Friday, July 30, 2010

Gary Patterson's Women's Football Clinic

As a TCU alum, I feel entitled to all things TCU and some gender bias is the last thing to keep me from enjoying any TCU event. Thus, I threw on a wig, which was a fresh purchase from McCart Thrift Store, and borrowed an ovary from a T-shirt longhorn fan and another ovary from a uber sensitive spitblood reader and was on my way to the Gary Patterson's Women Football Clinic. Prepped for a serious clinic, I got a matching sports bra, sweatband, and TCU cheer socks to match my wig and ovaries. But alas, I was deceived, it was no clinic, it was purple margaritas, a M. L. Leddy's "fashion show", and Patterson, Assistant Coaches, and Players talking with a Q&A. Here are some random insights that came about from the clinic:

-The Friday before games, meal includes Fried Chicken, Steak, Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, Mashed Potatoes, Cake, Ice Cream, Pie, Cookies. (It came about that Marcus Cannon sneaks a cookie in every Friday, the Defensive coach does not allow, but obviously he knows now)

-Before every game, no matter the kickoff time 11AM or 8PM, the players are served pancakes, spaghetti, baked potato. AD always gets spaghetti.

-AD was asked about crazy female fans and their calling/emailing him, he said the one that stuck out the most was he was asked by some girl to go to a formal with her through email, Que deletion.

-If you recall an article towards the end of last year on AD, about him saving a dog that collapsed while on a 9 mile run with it's owner, he had given the dog water and helped the owner get it help, but his teammates still give him hell and are adamant that he gave the dog mouth to mouth to save it.

-Tank was asked about his armbands and the story behind it, another player had a locker next to his and would wear the 3 armbands, and asked Tank if he was going to keep tradition going and keep wearing them. Tank wore them for his first game, and then just kept with it. Also prolly a shout-out to his Punk BMX days.

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Texas Hammer said...

Risky move going with the sketty...always went with the loaded baked taters.

The sheer volume of food that is available at the hotel on Friday night would make Kobeyashi squirm.

And I really admire Cannon's sneakiness. I used to scam Dr Pepper's from the coaches hospitality room when they were in meetings.