Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jack Donnelly Original Khakis Giveaway

Fellow Horned Frog and former classmate of mine at the Neely School Of Business started his own clothing company, Jack Donnelly, several years back and has graciously donated a pair of their Dalton Pant Khakis for a Spitblood giveaway. They claim that the "Dalton" line has nothing to do with our very own AD, but I would like to think our favorite ginger had some sort of influence.

Built from their 8.5 oz. American made, 100% combed cotton twill with exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship, the Dalton Pant arrives professionally pre-washed to ensure fit and has an unfinished bottom to allow the customer to tailor to their perfect length.

I have been testing out a pair for a week now, and these pants are legit. The comfort and quality is above and beyond any pair I have ever owned. Would I, THEFINCH, endorse a product that wasn't 100% bad ass, and 100% Horned Frog? I encourage you to check out what they have to offer.

The Rules of The Giveaway:

If/when you buy a koozie, your name is entered into the raffle. How many times your name is entered is dependent upon how many koozies you purchase. All of those who have already bought are entered into the raffle. The raffle ends on Monday, August 2nd, at which point a winner will be selected.

So, keep the koozie orders rolling in, and don't forget to capture a pic of your koozies in action. Still waiting for the first icing pic.


BuckNasty said...

Icing is so 5 weeks ago.

THEFINCH said...

i thought so too, but i felt like it made a comeback on the 4th

Cro-magnon Frog said...

Not that I have any room to speak, but the shorts model on their website has quite a forrest growing on his legs.

Russell said...

Good to see a couple fellow Horned Frogs supporting each other. I am definitely in need of a couple koozies and a pair of pants. Jack Donnelly has put out a top quality product. Nice work Fincher.

LA Frog said...

Fortune has nothing better to report on than "entrepreneurial" unemployed frat boy hijinks! They should be doing a story on Jack Donnelly Khakis

LA Frog said...

Does Rent-A-Frog know about the Donnelly's?

fan-of-the-frogs said...

when will the koozies be mailed out.. I'm ready to try em' out.. Also, those JD's better come with extra length in the legs..