Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lessons in SMU...Pity? The Self-Fulfilling Cycle of Suck (UPDATE).

SMU is doing their best to cut the kids, or in this case athletic support, in half.

So yesterday I put up a post pretty much outlining why SMU, as currently construed, will never be a society that enables football success. If it's not a lack of athletes, then it's a lack of administrative support and vis-a-versa. So today I come across an article published in the Dallas Observer that more or less mirrors what I wrote yesterday, but with a pretty glaring twist.

June Jones may be on his way out in Dallas. And the SMU Administration may not give two shits about it.

Ok, so it's not how it sounds - on the surface, SMU wants Jones. But the way they're treating his program makes it pretty clear that SMU either does not want a football team five years from now, or that the school is run by complete effing retards. I think it's a little bit of both. But, as the story will tell you, SMU offered Jones a contract extension last year amidst all the Hawaii Bowl hoopteedoo and made a big announcement about how he's going to be at SMU for a long time. The only problem? Jones hasn't signed the contract yet. And there are considerable rumblings that he may not even finish out his current deal. I knew this thing was bad, but holy crap it's SO much worse than any outsider can imagine. SMU has really crapped the bed on this one and, until they get someone with a semblance of competence in running the show, this could be one of the uglier power struggles you're ever likely to see.

For this to happen, and like I said earlier, SMU has to figure out who they really think they are. The article refers to another recruit who was actually accepted to Penn - an Ivy League school - yet had to go through the SMU subcommittee TWICE to gain acceptance. It's great to have academic aspirations, but that's just absurd. If SMU wants to be on par with schools like that, fine. It's not going to happen, but fine. But why make such a big production about the phoneix like rising of your football program if you're just going to tear it down? It's like buying a multi-million dollar yacht and then taking it out for a spin at Niagara Falls.

Naturally, the alumni are continuing to revolt and are even planning to run an ad in the Dallas Morning News smearing SMU President Gerald Turner. It's just incredible. Victor Boschini may be attempting to run the TCU Fraternity system into the ground, but my goodness, at least he's learned to not bite the hand - football - that feeds him. To think that SMU could go from the euphoria of a winning season and their first bowl bid in decades to this is absolutely shocking. Like I said, I can't even come up with proper hate for this. I just feel bad for them.


Bodenman said...

Lesson in Hate: SMU hates....SMU?!?

Sir Wesley Willis said...

That's basically the gist of it.