Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boise May Not "Get" Fort Worth on Gameday...

Pretty funny slap-fight between our brand new, shiny Conference Rival Boise State and their old, weather-worn in-state WAC Rival the Idaho Vandals. Apparently as backwoods redneck as we imagine Boise's finest to be, their pals down in Moscow are that much more so because the powers that be in Bronco-land don't much care for traveling to their rivals' place every other year and may want to discontinue the rivalry altogether because of the "inebriated" culture at the University of Idaho. I'm really starting to wonder how their fans felt when our party bus, blasting "Party in the USA," pulled up in the middle of their RV section in Arizona and deposited half a hundred drunk Frog Fans of all ages, some having trouble staying upright, most immediately making their presence felt on the "public urination" scene.

Now, I understand that frat drunk probably doesn't even begin to remotely compare to Idaho drunk, but, other than Provo, UT, I'd imagine most of the gameday scenes in the MWC are pretty rowdy by most standards. CSU serves beer inside the stadium, the UNLV environment goes without saying, and as San Diego State has the academic and moral standards of Texas Tech, I'd imagine it gets a little wheels off from time to time as well. I can't wait until Boise rolls into Laramie and sees the guy wearing nothing but a barrel.


Texas Hammer said...

Donkey State will likely bring about 500 fans (at most) for their biannual trip to FW.

Hope they bring their jorts and jerseys to party.

RE: guy in the barrel at Laramie - Cowboy Ken made that game bearable (pun intended) - still can't believe we were deprived of the barenjager (glaring at Hunter S. Thompson)

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I've experienced first hand the effects of barenjager on the human brain and I'm not sure I'd wish that on anyone. Also, with hammer playing the role of the Samoan attorney, I'm not sure you'd want to have added hunter s to that mix based on the end results.