Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kolby Griffin. One of the Good Guys.

Some of you may be aware - I was not until lyle brought it to my attention today - but incoming defensive back recruit Kolby Griffin has been lending some of his time this off-season to putting together a personal journal over at PurpleMenace. If you're familiar with Kolby, you'll know he's an extremely well spoken guy with a rock solid reputation and genuine excitement at being a Horned Frog. But after reading today's entry, I'll be rooting for him more than ever once he arrives on campus.

(Read the article, or else you'll be lost. Seriously. Do it.)

I know we can be pretty gruff and accusatory here from time to time, and it may seem that I especially have been known to revel in the misfortune of others, but to get personal for a paragraph, I can directly relate to what Kolby experienced at Camp Miles. My older brother was born with cerebral palsy and, while he's not anywhere near as incapacitated or dependent on others as the boy Kolby Griffin describes, it's still something that he has to struggle with on a daily basis. It takes a pretty incredible person to really integrate themselves into the lives of someone with this disability because, unless you've grown up around someone with it, you really can't understand all the intricacies and nuances of the person's psyche. My brother recently moved to Houston into the Brookwood Community, which is a pretty world class assisted living center for people with mental disabilities, and having been around the other residents, it really does open your eyes to how fortunate we all are. Character doesn't make tackles or score touchdowns, but based on Kolby Griffin's already immense talents, I think it's safe to say that by the time he leaves Fort Worth, he'll be remembered as one of my favorites to ever suit up at Amon G.


Mankdog said...

Great story SWW, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Keep up the good work Kolby, we are proud to have you as a Frog.

THEFINCH said...

simply awesome

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chrislipscomb said...

The more I read Kolby the more I am impressed I am. I hope he has great football success as a Frog I think he is going to be a winner in life no matter what.