Monday, June 14, 2010

"This is a historic day for TCU"

The quote above is from Coach Schlossnagle's press conference after the 4-1 win over Texas in Game 3 of the Super Regional series that sent the Horned Frogs to the College World Series for the first time ever. It's quite an accomplishment for a program that, until less than a decade ago, was playing at a field (the TCU Baseball Diamond) that most little leaguers would consider sub-standard.

When Lupton Stadium was built in 2003 (opening with a loss against UT-Arlington on an unusually warm Groundhog Day that year), I wondered aloud to a friend of mine if it might be the first step toward the Frogs playing in Omaha. It seemed like a pretty far-fetched concept, we both agreed, but today it's a reality.

And as much bitching as there was about the NCAA seeding process and that TCU shouldn't have to face Texas in this round, would you really want it any other way now? Even Saturday's 14-1 loss seems alright now, because it fits nicely into the storyline of the whole weekend: when the Longhorns exploited the TCU mistakes in that game, UT fans were all but certain that the series was theirs because "TCU is out of pitching" (an actual comment to me by a UT fan via email after that game) and that there's no way a lowly MWC school could rise up off the mat to pin their invincible team.

But then Kyle Winkler just kept squashing UT threat after UT threat, continuing to toss 0's onto the Disch-Falk Field scoreboard inning after inning...and his high school teammate Tyler Lockwood to close it out. Out of pitching, my ass! And then there was the mammoth, euphoria-enducing home run off the bat of 5'8" Aaron Schultz that served as a collective kick to the crotch of every smug, entitled UT fan...even those that actually attended the school. Is there a better image than the one I posted above to capture the "David slays Goliath" feel of this game? The most beautiful moment of poetic justice, though, was Bryan Holaday being told to "get in the batter's box and shut the hell up" by a UT fan sitting next to the crowd mic...and then smashing another home run over the left field wall for an insurance run off of UT's "unhittable" closer.

As fun as it was to deny Augie Garrido's "lion" from feeding again, especially in the midst of giant schools like UT working to re-structure the college sports landscape to further alienate schools like TCU, there is plenty of work yet to be done. Getting to Omaha? Great. But this team's better than just happy to be making the trip. They're good enough to win the whole damn thing, and I for one think they're going to pull it off.

Go Frogs.

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LENEtown Fizzle said...

did anyone else love the dogpile on the longhorn in center? that was greatness