Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well, shoot...

After having won the Super Regional in Austin, I think we all thought that TCU had disposed of the best pitching staff in the country. Maybe they did, but I think UCLA definitely has to be entered into the conversation. Two days after Trevor Bauer and his kinetic antics shut down the Florida Gators, it was Gerritt Cole's turn to shut down the Frogs.

Not much you can say after a game like that, other than to congratulate the Bruins on a game well played. Cole was fantastic on the mound, and their hitters got the best of Winkler early- something we haven't seen much in his two years at TCU.

The positives from last night:

-Paul Gerrish and Kaleb Merck both looked fantastic in relief. If the Frogs are to come back and challenge for the championship, they'll likely need all the arms they can get, and those two proved they are up to the challenge of Rosenblatt.

-Taylor Featherstons's triple! Win or lose, that is one of the best moments in TCU baseball that I can remember. One more strike and the game is essentially over, but after that hit the Frogs were right back in it.

-Brance Rivera's catch in right field foul territory (pictured above). The announcers kept raving and raving about this catch all night long, and for good reason: it was a hell of a freaking play. Rivera has been a constant improvement over his two seasons at TCU, so good things are likely in his future.


FreeAB said...

My optimistic thought:

If Maxwell can pitch well Wednesday and beat FSU(and we also have a rested Lockwood), then Purke can pitch Friday against UCLA(probably against their starter who beat Florida), and if we can win with him on the mount then we are one game away from the Championship series. They would also likely be pitching Cole again Saturday, but at least we would have already seen him one time through. Still holding out some hope

THEFINCH said...

does anybody know how many times a 1-1 team has fought its way back for the championship? Lets climb this mountain

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I've been trying to look into this but am having a hard time digging anything up. I'll post if I find out.

Last night was going to be a tough one regardless, but with the way Cole was pitching, I'm not sure anyone could've beaten them. To get three runs showed a lot of resolve and is surely a confidence boost. But, unfortunately Winkler got into a hole early and, unlike Game 3 against Texas, just couldn't get out of his jams. Not to mention, UCLA has been the hottest hitting team of the CWS to this point.

I think one of the biggest differences in the game was Weik - or "Joe Why K" as Mike Patrick kept calling it - missing that 2 run HR. Seriously, dude swing half a second later and it's in the 15th row with Holaday's from Saturday and we're up 2-1. I guess if you want to be technical, we still would've lost 6-5, but it's hard to deny that that could've been a major confidence boost for our hitters.

But, hey. We got beat. It's not like we gave it away or something. The road is tougher now, but, if we get to see these guys again, who knows what can happen?

LENEtown Fizzle said...

our pitchers need to start working down in the zone for pop ups and ground outs. Getting behind in the count early is killing us. Work ahead and get the first batter of each inning out.

Bodenman said...

No way Holaday can feel his left arm today. He got drilled by a piece of Cole's cheddar.

You have to tip your cap to Cole. Kid was dicey all night long. Nobody beats him last night much like nobody touches Purke when he's on.

FSU should be a push over tomorrow night. Beating UCLA twice will be tough.

buffalo said...

predictions on who will pitch tmrw night?

shortnkerley's said...

Maxwell. Pretty sure that's a no-doubter.

BuckNasty said...

Gotta be Maxwell. Purke won't be ready for a full start tomorrow and they will want to save him for Friday anyways. Rematch of last night on Saturday.