Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Goodbye ,Soviet bread lines

File this post in the folder marked "most people aren't going to give a shit." But for those of you that have ever had to wait in the will-call line at a football or basketball game or those of you that love buzz words like "synergy" or "streamlined", then today's news that TCU is extending their partnership with Paciolan should certainly be welcome news.

The biggest difference you'll see, if I'm reading the press release correctly, is that tickets will be scanned instead of torn upon entry into the stadium. It's not very nostalgic, but it is (buzz word alert!) efficient and will give single-game ticket purchasers the ability to purchase and print tickets at home...thus reducing the amount of people at the will-call line 15 minutes before kickoff.

It will also help the school (buzz word alert!) integrate online ticket sales and donations, which will allow them to, according to the release, "gain a full view of each customer to gain better understanding of every interaction with the athletics department, allowing them to create programs that maximize revenue and enhance customer relationships."

So in conclusion, this isn't anything earth-shattering, but at the very least it's a sign that the athletic department is thinking progressively. It's also an excuse for me to somewhat-relevantly post this photo from the second-most unintentionally funny movie that WWHD and I watched drunk during our time as roomates (behind ATL, of course):

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