beat OSU and then drop their game next week against Iowa in your much ballyhooed “letdown game.” Had to toss UNLV in there for some conference love, and based on their previous history the Rebels typically fare pretty well against early, non-conference games against BCS teams, but I don’t see it happening this year. Predicted Fall: Week 8.

#13 Miami Hurricanes

Potential Pitfalls: 9/11 @ #2 Ohio State, 9/23 @ #15 Pitt, 10/23 @ #18 UNC, 11/20 vs. #10 Virginia Tech.

When They Fall: Again, due to previous info, the Canes drop their week 2 game against Ohio State. So, in other Miami Hurricanes news, Jimmy Johnson will be on the next season of Survivor. Unfortunately for all you Cowboys haters, he has already returned from Nicaragua, so he didn’t’ die from lack of hair products or starvation. I’ve never watched Survivor, but may have to give it a chance. At least it’ll give me something to wash the Entourage flavor out of my mouth. This week's 'sode almost made me hate Mark Cuban for being associated with it. Almost. Although if they want to complete the then Dallas sports owners trifecta, invite Tom Hicks on and have Sasha Grey R him to death, then I'm fine with that. Predicted Fall: Week 2.

#14 USC Trojans

Potential Pitfalls: 10/9 @ Stanford, 10/30 vs. #11 Oregon.

When They Fall: Well, technically they already have as they’re ineligible for bowl play, so let me pose this question: Shouldn’t we root for them to go undefeated, finish #1 in the AP Poll, but then have to relinquish their spot in the BCS National Championship due to ineligibility? That’s MUCH worse than losing 2-3 games this year. This would be equivalent to Dustin Johnson making his putt on 18 last week and THEN finding out he had illegally grounded his club, but times 50. To be the first undefeated team in the BCS era to not get invited to the big one because of cheating? That’s really something to get excited about right there. Couldn't happen to a better group of guys. But, they’re losing to Stanford anyway. Predicted Fall: When Reggie Bush signed his letter of intent.

#15 Pitt Panthers

Potential PITTfalls: 9/2 @ Utah, 9/23 vs. #13 Miami, 10/9 @ Notre Dame, 11/26 vs. #25 West Virginia.

When They Fall: Much like Iowa, Pitt is one of those teams that gets a ton of credit for more or less accomplishing nothing year after year. Sure, Dave Wannstedt has recruited some solid talent to Ben Rapeslithbergersylvania over the years, but what has he done with it? He wasn’t even around when Utah blasted them in the Fiesta Bowl, and his team two years ago screwed the conference out of National Championship money when they beat West Virginia in the last game of the season. So for that, I’m calling them to be the first team of the 2010 season to fall next Thursday against the Utes. As much as I enjoy Utah not getting the same respect in the AP as they did in the Coaches Poll, I would LOVE for them to be undefeated heading into November 6 so we can give them a swift kick in the ass out of the MWC. Predicted Fall: Week 1.

#16 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Potential Pitfalls: 9/11 @ Kansas, 9/18 @ #18 North Carolina, 10/23 @ Clemson, 11/4 @ #10 Virginia Tech, 11/13 vs. #13 Miami, 11/27 @ #23 Georgia.

When They Fall: With the ACC somehow sneaking five teams into the Top 25 and my belief that there’s no way any of those teams lose fewer than two games a piece, picking the first dropped game becomes increasingly difficult to predict as we move along. But, it’s the duty I’ve been tasked with, so pick away I must. (Randomly points to a name on the schedule) Clemson? Sure, why not. Predicted Fall: Week 8.

#17 Arkansas Razorbacks

Potential Pitfalls: With this defense, can I say every week? 9/18 @ #23 Georgia, 9/25 vs. #1 Alabama, 10/9 @ aggy, 10/16 @ #22 Auburn, 10/23 vs. Ole Miss, 11/27 vs. #21 LSU.

When They Fall: My natural inclination here is to go for an undefeated season and a Frogs/Hogs National Championship matchup just to see how much fun Christmas vacation would be with my dad while we anticipated the battle. Santa would probably leave a lump of something in my stocking, and it wouldn't be coal. Unfortunately though, as good as the Hogs offense should be, the SEC is just too rough for them to pull off an undefeated season. But, I think they keep the dream alive for a while and give their fanbase a ton of hope, only to lose to the hated Houston Nutt in October. I realize Ole Miss is extremely unproven, but I know all too well how Nutt always has that one game up his sleeve where he pulls out a win despite having no business to do so, and I’m afraid this year it will be the Razorbacks. With noted criminal Jeremiah Masoli under center, the Rebels received an unexpected boost this off-season and should field a pretty decent offensive attack. As much as we think we hate Texas and Mack Brown or SMU and June Jones, the way Arkansas fans feel about Ole Miss and Houston Nutt is well beyond criminally insane and he absolutely feeds off of that hate, so the vitriol should be absolutely flying. It’ll be a close one, but I’ve watched way too many Arkansas teams fall short of expectations to expect them to win even the games they’re supposed to win. Sorry, Hogs. Predicted Fall: Week 7.

# 18 North Carolina Tar Heels

Potential Pitfalls: 9/4 vs #23 LSU, 9/18 vs. #16 Georgia Tech.

When They Fall: Welp, that was easy. LSU. Predicted Fall: Week 1.

#19 Penn State Nittany Lions

Potential Pitfalls: 9/11 @ #1 Alabama.

When They Fall: Ditto the above. Alabama. They’ll be out of that game before JoPa can change his Ensure saturated diaper. Predicted fall: Week 2.

#20 Florida State Seminoles

Potential Pitfalls: 9/11 @ #7 Oklahoma, 9/18 vs. BYU, 10/9 @ #13 Miami, 11/27 vs. #4 Florida.

When They Fall: The pieces are starting to fall into place now, as due to Oklahoma’s section I have to pick the Noles to lose in Norman. But, back to the whole “Five ACC teams in the Top 25 thing,” why does the ACC get so much respect? It’s the most balanced conference in the entire country, and I mean that in an entirely negative way. Watching the ACC is more boring than watching the San Antonio Spurs run their offense. The ACC, like the Big Ten, is entirely the product of their contract with ESPN. How much do you hate ESPN for forcing Michigan State/Northwestern and Indiana/Illinois down your throat first thing Saturday morning, but hate yourself more for actually watching it? Same goes for all of those Thursday night Georgia Tech/Virginia or Boston College/Miami games. I understand they want their product to be more attractive to the casual viewer, but how can they take themselves seriously? Then again, after jumping the shark with the whole LeBron thing, I’m pretty sure ESPN just wakes up every morning, raises their middle fingers to the world, and goes about their business, as evidenced by Rick Reilly co-hosting Sportscenter this morning and the fact that Bill Simmons gets handsomely rewarded for pumping out Celtics and Red Sox nostalgia tales with just the proper peppering of Karate Kid references. And yes, I am bitter than we’re relegated to Versus and the mtn. while SMU and Houston get the ESPN treatment on a semi-regular basis.

#21 LSU Tigers

Potential Pitfalls: 9/6 @ #18 North Carolina, 9/25 vs. #25 West Virginia, 10/9 @ #4 Florida, 10/23 @ #22 Auburn, 11/6 vs. #1 Alabama, 11/27 @ #17 Arkansas.

When They Fall: LSU is always a tough team to gauge because even when they look golden, Les Miles mucks up the clock management or their overmatched QB throws a pick 6 to kill their chances. So with a highly suspect QB situation heading into the season, and the fact that they pick up Florida and Tennessee in the SEC East along with the more difficult than usual west schedule, this team is looking hard at a four loss season. At best. But, as the hat taketh away, the hat also giveth, and they’re sure to knock off someone silly along the way, which should also be attributed to the opposing team cowering in fear at the rageaholics putting voodoo hexes on them in Death Valley. I already said they would beat North Carolina to kick off the season, and they play a much improved Mississippi State team in week 3, but I’m looking hard at that matchup with West Virginia for a multitude of reasons, although its mostly because this could be the greatest matchup of fan bases ever. Backwoods? Check. Ravenous? Check. Unhealthy due to fried food consumption? Check. Probably had sex with a relative and/or a farm animal? check. Moonshine swillin’? Big check. Seriously, matching up the booze and meth filled Cajuns of Southern Louisiana with the booze and meth filled Mountain folk of the state of West Virginia will be a sight to behold and may actually have been prophesized somewhere in the book of Revelation. But, do you really want to bet against LSU in this situation on their own turf? Didn’t think so. So I’m going with Florida in October. Predicted Fall: Week 6.

#22 Auburn Tigers

Potential Pitfalls: 9/18 vs Clemson, 10/16 vs. #17 Arkansas, 10/23 vs. #21 LSU, 10/26 @ #1 Alabama.

When They Fall: Under the guidance of Gus Malzahn and Florida QB transfer Cam Newton, Auburn’s fans are pretty confident that this will be the year that they take a little bit of state momentum back from Alabama, who, after a decade of Tiger dominance, has pretty much run the place since the coming of Saban. The Auburn schedule sets up well as they somehow managed to book only four road games, with the only tough one coming against Alabama at the end of the year, unless you count Kentucky and Georgia. They get Mississippi State in Starkville during Week 2, and Clemson comes to town the following weekend, but I think the big one comes against Arkansas. The Hogs may not take out enemy #1 in Houston Nutt, but Malzahn is right behind him on their hit list and surely God will allow at least one victory over a major enemy. If not though, ole Gus better watch his text messages, because the Fayettecong are about hijacking some telecommunications. Predicted Fall: Week 7.

#23 Georgia Bulldogs

Potential Pitfalls: 9/11 @ South Carolina, 9/18 vs. #17 Arkansas, 10/9 vs Tennessee, 10/30 vs. #4 Florida, 11/13 @ #22 Auburn, 10/27 vs. #16 Georgia Tech.

When They Fall: Pretty interesting that you have three SEC teams ranked this low in the Top 25. Not that any of them necessarily deserve any more respect than they have, but if Nebraska can be ranked in the Top 10 despite not having named a starting QB, then there really isn’t any logical reason why a team like Georgia can’t be ranked higher than 23rd as they have named a QB and have a pretty good track record. But, thems the breaks I guess and, regardless of what I said a few seconds ago, the starting QB they have named is a youngun and has apparently not impressed in pre-season camp. So they’ve got that going for them. And, I already picked them to lose to Arkansas, so there you have it. Predicted Fall: Week 3.

#24 Oregon State Beavers

Potential Pitfalls: 9/4 vs. #6 TCU

When They Fall: Must you ask? Predicted Fall: When they step off the plane at Love Field.

#25 West Virginia Mountaineers

Potential Pitfalls: 9/25 @ #21 LSU

When They Fall: … and I’ve officially run out of steam. See Above. Predicted Fall: Week 4.

So, if you take my estimations into account from the entire Top 25, TCU should fully expect to be the only undefeated team in the country right around the time everyone is preparing to head home for Thanksgiving. Or it could be well before that. Or not at all. I don’t have all the answers. Leave me alone!

Go Frogs.

A short break from football talk

Big thanks to WWHD for playing hooky from work the other day, putting on his trench coat and racing his grey van down I-30 to get us this footage.

The Actual Tyler Thomas Mugshot...

Naked OSU football player squares up, cops tase him
Nice mullet, Jared Allen.

Oregon State Ready For Gameday.

Tyler Thomas' Mug Shot.

You've gotta admire the Oregon State Beavers - they're so ready for gameday that they're not only practicing during the day with the rest of their team, they're now actually practicing after hours without the coaching staff. However, apparently not all citizens of Corvallis, Oregon appreciate their dedication to the cause as offensive lineman Tyler Thomas was recently arrested after a neighbor complained about his after hours practice regimen. Probably a Ducks fan, right? Well possibly, but there could have been some other causes.

For one, Thomas was in the upstairs office of her apartment, apparently without permission. Secondly, it was 4:51AM and she was trying to get some sleep. Oh yeah, and then there's the little matter that he was butt assed nekkid, but that's neither here nor there, right?

When officers arrived, Thomas apparently disapproved of their slight against his practice habits because he got into a three point stance and started firing off at them. I guess one of them must have looked like Kelly Griffin?

For his enthusiasm, Thomas received a swift tasering, and an almost as swift dismissal from the team in just another case of the man getting an enthusiastic youth down. I'll pour one out for you in the parking lot at JerryWorld, Tyler.

Morning Dump

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