Thursday, July 8, 2010

Incoming Freshmen Assigned Jersey #'s

I realize that this makes me a huge dork, but for the past couple of summers I've checked the football roster on almost daily during the summer to see when they update it to include the jersey numbers of the incoming freshmen. Well, that day is today- so here are the numbers that the newest Frogs will be wearing this fall:

-Jonathan Anderson: #41 (guess they aren't retiring D-Wash's number)

-Matt Anderson: #19 (guess they aren't retiring Corderr...kidding. Matt is listed at both tailback and safety, by the way).

-Travaras Battle: #18 (he's been here since spring practice, but he has apparently now dropped the hyphen and the Smith from his last name).

-Matt Brown: #10 (which was his high school number at Allen).

-Stephen Bryant: #49 (listed at tight end)

-Curtis Carter: #36 (listed at tailback and wide receiver, and if there was ever a jersey number that screams "I'll only be wearing this for a year before switching to a single-digit", this is it)

-Sam Carter: #16 (listed at quarterback...for now?)

-Ethan Grant: #20 (listed only at tailback)

-Antonio Graves: #42 (listed at wide receiver and safety...#42 was worn last year by LB Justin Isadore, who is conspicuously absent from the current roster)

-David Johnson: #53 (he's been in since the spring, expect him to play this fall)

-Marcus Mallett: #54 (I was starting to like the concept of LB's wearing numbers in the 40s, but 54 will be good)

-Clifton Murphy: #98 (There are some big shoes to fill wearing that number, especially at D-End. Best of luck, Clifton!)

-Elisha Olabode: #22 (listed at corner and safety)

-Blake Roberts: #91 (listed at LB and DE, but at 6-4 and wearing #91, I feel like his future is on the least in college).

-Dwight Smith: #24 (was originally listed at #39...wish I knew the status of his knee injury)

-Michael Thompson: #71 (listed at center)

-Nikiren Wellington: #79 (at "only" 6-6, he will look short wearing Nic Richmond's old number)

-Kevin White: #25 (listed at corner)

Missing from this list, as some of you that follow recruiting closely, is Chris Hawkins, the wide receiver from Channelview. I don't think it's my place to speculate on why he's absent, but I hope he makes it to campus in time to compete this fall.

There were two returning lettermen that are changing jersey #'s for the upcoming season: junior guard Kyle Dooley is shedding #72 in favor of #55, which was previously worn by sophomore defensive lineman DJ Yendrey, who will now wear #94. It should also be noted that both Aundre Dean and Skye Dawson are listed as wearing #30, so one of them will probably be switching before September 4th.


Spit Purple said...

Color me superstitious but I don't like giving Smith, a guy coming off a knee injury, Turner's old number.

Lyle Lanley said...

Good point, although Turner sure did recover well from TWO knee injuries

Bodenman said...

Ethan Grant will wear the no. 20? FUCK I LOOK LIKE!

Texas Hammer said...

No confirmation but lots of chatter re: Hawkins not making it to TCU.

Also heard Isadore is gone.