Friday, July 30, 2010

Gary Patterson's Women's Football Clinic

As a TCU alum, I feel entitled to all things TCU and some gender bias is the last thing to keep me from enjoying any TCU event. Thus, I threw on a wig, which was a fresh purchase from McCart Thrift Store, and borrowed an ovary from a T-shirt longhorn fan and another ovary from a uber sensitive spitblood reader and was on my way to the Gary Patterson's Women Football Clinic. Prepped for a serious clinic, I got a matching sports bra, sweatband, and TCU cheer socks to match my wig and ovaries. But alas, I was deceived, it was no clinic, it was purple margaritas, a M. L. Leddy's "fashion show", and Patterson, Assistant Coaches, and Players talking with a Q&A. Here are some random insights that came about from the clinic:

-The Friday before games, meal includes Fried Chicken, Steak, Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, Mashed Potatoes, Cake, Ice Cream, Pie, Cookies. (It came about that Marcus Cannon sneaks a cookie in every Friday, the Defensive coach does not allow, but obviously he knows now)

-Before every game, no matter the kickoff time 11AM or 8PM, the players are served pancakes, spaghetti, baked potato. AD always gets spaghetti.

-AD was asked about crazy female fans and their calling/emailing him, he said the one that stuck out the most was he was asked by some girl to go to a formal with her through email, Que deletion.

-If you recall an article towards the end of last year on AD, about him saving a dog that collapsed while on a 9 mile run with it's owner, he had given the dog water and helped the owner get it help, but his teammates still give him hell and are adamant that he gave the dog mouth to mouth to save it.

-Tank was asked about his armbands and the story behind it, another player had a locker next to his and would wear the 3 armbands, and asked Tank if he was going to keep tradition going and keep wearing them. Tank wore them for his first game, and then just kept with it. Also prolly a shout-out to his Punk BMX days.

CBS issue "not dead"

A little over two years ago, I posted on this here blog about the possibility of the Mountain West getting a few games on CBS after MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson was quoted on the issue. Not CBS-College, but actual over-the-air CBS. When the months went by after that with no additional talk of CBS, I figured that the negotiations must've dissolved into nothingness. But it appears now that Thompson has been in touch with the CBS folks all along, per these two notes from an article in the Colorado Springs Gazette:

• Thompson said he anticipates one or two of the league’s men’s basketball games during the upcoming season will be televised on CBS.

• As for getting football games on CBS, Thompson said teams would have to agree to play at 10 a.m. (MT) so the network would be able to televise SEC games at 1:30 or 2 p.m. (MT). Thompson said such a scenario is “not dead” but “not happening” currently.

The news about getting basketball games on there this year is pretty great news, although I highly, highly doubt TCU will be involved in any of those games. Still, great exposure for the league and definitely something to shoot for in the future.

And it looks as though CBS is still open to the possibility of complimenting their SEC coverage with an early MWC game a few times a year. I, for one, would be happy for TCU to move as many home games as possible to 11:00am local time in order to be nationally broadcast on CBS. Yeah, it'd be early, but I think I could handle that. As the only MWC school in the central time zone, I think TCU ought to be pretty proactive in voicing our readiness to accomodate major network TV.

Latest offers, high interest, other

Another update to get you going

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

NBC Sports Preseason Top 25: TCU #3

NBC Sports has released their Preseason Top 25, and they've got the Frogs ranked at #3, behind only Alabama and Ohio State. Most rankings that I've seen consider TCU a Top 10 team, but this is the first that I've seen rank them anywhere above 5th. I loved this part of their preview of the Frogs:

"The Horned Frogs can hardly be considered a secret any longer...Wouldn’t it be ironic to see TCU, once bypassed for admission into the Big 12, with the ability to contend for a national title out of the Mountain West? Once, that possibility seemed outrageous. Not any longer."

A Sad Day For Spitblood Mobile App

I received a mobile report from one of our Spitblood App users today regarding the Texas Long-Fallopian Tube-Horns picture.

These messages come in anonymously with no way to respond, so I have no choice but to post it publicly.

The posting of this pic, I believe, is a little over the top. After I send this msg. I will be deleting this iPhone app. You should really be ashamed of yourself!!!

Spitpurple, you've been a bad, bad blogger, now go to your kennel.

This person must not have been following Spitblood for too long, if this is what caused them to delete the quasi-functional app.

I was actually thinking of what a great t-shirt this beautiful comparison of female anatomy to Horns would make. I guess the former reader and I don't see ovary to ovary on this one.

Coincidence? I think not

Thanks to one of our lovely female readers for this image

Taking Inventory: The Defensive Line

There are two ways to look at the defensive line this year. On one hand, it's very difficult for a defensive front to remain as dominant as they were a year ago when you lose a player like Jerry Hughes. Filling the shoes of the departed two-time All-American end may be a nearly impossible task. On the other hand, the Frogs do return three starters from last year, and how many people out there thought we'd find an adequate replacement so soon when Tommy Blake and Chase Ortiz both left after the 2008 season?

The leading candidate to take over as the Frogs' main pass-rushing threat is 5th-year senior Wayne Daniels. Starting at right DE last year, Daniels recorded 5 ½ sacks and earned 2nd Team All-MWC honors. He's a preseason 1st Teamer this year, so clearly the media that covers the MWC expect him to shine in 2010.

Coming out of spring practice, the battle to replace Hughes at left end was not completely decided. Junior Braylon Broughton, who at 6'6", 272lbs is a freak athlete with nearly unlimited potential, has to be the favorite of optimistic Frog fans. His playing time increased as last season wore on, and if things finally click for him this fall- watch out. His main competition for the starting job is sophomore Ross Forrest, a former walk-on out of Odessa Permian who missed almost all of last season after being injured in the Virginia game.

Two more names to look for in the rotation at DE are senior Clarence Leatch and redshirt freshman Stansley Maponga. Leatch, who recorded 2 sacks a year ago, has really impressed me the few times that I've ventured over to an open practice, so I still think he could make a major impact. But then again, what do I know? Maponga, who has also spent some time at DT, has a lot of buzz about him and is expected to be a future star on this line.

Both starting tackles from a year ago return in the big, hole-stuffing senior dueo of Cory Grant and Kelly Griffin. Like Daniels, Grant was 2nd Team All-MWC a year ago and a preseason 1st Team selection. He recorded 2½ sacks and 5½ tackles for loss. Griffin, who was first a starter as a true freshman in 2007, also recorded 5½ tackles for loss last year.

Behind Grant and Griffin will be sophomores Jeremy Coleman and DJ Yendrey, both of whom had 2 sacks as freshmen a year ago. Yendrey, who was a surprise impact player at defensive end as a true freshman last year, has switched to jersey #94 and has made the move inside to tackle, where some might consider him a tad undersized at 262lbs. We thought he might've been undersized last year, too, but he quickly proved that he plays much bigger than he looks. Coleman, who was a very highly-regarded recruit out of the Houston area, is a prime candidate to have a breakout season, in my humble opinion.

In addition to Maponga, there are three more redshirt freshmen who will look to break into the rotation along the defensive line this year. Ray Burns- a tackle- and end Bryant House make up two-thirds of the "Maud Squad" (along with OT James Dunbar), the high school teammates from tiny Maud HS (a 1A school) who decided to remain together in college. Jon Koontz, a walk-on from Aledo, will also add depth to the line.

The Frogs welcome three true freshmen defensive linemen this year, and you'll likely see one of them this fall. David Johnson, the red-haired tackle from Argyle, first captured our attention with his youtube weight-lifting videos (370lb power clean? Check) and graduated early to take part in spring practice. I'd look for him to get some snaps this year. Blake Roberts, who was recruited out of Tyler Lee as both an end and a linebacker, was given jersey #91 so I'd expect him to add weight to his 6'4", 225lb frame and eventually be coming out of a three-point stance. Clifton Murphy out of Little Elm was initially slated to greyshirt this year (meaning he'd attend a junior college before transferring to TCU in January) has now been granted a scholarship for the fall and will join the Frogs with the rest of the class.

Go Purple Fridays

Good to see stuff like this, especially starting early. 37 days...

EDIT: A few folks have emailed me saying that when they view this post, no image is visible above (although it does show up for me). Anywho, if you go to right now, the first screen you'll come to is the image. They are continuing the "Go Purple Friday" concept that was conceived late in the season last year, and they are tying a few local businesses into it- offering discounts on Fridays (starting tomorrow) for people wearing purple.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hate Manifesto Intro: The Dark Cloud Descends on Fort Worth

This guy looks familiar

I am admittedly one of the preeminent UT conspiracy theorists in the entire country… a person who looks at the tough USC penalties coming at the same time UT is talking about moving to the Pac 10 not as coincidence, but as the product of some NCAA official being given mineral rights in Midland compliments of a big UT donor trying to sabotage a future conference rival. Let’s just say the décor of my bunker has a lot of aluminum foil to safely house my physical inventory of game film showing the officiating breaks UT has been entitled to over the years. The 2009 Neb/UT game is my non-comedic version of the Zapruder film…and before anyone starts in on how they got the call right (or how JFK was a good president)- yes upon review it looked like there might’ve been a second left on the clock, however, the NCAA rule states that only ‘egregious’ clock errors can be reviewed, and unlike basketball, football officials don’t review the last few seconds to see if the shot clock light turned red, instead the clock operator keeps time and only when there is an EGREGIOUS error do they review….it’s not situational….a second or two isn’t egregious…in fact a second or two normally ticks off on incomplete passes and is never reviewed and it didn’t happen for FSU/MIA or right before halftime of ATM’s bowl game last year, and the only way 1-second is egregious is if you’re UT and the Big 12 looking to get ‘your’ team into the NC game…which I hope after all this conference realignment talk it is abundantly clear to everyone that UT and the Big 12 are really 1 in the same. [wipe sweat from brow, breath]

These are the types of ‘conspiracy theories’ that rattle around in my head. UT always has to have an edge- be it money, politics, or moving a conference HQ and championship game to its own backyard. As soon as conference realignment talk geared up- I could hear the black helicopters circling, so I immediately built a database of all 30 (1 was vacant) state senators. 7 had attended UT Austin…and a good chunk of them were efffff-ing attorneys (not including 2 more that attended UT System schools). The next closest school was ATM w/ 4. TCU only counted 2. Not good. I crossed reference the education committee, the finance committee, and then did the same high level review of the state House…if the government can hide aliens from us for decades, what can a strategically evil institution with government ties/funding hell bent on college football domination pull off?

Well, let's see…..UT flirts with the Pac 10 forcing the Pac 10 to take Colorado early so they can head off the Texas political engine that might force the Pac 10 to take Baylor instead of CU. UT, terrified of ATM going to the SEC and opening up Texas to the likes of Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and an in state SEC presence in ATM, ultimately decides to stay put and create the UT Sponsored Big 12 Band Aide Conference consisting of UT and the 9 Wittle Brothers (ed note: even though ATM and OU are suppose to be getting equal money on this TV contract nobody has yet seen- that is public perception). This sets off the chain of events that sends Utah to the Pac 10 so they can have 12 teams and a championship game thereby screwing us.

You’re probably asking yourself where I’m going with this…rehashing old news, telling you my conspiracy theories, etc. Well the reason is simple- you need some context…context to appreciate the seriousness of THIS. Read it. No seriously click the link and read it. UT is setting up a sleeper cell in Fort Worth. Yes- UT IS SETTING UP A T-SHIRT TRAINING CAMP IN OUR BACKYARD. I don’t know if there’s anything we can do to stop this, but we need to start brainstorming doubt bad vampires Mack and DeLoss are plotting something diabolical. Put any ideas in the comments- so far everything I can come up with involves Tannerite.

Boise May Not "Get" Fort Worth on Gameday...

Pretty funny slap-fight between our brand new, shiny Conference Rival Boise State and their old, weather-worn in-state WAC Rival the Idaho Vandals. Apparently as backwoods redneck as we imagine Boise's finest to be, their pals down in Moscow are that much more so because the powers that be in Bronco-land don't much care for traveling to their rivals' place every other year and may want to discontinue the rivalry altogether because of the "inebriated" culture at the University of Idaho. I'm really starting to wonder how their fans felt when our party bus, blasting "Party in the USA," pulled up in the middle of their RV section in Arizona and deposited half a hundred drunk Frog Fans of all ages, some having trouble staying upright, most immediately making their presence felt on the "public urination" scene.

Now, I understand that frat drunk probably doesn't even begin to remotely compare to Idaho drunk, but, other than Provo, UT, I'd imagine most of the gameday scenes in the MWC are pretty rowdy by most standards. CSU serves beer inside the stadium, the UNLV environment goes without saying, and as San Diego State has the academic and moral standards of Texas Tech, I'd imagine it gets a little wheels off from time to time as well. I can't wait until Boise rolls into Laramie and sees the guy wearing nothing but a barrel.

Recruiting update

Recruiting update

Football Season starts TODAY!

Patterson-Bots in their imperfect, pre-season form.

If you’re like me, you’ve been struggling daily to find a way to convince yourself that football season is truly right around the corner. So realizing that MWC Media Days are going on as we speak and that our radio team would be broadcasting live last night was a straw a knew I had to grasp. Which is why I was the guy on the treadmill at the gym last night listening to the stream on his phone and stopping every 30 seconds to reboot because Dallas was getting blasted by a curious summer storm and it was destroying my reception. And while it was certainly a bunch of PC coach/playerspeak and there really wasn’t anything of substance mentioned, the fact that it was football related and it was happening live made the decision to leave work early and schedule my workout around listening was a no brainer. So while you may look at the calendar and see that it’s officially 38 days until Jerryworld, what you should really be doing is heeding GP and AD’s words last night from Vegas suggesting that, as soon as they’re out of the door at media days this afternoon and heading back to Fort Worth, football season has officially begun. Like, today.

The main purpose of media days – other than a school sponsored trip to Vegas, that is – is for the media to announce their pre-season conference accolades and for Commission Craig Thompson to give his state of the conference address. In regards to the awards, we’re all pretty well aware of how that played out by now, but just in case, a refresher: TCU received all 31 first place votes to win the conference and Andy Dalton, Tank Carder and Jeremy Kerley swept the pre-season player of the year awards. Jake Kirkpatrick, Marcus Cannon, Wayne Daniels, Cory Grant, Tank Carder, Ross Evans and Jeremy Kerley (special teams) were all named to the All-Conference squad. Really, as John Denton pointed out several times, the only major snub was Tejay Johnson, and it’s a little surprising that no offensive skill players not named Dalton were selected, but he pointed out that the media heavily reiles on stat sheets when compiling their lists, and our offensive is so balanced and given great field position by our defense that no one is going to jump off the page. So while UNLV gets a receiver on the list over Young or Kerley, I’ll take a second consecutive undefeated season over that bullshit any day. They’re all paper tigers at this point anyway, right?

Regarding Thompson, he sat down for an interview during the session and, while he didn’t necessarily deliver any earth shattering news, just the way he talks makes it sound like we should gear up for more conference realignment in the near future. I was also unaware that BCS Coordinator John Swofford recently mentioned that they are viewing the BCS in its current form as holding steady, “until 2040.” This did not sit well with Thompson, who decried the obvious bullshit standard required of schools hoping to attain BCS status versus those who penciled themselves in from the beginning, deservedly or not. The man may not make ends meet as far as our television contract is concerned, but after listening to him I have no doubts that he’s working his ass off to get the MWC as much respect as possible and is filled with just as much rage as we are about not being included as an auto qualifier. There is also NO love lost between the Conference and Utah for their defection into the Pac 12, citing the MWC’s membership policy which has no exit penalty because, “If you don’t want to be here, we don’t want you here.” I admire his moxie, but methinks perhaps they should amend that rule to make it more of a financial burden to jump ship. Unless we get a Big 12 invite. Then it's totally cool.

As for the TCU interviews, like I said earlier, there wasn’t really much said. As a four year starter, Andy Dalton has this media thing down pat and even though he was in the comfort zone of a school sponsored radio broadcast, he never wavered from strict modesty. That being said, even through a choppy radio signal, he was downright giddy about next year’s prospects on offense. Aside from the obvious Jimmy Young and Jeremy Kerley praise, he was extremely fired up about our returning backfield. It goes without saying that having a solid run game aids a team like TCU who specializes in keeping the other team’s offense off the field and controlling time of possession, but it’s obvious that for Dalton it means a whole lot more than that. Knowing that if he comes out a little rusty he can rely on the ground game to grind out a few first downs while he regroups is a serious confidence booster. Not that Andy should lack for confidence this year, but I think we’re going to see a Rooster that we may not have even known existed as the season progresses. I’m sure there will be skepticism as to where his mind will be as he enters the season as the reigning offensive player of the year and the undisputed favorite for that award this year, but just listening to how grounded he was last night gives me a lot of confidence.

And, just because clearly we aren’t excited enough about the offense going forward, when asked who fans should really look out for to have a “breakout” season, Andy only hesistated slightly to praise the entire offense before singling out Skye Dawson and Josh Boyce. While he didn’t give anything away, it really sounds like those guys are going to play some pretty significant roles this season. With Kerley, Young, Antoine Hicks, Bart Johnson and Curtis Clay sure to get their catches this year, plus the backfield getting in on it, plus Andy suggesting the tight ends may be more involved this year – and bestowing high praise on Walker Dille especially – this tells us one of two things: either we’re going to have the most well-balanced passing attack in all of college football and will consistently have 10+ guys with a reception in each game, or that Dawson and Boyce have come on so strong that guys not named Kerley, Young or Hicks better watch their backs on the depth chart. I’m still trying to wrap my head around TCU as an offense first football team, but regardless, I’ll drink to that.

Tejay Johnson also appeared on the show last night, but my feed was cutting out big time during his session and I missed a handful of his comments, so fill us in on what I missed in the comments. But, I don’t know that there was a whole lot he COULD say, which is mostly a product of our defense: it is what it is. It’s fast. It’s hard hitting. It may be an intricate piece of machinery, but it’s well oiled and driven by a speed maniac who is never satisfied. GP could find flaws in the Hope Diamond. Therefore, no matter what positive thoughts Tejay may have offered, GP would’ve immediately refuted them afterwards. It’s like he told Mr and Mrs. WWHD – you’ve always got to keep them on their toes. And this is what makes him great. He’s not a big dumb and lovable teddy bear like Wade Phillips and the like; he’s a fearless leader who at once both terrifies and inspires his troops. So while Tejay offered up the usual, “Well, you can’t replace Jerry Hughes and Daryl Washington, but we’ve got some very talented guys filling their spots this year,” you could also tell that the specter of GP was hanging over his shoulder, waiting to pounce as soon as he went overboard with his praise. The radio crew tried to rile him up a bit by mentioning his All-Conference team snub, but he knew better. However, before the fear caught up to him, he did offer some pretty glowing praise on Braylon Broughton along the same lines as what we all know about him – dude is scary athletic and even scarier large and, assuming he completes his transformation from football player to Patterson-Bot, he could be the best defensive end TCU has produced to date in the GP era. Not saying that it’s going to happen, but I think Broughton definitely emerges from two-a-days as the opening day starter, ready to eat some Beaver. Sorry, had to do it.

So after laying that borderline homo-erotic, cringe-incuding groundwork, the man himself made an appearance on the show and, wouldn’t you know it, he didn’t dish out any juicy pre-season nuggets or offer any insight into the pending murder investigation BYU has opened on behalf of Max Hall. I always enjoy hearing GP sit down for interviews with interviewers he has a rapport with because he is audibly relaxed and even cracks a radio smile from time to time. He even got slightly embarrassed and was all false modest when they kept referring to him as the Dean of the Mountain West coaches. Football coaches. They’re just like us!

If you’ve gobbled up all the Dale Hansen interviews from the off-season as I have, then this was basically just déjà vu. Lots of talk of, “We just want to win ballgames” and “We gotta grow some guys up.” One silly question that ended the interview was, “Do you think last year was basically all of your luck falling into place or a result of what you’ve built over your career” which is up there with that woman asking Mike Singletary if he’d spoken with Bill Walsh recently despite Walsh being dead as far as dumb interview questions go. I expect more out of those guys. They should know better by now.

However, he DID offer some insight into the situation at safety, suggesting Tyler Luttrell may have been the team MVP last year, so it’s hard to imagine him not getting the opening day nod. The biggest thing to take away from the interview, though, was that GP, even more than us, is absolutely, 100% ready for gameday and is going to burn holes in the carpet as he hustles out of the media room today and back to Fort Worth. I sometimes feel like we as fans care about the team’s success as much as anyone directly associated with the program, but I don’t think our passion compares to GP. I honestly think he treats a spring drill the same way he’d treat a 4th and goal situation with time running out in Salt Lake City. He knows he has to make the media rounds, but you can tell there’s no place he’d rather be than on the sidelines reaming out a linebacker for drifting out of his gap. May God have mercy on the souls of our players on the first day of practice next week. Go Frogs.

Blazer of the Century

Imagine flaunting this fine sports coat on a briskly cool October gameday with your sbkoozie. Here's how.

Morning Dump

TCU selected to repeat as MWC champions Star-Telegram

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Frogs sweep preseason MWC awards
TCU picked to win 2010 MWC title
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Picture courtesy of SpitPurple's mother

Huge Frog sticker on a random car in a Knoxville, TN grocery store parking lot. The Frog realm is growing.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frogs picked to repeat

The targets are officially on the Frogs' backs. The media have spoken, and TCU is the unanimous choice to win the Mountain West in 2010. That's right- the Frogs received all 31 first-place votes. Not only are they the pick to win the conference, but they also dominate the preseason All-MWC teams:

Preason Offensive Player of the Year: Andy Dalton
Preseason Defensive Player of the Year: Tank Carder
Preseason Special Teams Player of the Year: Jeremy Kerley
1st Team Preseason All-MWC:
-Andy Dalton
-Jake Kirkpatrick
-Marcus Cannon
-Wayne Daniels
-Cory Grant
-Tank Carder
-Ross Evans
-Jeremy Kerley

Taking Inventory: The Offensive Line

Because they rarely touch the ball and don't accumulate yards or touchdowns, offensive linemen receive very little of the glory. But if you enjoyed the success that the Horned Frog offense achieved a year ago, you'll be happy to know that four starters return from the line that cleared the way for the NCAA's 5th-leading rushing attack and allowed just 12 sacks all season.

Massive senior Marcus Cannon (6'5", 350) moves from right tackle, where he started in '09, over to the left side to fill the one void left from last year when Marshall Newhouse graduated. Cannon, who is on the watch lists for the Lombardi and Outland trophies, will be a candidate for All-America teams and is likely to join of the parade of Horned Frog offensive linemen who have gone on to play in the NFL. Bookending the offensive line is likely to be junior Jeff Olson (6'4", 282), who originally came to TCU as a tight end. He played in seven games last year, and emerged from spring drills as #1 at right tackle.

Pushing Olson for the job at RT will be senior Zach Roth (6'6", 316), a former JUCO-transfer who was sidelined for most of '09 with a shoulder injury and junior Spencer Thompson (6'4", 305), who appeared in three games last year. Challenging all of the older tackles for playing time and positioning themselves as the tackles of the future are redshirt freshmen John Wooldridge (6'5", 310), a Houston native, and James Dunbar (6'6", 305), one of the much-lauded "Maud Squad".

Moving inside, the Frogs will have both starting guards back in 2010. Junior Kyle Dooley (6'3", 315) has been a starter at left guard since halfway through his redshirt freshman year, and has switched from jersey #72 to #55. On the right side, senior Josh Vernon (6'2", 300) returns for a second year as starter. Sophomore Blaize Foltz (6'4", 310) made two spot starts in relief of Vernon last year, and would probably be the first option if either of the two starters were to go down. Also pushing for playing time at guard will be sophomore Trevius Jones (6'3", 310) and redshirt freshman Ty Horn (6'5", 320).

One of the breakout stars of 2009 was center Jake Kirkpatrick (6'3", 305), who was on a few All-America teams last year and appears on the watch lists for the Outland, Lombardi and Remington Awards for his senior year. Kirkpatrick will join Cannon as a draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. The candidates to backup Kirkpatrick will be sophomore James Fry (6'3", 290), redshirt freshman Eric Tausch (6'3", 295) and sophomore Michael Rosner (6'3", 295) a walk-on who played in seven games last year.

The Frogs welcome two true freshmen to the offensive line this year- Nykerin Wellington (6'6", 275) out of San Antonio Holmes (the high school, not the Steelers' wide receiver), who projects as a tackle once he adds weight to his long frame, and Michael Thompson (6'4", 315) out of Farmersville, who projects as a center or a guard.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Taking Inventory: Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

Just like at running back, the Horned Frogs are simply STACKED at receiver. The difference is that many of the most talented pass-catchers won't be around as long as many of the ball-carriers.

The good news for Andy Dalton is that eight of the Frogs' top ten receivers from '09 are back this fall, including the top three- all of whom are seniors. Jeremy Kerley led the team last year, nabbing 44 passes for 532 yards and 2 TD's through the air. Just behind him were Jimmy Young (33 catches, 517 yards, 3 TD) and Bart Johnson (33 catches, 410 yards, 2 TD). As was the case with Matthew Tucker and Ed Wesley in our inventory of the Frog running backs, I'd be very pleased if these three receivers comprised the entirety of Dalton's aerial options, but they are just the beginning.

Antoine Hicks is the biggest name outside of those three- it's hard to believe he'll be a junior this fall, but it's true. He led the team with 6 receiving touchdowns last year (including his absolutely, completely bananas catch for the go-ahead score against Clemson) while racking up 478 yards on 23 catches. He will likely be the marquee name for the receiving corps for 2011, but he also may challenge for top-billing this fall, too.

Rounding out the group of guys making up the list of Dalton's favorite targets is senior Curtis Clay who, like Johnson, originally joined the Frogs as a walk-on. Clay gathered in 18 receptions a year ago for 241 yards and 3 touchdowns.

There are four returning lettermen that will try to step into Dalton's cadre of regular targets. Sophomore Skye Dawson rushed for 111 yards on reverses as a true freshman last fall, but with a year in the system, he'll likely be able to showcase his exceptional athleticism in a larger percentage of the offensive playbook this year. Junior Jonathan Jones caught 3 passes for 30 yards last year, but at 6'4" has the potential to become a vital part of the passing game. Senior Alonzo Adams has been used primarily in blocking situations, but that too could change this year. We haven't seen much of sophomore Sam Shutt yet, but there's got to be a reason the coaching staff went all the way to Savannah, Tennessee to recruit him.

Josh Boyce has waited a long time to see game action as a Horned Frog. The speedy redshirt freshman from Copperas Cove graduated high school a semester early (along with his HS teammate Tanner Brock), so he's already been on campus for a year and a half. During his time at Cove, he was described as "clutch", and he's been described as "Kerley-esque" during his time at TCU, so Boyce may very well be a break-out player in 2010 and a star in the future.

There are two true freshman who are listed at wide receiver, but both of them are also listed at other positions. Curtis Carter, as mentioned in the running back breakddown, is also listed at that position. Antonio Graves, a versatile athlete out of Texarkana, is also listed as a safety. Ethan Grant could also potentially slide over to receiver from tailback.

On top of the returning talent at wideout, all of the tight ends from the '09 team return this fall, but we will have to wait and see if the position is utilized more this year. Starter Evan Frosch, a senior, hauled in just 3 catches for 33 yards while junior Logan Brock caught 5 for 67. Junior Robert Deck (a walk-on) and sophomores Corey Fuller and Walker Dille also return after receiving limited playing time a year ago. True freshman Stephen Bryant, who played quarterback and safety in a heralded high school career in New Deal, TX, joins the tight end corps this year.

Up Next: Offensive Line

Morning Dump

TCU, realignment biggest topics in Mountain West Star-Telegram

Senior class ranks high nationally in number

Time to think football again with MWC preseason poll
Daily Herald

Amon G Carter redevelopment
-This site should go live sometime in the near future, for now it's just a tease

Friday, July 23, 2010

43 Days

How has nobody found this video already? Awesome.

Taking Inventory: Running Backs

A lot of times when a team that was ranked 5th in the nation in rushing offense (as TCU was in '09) loses their leading rusher, you can count on a sizable drop-off the following year. But even though I think all Frog fans will miss the aggressive running style of Joseph Turner, I also think the blow of losing him will be softened by the incredible amount of talent that the 2010 Horned Frogs will boast at running back.

The top two returning tailbacks are both sophomores. Matthew Tucker averaged 6.4 yards per carry as a true freshman last year, totalling 676 yards and 8 touchdowns. Ed Wesley averaged 6.3 as a redshirt freshman, with a total of 638 yards and four scores. Wesley also had 170 receiving yards and 3 receiving touchdowns. Even these guys alone would make me feel very, very good about the next three years.

But the guys we saw last year were just the tip of the iceberg. Three running backs will push Tucker and Wesley for a bigger piece of the rushing-attempts pie. In no particular order, they are sophomore Aundre Dean, redshirt freshman Waymon James and true freshman Dwight Smith. All of them were very highly-touted before they came to TCU, and the real question here is how the workload is divided up between all of them. Smith was injured in the spring game, and without knowing the severity or how he's recovering, I'd have to speculate that a redshirt may be a possibility.

Two fleet-footed juniors who have played sparingly so far in their careers will also push for more playing time in 2010. Jai Cavness and Jercell Fort could take advantage of Ryan Christian's graduation and help fill the void left by him in the running back/slot receiver role that Jarrett Anderson and Justin Fuente brilliantly finally pinpointed for him last year.

Junior Luke Shivers returns at fullback, where he scored two touchdowns last year. His only listed back-up at the position is senior Ryan Hightower, although tight end Logan Brock did play some in relief of Shivers a year ago.

One sign of just how far this program has progressed is their ability to continue to recruit top-quality running backs even with such a massive amount of young talent already in place. Not only were the three true freshman (outside of Smith) who are listed at tailback facing an intimidating gauntlet to reach the top of the depth chart, they also all changed commitments from other quality programs to join the Frogs. Ethan Grant out of Coconut Creek, Florida, was committed to Oregon. Curtis Carter out of Stonewall, Louisiana was committed to Nebraska and Matt Anderson out of Vanderbilt, Texas was committed to Utah. It should be noted that Carter is dually-listed at both RB and WR, while Anderson is also listed as a safety.

Up Next: Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

Friday Morning Constipation.

spitpurple is a little backed up this morning, so you get me.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spitblood Golf Tournament for Purple People Seaters

Replace the "I" in I Need Money's teeth with Spitblood. We have a set number of spots we have to fill in order to have this tournament, so pay up. Soon. Everyone is invited, so pass it along to whoever you think might want to come.

More information about the tournament here.

Thursday Rant: NCAA Sanctions.

I hope you don't feel the same way after reading this

But you probably will

Disclaimer : if the NCAA decides to ban Florida, Alabama, USC and Georgia from post season play and it results in TCU getting a chance to play for the big one, this post will self destruct.

The college football off-season blows. It blows really, really hard. Like hearing, “Your 2005 Football National Champions, the Texas Longhorns!” hard. That’s the problem with college football – you have four intense months of weekly action, then eight months of nothing, to the point that the most exciting part of those eight months is listening to the decisions of a bunch of teenagers regarding where they’ll be not attending classes for the next four years. People groan that baseball is boring because the season is too long, but screw that – baseball is boring because it’s a sport you can bond over with your grandfather and has more breaks than Joe Theisman’s leg; give me six months of college football and I’ll STILL complain that it’s not long enough.

But this off-season has been a little different. Sure, recruiting was a lot of fun to watch this year and being able to see Josh Huff and the Oregon Ducks fail for the next several years is going to be genuinely satisfying. But no, I’m talking about what the NCAA governing body has given us this year. We all knew USC was the dirtiest among dirty programs, which seems silly to me because how hard is it to recruit a top athlete to Southern California to essentially play for LA’s pro team and have the option of running a train on all of the high caliber/ low self esteem starlets that Hollywood has to offer? If Texas Tech or Baylor was ever busted for recruiting violations, it would be the least surprising thing ever, but USC? I don’t know. It just seems like Helen Keller could put together a top 5 class every single year just by showing them an episode of The Hills and displaying this photo:

And while USC runs a dirty program, did anyone ever think they would actually be caught?

When the rumblings started right around the time Pete Carroll jumped ship, it made sense that something was coming down the pipe, but then Lane Kiffin left Knoxville to come take the reins which kind of made it seem like he knew something we didn’t and that this was all going to blow over. Well, then USC took the muzzle off of Athletic Director Mike Garrett – possibly the dumbest man in the history of the world – all hell broke loose and now Kiffin and co. are looking to put the pieces back together in Souf Central. Not that I have any pity; It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving pair than Lane and Ed Orgeron. And I don’t think THIS IS THE END OF USC’S REIGN IN THE PAC 10 AS WE KNOW IT!!! as the headlines would have you believe. But, I do think the NCAA is absolutely clueless when it comes to their methods of punishment, and recent events just prove it.

If you’ve been following the SEC Media Days this week, it’s basically been a big cover your ass convention for stalwarts Georgia, Florida and Alabama as NCAA investigators are closing in and trying to expose the misdeeds of agents and players at their programs. And I’m fine with the investigations. Sports agents are the slimiest of the slimy. If you’ve ever seen NFL Uber Agent Drew Rosenhaus on television, he’s basically Don King but white and with a slightly better haircut. He and his fellow agents MO is to fleece owners out of millions of dollars for coddled athletes who likely will never live up to their end of the bargain and get arrested for slangin’ lean. The college junior who gets a mid round grade and would be best served to come back doesn’t need a seedy agent in his ear every single day inflating his opinion of himself and coercing him into a bad decision. It happens often. So you obviously can’t have these agents just running wild on campus pushing unrealistic promises to these kids and making a mockery of college football. But does the punishment from the NCAA truly fit the crime?

Take the Reggie Bush case. Reggie lets an agent pay for his family’s housing back in 2004-2005. The NCAA investigates. Five years later they come to a decision. That decision? To suspend USC from post season play for 2 years, vacate some victories and scholarships, and make USC return Bush’s Heisman Trophy. Remember, they make USC return theirs, but not Bush returns his. Reggie Bush still got drafted second overall, still got to bang out Kim Kardashian for a couple of years, still has a Super Bowl ring and is still rich rich rich. Reggie Bush still has his Heisman. It will not be removed from the record books. It will not be given to Vince Young. How does Bush, the one who took the money, lose in this situation? His USC team from his junior year may have to take down their championship banner, but what does that prove? They beat the ever loving piss out of Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. The NCAA won't retroactively name OU national champs, nor will they give it to Auburn, who is still reeeeeeally grumpy about that whole thing. OU lost victories for the Rhett Bomar debacle, but who cares? The outcome of those games doesn’t change. Bob Stoops isn’t getting fired. No one denies that Bobby Bowden wasn’t a damned good football coach because he was docked a few victories in the eve of his career.

Where the NCAA really sticks it to the schools is in lost scholarships and bowl game suspensions, and that’s where I have somewhat of an issue. Why punish the current athletes while the main culprits get off scott free? I understand the NCAA has to do SOMETHING – USC cheated, lied about it, and was arrogant when they were caught. But why punish the players who were not even enrolled when the transgressions happened?

The story this week is that former Florida offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey took $100,000 from an agent before the Sugar Bowl this year. I understand this violates a very basic NCAA rule, but my question to you is this: Who gives a shit? He took some money before his last game as a Florida Gator. Does that somehow make him a different player? What changes in this scenario? And, what’s going to happen if the NCAA proves that he DID take the money is the current Florida players will be punished. What point does this make? And why punish the school at all? Should Florida have hired a private detective to shadow Pouncey throughout his entire career and make sure he didn’t get into any shady dealings? Considering this was between the SEC Championship and the Sugar Bowl, dude COULD have been a bit smarter and waited a few weeks before taking the money, thus not drawing near as much attention to it, but the fact remains: Why should the current Gator team be punished for what one guy who DOESN’T EVEN PLAY THERE ANYMORE did?

So the coaches are coming out and vilifying these agents, with Nick Saban going so far as to refer to them as pimps, and calling for any agents caught dabbling in illegal activities to have their licenses suspended, or even serve jail time. And he's right - that is exactly what should happen. But, the truth is, they’ll never get caught. These agents are smart. They don’t walk up to a kid and hand him an envelope full of money; they have intermediaries, they have secret bank accounts. In other words, they know how to not get caught. Someone will take the fall, but not the top guys, and more than likely it will only be the current athletes at the school. The agents will have you believe they aren't at fault - Hey? This kid is coming out early to take care of his family! I had nothing to do with it! It has NOTHING to do with my cut of his signing bonus!- but, tell that to the countless ex-NFL players currently working minimum wage jobs sans degree.

The NCAA is in a pretty remarkable lose/lose situation with this whole thing. Behind door number one, they can completely ignore the violations by these agents and end up more screwed up than college basketball and their one and done situation. Behind door number too, they can attempt to catch the violators and punish them, but they’ll never be swift enough to catch someone in the act, and if they do catch them they’re typically out of college football and their jurisdiction doesn’t allow them to make these players cooperate in an investigation, therefore their only recourse is to punish the schools. Again, this doesn’t really prove anything because the players who commited the violations get off without any repercussions.

So is there a proper solution? Well, for one, why can’t they just punish the individual after the fact? Reggie Bush took $300,000 to house his family; make him pay it back to the NCAA as a fine. Same with Pouncey. If he took the money from an agent, make him pay it back to the NCAA. Then the NCAA can put these monies into a fund and use it to, I don’t know, feed the homeless or something. I’m sure the NCAA has various charitable organizations they donate to. Seriously, you hit these guys in the pocketbook a few times, then future athletes are going to think twice about taking the money and running. Reggie Bush doesn't give a shit about his legacy as long as he still has that money in his pocket. And if they catch the kid while he is still in college, toss him out. As far as the coaching staff, if the investigation shows that anyone was negligent to the point that they created the environment that produced the individual, kick them out of college football for good. If a coach can be fired midseason by his school for failure to perform, then surely the NCAA can justify running the coach off for failure to not be a dickhead.

The thing the NCAA needs to realize is that they’re never going to clean this stuff up. This whole thing reeks of a pissing contest - the NCAA is like the absentee dad who hits you in the face with a belt every few years just to remind you where you came from, but all the football programs really just want to hang with their BCS step-dad who may not be the best solution as a guardian, but he throws them gobs of cash to appease their doubts. College athletics are really the greatest physical proof of the theory of evolution. When the NCAA cracks down on something, the schools are able to evolve just enough to get away with it until the next purge occurs. Seriously, the NCAA firebombed the SMU Athletic Department 25 years ago for recruiting violations, and yet schools still get in trouble for the same thing. They don’t learn; they adapt. The USC example from this year is a bit more glaring considering they were viewed as a pretty untouchable program, and if the NCAA slaps a few violations on the SEC East maybe people will finally start getting the message, but I honestly don’t believe that for a second. At the start of the decade, Alabama was under very similar sanctions to USC, and they’re now the defending national champs and getting investigated once again. The fact that John Calipari still has a job should tell you that these schools have no shame. Kentucky would rather win a Basketball Championship and have it vacated than never win one at all. Winning at any cost is still winning.

I love USC getting their pants pulled down in front of the entire country; I just don't see how not allowing them to be voted in the Coaches Poll is going to deter future athletes from taking lap dances and bottle service in the club.

Ramble over.

Go Frogs.

Random TCU-related Youtubery

This first video comes to us from "ItsZombieTimeMofo" who said that this was a project for a day off.

Next we've got a real estate video from Century 21 who wants you to see this property, which is over an acre of "contry" living. Probably not a lot of you looking for land out in Haslet, but the TCU-themed bedroom (at about the 1:03 mark) may change your mind. And if it doesn't, the zebra- and leopard-print room (immediately following) surely will:

Morning Dump

Coach of the year awards stacked up for Gary Patterson WFAA

T's Cowboys bus run to add college games

Former TCU standout Mikey McCarty, 63, dies

Best case-worst case: Oregon State

Beavers to start practice August 9th

Access change makes Rose bowl like others

Jeremiah Masoli may transfer to UNLV
-seems unlikely to me but would make UNLV an interesting team


It's a pleasure to meet you...I'm Andre Clark

Shaw joins Frog Women's basketball staff


Silmon earns runner-up honors in Canada

Hoge wins state amateur championship


Volleyball garners AVCA team academic awards

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ex-Boyfriend serenaded at Wedding

I don't know what to say that already hasn't been said on this subject, but let the jokes start flowing.

GP Speaks, you listen

Just in case you don't get The Mtn, which I'm sure is a majority of you because they can't seem to get the darn thing even on Fort Worth's cable, they recently caught up with Coach Patterson to see how the summer is going for the Frogs.

If the viewer above doesn't work, try this link right hurrah. If that doesn't work, we'll refund your subscription fee and you can google it yourself.

Taking Inventory: Quarterbacks

As was the case a year ago, starting quarterback is thankfully not a question-mark for the Frogs as they head into the 2010 season.

That is, of course, because 5th-year senior Andy Dalton is already the school's all-time leading passer, and is tied for the school record for wins by a quarterback with Sammy Baugh. He completed 61.6% of his pass attempts for 2,756 yards last year to go along with 23 touchdowns (against just 8 interceptions), ranking 8th in the nation in passing efficiency. He also ran for 512 yards and three scores.

But even when you've got a Heisman candidate atop the depth chart behind center, you've always got to keep an eye on the future. And if starting quarterback is not a major question mark, then #2 quarterback definitely is. Just as they were going into spring practice, sophomore Yogi Gallegos and redshirt freshman Casey Pachall are the most likely to earn the job of Dalton's understudy. Pachall, who was a 4-star recruit coming out of Brownwood, has already been anointed as the heir apparent by many fans, but neither of these guys has claimed that job in the eyes of the coaching staff, at least publicly. Also returning is redshirt freshman Rick Settle, a walk-on who had a very successfull high school career in Kansas.

There are two true freshman at quarterback this year- Matt Brown and Sam Carter. Brown, who was a very highly thought-of high school quarterback at Allen, was committed to Arizona (his parents' alma mater) until just before Signing Day. Carter, who attended three different high schools, may also end up playing a number of different positions at TCU. He's currently listed at QB, but at 6'2", 205 and with exceptional athleticism, he could also play RB, WR or safety.

Up Next: Running Backs

Morning Dump


Mountain West preseason football picks Salt Lake Tribune

Tejay Johnson nominated for All State-AFCA Good Works Team

What's the right number? Big Red Network
-Explains how Nebraska ought to look to TCU as an example of how a real Top 10 should play

How the Internet has rocked college football recruiting Dallas Morning News


Vitello is ultimate player's coach Columbia Tribune
-"Assistant leaving MU to take job at national power TCU"

Andrew Cashner records first Major League victory
-Comes against his hometown Astros


Dave Borelli named Women's Tennis Head Coach
-A national search has begun for Borelli's replacement as head coach of the TCU men's program

Great news for Fort Worth:

ESPN's Super Bowl XLV coverage to originate from Sundance Square Star-Telegram

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The newest Frog, Austin Terry

I've been leaving most of the recruiting stuff up to Jimmiemac on Spitblood Recruiting Central, but I did want to post this video of the newest Horned Frog, Austin Terry. As you watch the video, you'll notice that Terry- who hails from Lago Vista outside of Austin- has the tenacity and nose for the ball that have become the hallmark of GP's defenders. He's listed as a defensive end, but at 6'2" 218lbs, you have to think that he'd be a great fit at LB in college.

PS- Where'd you go, Jimmiemac?

Football Off-Season Time Warp.

This is kind of how I feel that first time I see Amon G each fall,
So I can see how a double Amon G would be increasingly overwhelming.

With temperatures rising, baseball cranking up its second half and the faux respite that was the World Cup over, it’s official: The dregs of summer are upon us. I’ve tried to tease myself into getting excited about Cowboys Training Camp getting kicked off this Saturday, and have even talked myself into the Hall of Fame Game early in August, but why kid with my emotions – The Cowboys are merely a Sunday afternoon sorbet pallete cleanser between the Il Mulino Porcini Mushroom Ravioli and Veal Parmesan that are TCU Gamedays. The good news about the offseason? It’s one day closer to being over than it was yesterday. The Bad? There are still, like, a shitload of days between now and the Oregon State Game. But fear not, Frogs fans, for I’ve proposed ten ways to beat the off-season that, if executed to perfection, should help us coast right into the matchup at the Death Star.

Campaign for all of our Pre-season Hype Machine Frogs - This is definitely what inspired this post because, my GOODNESS that’s a healthy list of pre-season accolades that need some campaignin’ Obviously we’ve gotten a healthy start on the AD for Heisman campaign by organizing a website and internet bombing Stewart Mandel, and that’s good, but twelve of our twenty two starters have garnered some sort of off season recognition and they need our help. I won’t go into every single mention, but at first glance it looks like we have four guys with genuine chances to take home some sort of national prize at the end of the year. They are:

Andy DaltonHeisman, Davey O’Brien, Johnny Unitas

Marcus CannonOutland, Rotary Lombardi

Tank Carder Bronco Nagurski, Rotary Lombardi

Jake KirkpatrickRotary Lombardi, Rimington, Outland

Now I realize that several of these awards overlap, so we obviously can’t win them all individually, but there’s still a lot to work with. And while Rooster is certainly going to be a long shot to win any of his awards because of his unfair perception in the media, I think between Marcus Cannon and Jake Kirkpatrick, Jake picking up the Rimington Award as the Nation’s Best Center should be well within reach and having two legitimate contenders for the Outland Award as the Nation’s Best Offensive Lineman, victory should also not be considered out of the realm of possibility. Tank Carder’s status health-wise is his biggest hindrance right now, and being an under classmen won’t help his cause either, but we should by no means rule him out for either of those two awards. Having three on the Lombardi Watch List also gives us a huge leg up on the competition.

I have linked to the websites of each of the above awards where you should be able to find some contact information. Send pictures, letters, press clippings, original pieces of art work, ransom notes, whatever you think will get the job done. The beauty part of this is, other than the Heisman, no one really openly campaigns for these awards this early in the year, so our voices will definitely be heard. If you need to kidnap a presenter and switch faces with him, then lock him in a basement somewhere until the season is over and cast his vote for him, just don’t say I sent you this.

Order a Schedule Poster – One of my favorite things about the TCU Coaches Dinner is, at the end, being able to pick up my new schedule poster and have GP sign it while I make awkward small talk and pee my pants in his presence. Unfortunately this year I was unable to make it and now have an empty wall in my office, but at least a smaller dry cleaning bill. Fortunately, TCU Publications is selling them online for $5 a piece and they’ll ship it straight to you, albeit sans being autographed by the man himself. Or even better, if you live in Fort Worth, I believe they have a bunch of copies at the ticket office that they’re handing out for free. Or, if you want to wait a month, they always have a bunch lying around at the parking pass pick up party at the alumni center. So with all those options, you may think it’s silly to pay for the poster in the first place, then pay shipping costs that are higher than the item itself rather than wait a couple of weeks and get it for free. To that I would say you are very lucky because the depths of your TCU Football withdrawals are a kiddie pool compared to my Mariana Trench.

But, however you obtain said poster, display it proudly in your work space and, rather than having a Dr. Pepper at 10, 2, and 4, get down on your knees and bow down to your very own personal photograph of Mecca, aka Amon G Carter Stadium. It’s better than getting diabeetus.

Mail a Hawaiian Tropics swimsuit model day calendar to June Jones with a Successful D-1 Athletes’ GPA and his Athletic Director’s Name and Phone number on Each Day – Now I realize this one would take a significant time investment, and would also require access to a printing press of sorts, but just think of it. Every single day June Jones would be reminded of the life he left behind (island life, beautiful women in bikinis, low expectations and even lower academic standards), plus be forced to acknowledge his current situation (undesirable climate, beautiful women except they wear real clothes, unrealistically high expectations and academic standards, and an administration that refuses to allow him to advance his program beyond a certain level) and even throw him a bone by giving him a direct line to his next job. It’s a huge winning proposition for the creator – you get to internet search for 365 women in thong bikinis, you get to break June Jones’ spirits and you get to help usher him out of town, thus destroying the SMU Football program. What’s not to like?

Poop in a Box and Mail it to Mack Brown – Be honest, right now you’re asking yourself, “Why Haven’t I done this already??” Or, if you’re WWHD, you’re asking, “Why Hasn’t Mack responded to my fecalgram yet?” Regardless, Mack Brown is pure evil and should be punished for his masked fear of TCU Athletics. DeLoss Dodds may run the athletic department, but Mack Brown is heavily involved in the circle jerk and as football goes, so does the rest of it. Mack doesn’t want a home/home series with the Frogs? No one wants a home/home series with the Frogs. Mack doesn’t want TCU in the Big 12? No one wants TCU in the Big 12. Mack Brown doesn’t think masseuses should give happy ending massages to ex-presidential candidates? Well, you see where I’m going. Mack Brown is basically the biggest thing holding TCU back from being considered a viable candidate for the Big 12 and its delectable BCS automatic bid and as long as he’s in Austin – which he will be for a long, long time – we’re always going to be considered an also ran when it comes to National title discussion. And while a coup d'etat installing WWHD as Texas AD/Head Football Coach and letting him run them both into the ground is the most preferable method of attack, perhaps a couple dozen Fed Ex’d Cleveland Steamers would change Mack’s tune. Regardless, with all the shit UT has unleashed upon the world - proof - it’s time we send a little shit back their way.

Play in the SpitBlood Golf Tournament – You may see this as overt pandering – and you’d be right – but, the tournament is going to be a fantastic time for everyone involved and you really should get involved. I can’t promise you that the golf will be worth watching, nor that you won’t have to change the shirt you sweated through in the August heat three or four times, but I CAN assure you that you will get drunk and at least some of the proceeds will go to help kids in need receive the thing most vital to their survival – A Saturday at Amon G. It’ll also be our chance to show the world that bloggers CAN be athletic, as long as there is beer and in-sport transportation involved.

Host an Impromptu Tailgate Party at Amon G Before School Starts – I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I make a stop through Fort Worth for anything at all, I’ll typically swing by Lot 3, spot 235 and just make sure no one is mistreating my approximately 4x8 foot claim of TCU property. Keep the damn kids off my lawn, so to speak. I love that spot, so why limit my happiness with it to 6 instances a year? Why not make tailgating a year round occurrence? The drawback here is, for anyone who is unfamiliar with TCU’s non-football game day alcohol regulations, you can’t legally booze in the parking lots unless it’s one of those six designated Saturdays a year. Yes, apparently you can enforce policies that are only good during 2% of the year. Tried to tailgate for a basketball game a couple of years back. Shut down. Tried to tailgate for the Spring game this year. Moderate success, but TCU po-po took offense on at least one occasion, and it turns out it was actually safer to drink in section V, so tailgating was rendered moot. Thus, the decision to have the party while school isn’t in session. Sure, you’ll draw a lot more attention as the parking lot will be mostly empty, but I have to imagine they cut back the Froggie 5-0 Force when school isn’t in full session and the only time you see them in Freshman Overflow is when they’re getting paid to take their naps. I did one time receive an eerie Big Brother speech from an officer when I was caught peeing in the parking lot and was told, “If you can see the stadium… the stadium can see you,” so, there may be a matter of destroying some surveillance cameras. But as its all in the good name of TCU Football, the trespassing, destruction of school property, public indecency and evading arrest charges will be well worth it. Consider it a charitable donation for the good of the Frogs.

Illegally Donate to a Current Recruit - We’re all friends here so I expect a bit of honesty: Who among us doesn’t aspire to be a filthily sleazy booster by the time they hit their 40s? Honestly, it’s one of the major reasons I make feeble attempts to work hard at my job. Growing up the son of a Southwest Conference era sleazy Arkansas Razorbacks booster, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of giving a heralded recruit a paying “summer job.” Seriously, I know several boosters in the Longview area alone who have done some things that would’ve made Reggie Bush look like a pauper. However, with the NCAA having their stingers out in a big way at present, we’ll have to be creative and at least make it LOOK like they EARNED their rewards. Finch, you’re a strapping young entrepreneur, anyway you can get Greg Townsend, Jr on the payroll at the car wash? I think a Southern California branch would suit you guys well. I’m already running the HR paperwork to make Malcolm Brown my personal assistant and I think I HATE H just quit his job and is moving back to the area solely for villainous recruiting purposes. Or at least that's how I picture it. We all have to make sacrifices, guys. And if you're a Catholic, consider it part of your annual tithing. The Virgin's down with the Frogs.

Start an Internet Fight with a Competing Site - You guys remember that time the Finch and Snix got into a Facebook message slapfight and we published it and had our readership expand exponentially in literally one afternoon? Yeah, that was fun. I think we mined all the new readers we could out of the Eastern Bloc, but why stop there? Who’s to say it can’t work again? David Peterson is a nice guy, but why not push his buttons a little bit, see what can happen? Maybe behind that calm, well informed façade he’s a raging ex-roid freak just ready to snap? Or maybe go for the big hit and yank some pageviews from PurpleMenace? If those nerds will pay $10/month for a message board and high school recruiting stories, imagine what they might give us for our message boards, high school recruiting blog AND ill-informed and typically irrelevant opinions? Could SMU Hate revenues be the new dot com boom? Screw trying to entertain our current readership; let’s rape and pillage the ranks of every other TCU site, drive them out of business and become the one and only internet based source for TCU related material!

Alright alright, I’m just messing around – I really like what Menace and HornedFrogSports have to offer and know that they’re infinitely more vital to the good of TCU athletics than we are… but if you want to go over to the Eastern Bloc and start pushing our site, I’ll give you a slew of usernames and passwords I’ve created that are just itching to be banned.

Rewatch all of your Old Games on TIVO - If you’re like me, you have a lot of old TCU games clogging your DVR that you’ve watched 1000 times yet can’t bring yourself to delete which in turn leaves no space for your wife to record Gossip Girl and results in you sleeping in the guest room every so often as punishment. I just don't know WHY it keeps failing to record Dancing with the Stars, honey!? But still, you’ve got them, and what better way to bridge the gap between January and September than to kick back, slip a Miller Lite in your SB sponsored GP Head koozie and watch the Frogs plunder Utah all over again? Seriously, the Tank Carder pick 6 ages like a fine wine, as does the Greg Burks special teams slaughter. I’ve even expanded the collection this year to include the second Florida State game from the CWS, just for a little variety. Sure, it may not be the best late night segue for getting girls from your couch to your bedroom or even a rooftop party, but knowing that you can come home any day of the week and watch Ed Wesley front flip over the BYU goal line will make any negative side effects moot.

Read SpitBlood Everyday – Because, hey, how are you going to live a long and prosperous life without taking your daily medicine?

That should cover at least a couple of weeks worth of off-season time, so let's hear some more ideas in the comments and it'll be time to feed Jerry Jones' coffers before you know it!