Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TCU to the Big 12???

Not that there's anything wrong with it...

By now, you all surely have heard that the Big 12 Conference, once thought to be the Titanic of sinking ship BCS Conferences, has now decided to formally organize nightly prayer sessions while facing Austin and form the Texas Longhorns and their 9 Nappy Head Ho's Conference which, to be honest, I think a lot of people felt would be the end result all along. Not that the Pac 10 rumors weren't juicy, but we all know that Texas HAS to be the center of attention in everything they do, and in the Pac 16, they'd be Prom Queen to USC's Prom King, at least to start out. And even though that dynamic would likely change after a couple of years, a couple of years to wait for that crown and it's guaranteed nookie from the head cheerleader was just too long for UT, and now we'll sadly never be able to see the Corp of Cadets get blockaded while marching into Cal Berkeley's Stadium every other fall.

So all signs have pointed towards the Big 12 remaining the Big 12-2 Conference. Commissioner Dan Beebe has said that he has no interest in adding additional teams in the region while Mack Brown and DeLoss Dodds - the Big 12 Gestapo - have said they are looking forward to the new round robin style conference format, and feel like they don't lose any clout by dropping their conference championship game.

But could they all have been blowing smoke up our asses this entire time?

In today's "completely nefarious email being shipped around the internet that you've probably seen already*" department, I direct you to a transmission that I have now received twice. The original sender shall remain nameless. mostly because it's THAT anonymous on my email, but here is the body of it anywayl:

I was at a breakfast meeting at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth today. Guess who was in the next room having an intense meeting?

Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe

TCU coaches Gary Patterson (football) Jim Schlossnagle (baseball)

TCU Athletic Director - Chris Del Conte and several other people in purple.....

*As I was finishing this, Bryan Estridge came on the radio saying that this email is 100% BULLSH and that the coaches were simply having their monthly meeting, but I had already written 99% of it, so I posted it anyway. Besides, it's a slow news day. But in a related story, our coaches have their monthly meeting at one of the most exclusive country clubs in the area, if not state? Go Frogs!

A pretty fascinating thought, no? Just the three most powerful people from our athletic department sitting down to breakfast with college football's new Houdini who just so happens to be the Commissioner of the conference whose invitation we covet so dearly. And I'm not saying three of those four weren't having breakfast together... but I am saying that I just don't see a Big 12 invite in our future. And that there's a man on the loose in Fort Worth who looks exactly like Dan Beebe and eats at Colonial.

First off, Texas has openly stated that they do not want us in their conference and Texas IS the Big 12 now. They finally pushed Nebraska, their biggest naysayer, aside, Oklahoma has been surprisingly subservient, and aggy, despite their cute little puffed up display the past couple of weeks, is just as much their bitch as they ever were. Tech fancies themselves a player, but seriously, don't make me laugh. And I know there are six other members in that conference, but I just can't place them... So basically, Texas says jump and everyone else says how high. And if Texas doesn't want us in, then there are nine other teams who, no matter their inclination, are going to say no as well.

So we've got that going against us.

Secondly, as has been stated over and over again, this whole thing is about money. By adding a small, private university with a limited alumni base that sits smack dab in the middle of a region the conference already controls - no matter the depth of our athletic programs in comparison to every non- UT member of the conference - you're basically just saying, "Here! Take all my money!" Because it'd basically be Texas, Oklahoma and the rest of the gang taking money that they would already be earning out of their pockets and giving it to us. And you can bet that after playing Robin Hood to the likes of Baylor and Iowa State for the past 15 plus years, DeLoss Dodds isn't looking to add another Little Lebowski Urban Achiever to the ranks.

So that's going against us as well.

But, there is one way, however unlikely, we can MAYBE elbow our way to the table, and that would be if the powers that be could convince Arkansas to relocate from the grownups table that is the SEC to the high chair that is the new Big 12. If this were the case, it would probably be in the best interest of the Big 12 to take in another team and reestablish a 12 team conference so as to keep up with the joneses. Speaking of Joneses, Jerry Jones is probably the most famous living Arkansas alumnus and, although he's not near as involved with the Razorbacks program as some might have you think, he could potentially be a major player in this if called upon. Think about it - he's losing a lot in this deal by the Big 12 Conference Championship game magically disappearing and thus not lining his pockets every December. Would the prospect of having his Razorbacks move into a more localized conference, which would give him a better chance to catch some games, and the added benefit of re-kickstarting a Big 12 Championship game in his stadium be enough to rally him around the Frogs? It's hard to say, and honestly, I don't think he'd have that much input, but if the Hogs at least flirt with Dan Beebe, maybe nibble his earlobe and slip him heart shaped notes in his locker between classes, with the current trends towards realignment, there's really no telling what could happen.

And, as I was typing that last paragraph, I thought of a new wild card - the Missouri Tigers. It's been kind of understated to this point, but Missouri and the Big 12 are anything but bosom buddies. Missouri wants to be in the Big Ten more than a fat kid wants candy, and the Big 12 would love to give the ingrate Tigers the boot. Just see T. Boone Pickens comments from the other day, where he openly stated that he is glad Colorado and Nebraska are gone and that he hopes the Tigers join them. Seeing Nebraska swoop in and take the Big Ten bid that they felt was rightfully theirs KILLED the Tigers and pretty much puts them in "foot in mouth" mode as long as they're in the conference, which appears to be for an imminent amount of time, and I can't imagine that's any way to live.

But what if this thing isn't over? What if the Big Ten really IS stretching this thing out 18 months as they've said all along? If they get Notre Dame, they're at 13 teams but probably try to find a way to work out around it, but if they strike out and decide they want to continue growing, Missouri is an obvious target. Then the Big 12 would be in the exact same mess they are right now. They'll grudgingly settle on ten teams, but nine? Nine was the magic number a week ago by which OU, Tech, OSU and Texas would jump to the Pac 10. So, if this happens and Arkansas expectedly declines, then don't they HAVE to take TCU?

Only time will tell, but with this apparently being all but a done deal, I just need something to comfort me while I sit in the corner hugging my knees and crying.


Rotten Arsenal said...

Meh... fuck Utah. The Pac-10 is probably a weaker conference now than they were a month ago. And Utah most likely loses exposure in the midwest and Texas. Sure they gain California exposure, but will they be able to recruit talent away from the existing Pac-10 teams fast enough to make themselves a huge threat in the Pac10? Until they win there, they'll still be a "non-BCS conference team" in the eyes of most people

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I agree - I don't think they maintain their same level of success in the Pac 10. They'll be fine, but still be behind Oregon and USC most years I would bet.

My only concern is, do we get to count their success towards our BCS status? Not sure how that works, but doesn't make sense to be able to count them towards it when they won't be in the conference if it happens...

Sir Wesley Willis said...

and as far as recruiting... if you're a college kid, and you're used to playing in Los Angeles... would you really want to go to Salt Lake City?

VikingFrog said...

I for one would like to see the Mountain West continue to grow and eventually become a power conference. I'd rather be part of something big from the ground up rather than riding someones coat tails. So I vote for Utah to stay and see what happens.

Just my two cents.

Rotten Arsenal said...

I would vote to keep Utah, too. But from everything I've picked up, it sounds like Utah thinks they are better than the MWC and wants out. Maybe they'll stay, but it seems to me that they'll actually hurt their BCS Title chances... I mean, let's face it... running the table in the Pac-whatever is going to be harder than running the table in the MWC. Sure, the top teams in the MWC (TCU, BYU, and now Boise St) could probably compare pretty well to the big dogs (USC, the Oregon schools) in the Pac, but hey, let's be honest... Stanford, AZ State, Cal... even new addition Colorado are going to regularly more formidable than Wyoming, New Mexico, and San Diego St. Top to bottom, the Pac is better weighted than the MWC, although I'd still put money on our top dog beating their top dog most of the time.

I'll laugh if Utah ends up consistently getting sent to the Vegas bowl.

HFrog77 said...

My $0.02: Utah jumps regardless of the impact on their football record. Why? $20M/year in TV revenue vs $1.3M. Has it ever been about anything else?

Regarding TCU in the Big 12/11/10, what's always said about TV markets is the effect of a TCU on the DFW TV market. I think that misses the point. To me, it's all about the NATIONAL market. Would you rather tune in to see UT play Louisiana-Lafayette or a game between a Top 5 UT and a Top 5 TCU? We're talking millions of eyeballs glued to big ranked matchups, not local TV market dominance. As long as we're a Top 10 team, our match up potential is huge.

Rotten Arsenal said...

I still strongly doubt TCU gets invited to the Big12-2, and this is straight from the "I know a guy who knows a guy who heard..." File, but a buddy of mine supposedly is buds with some guy who is attached to a local political office and THIS guy confirms the Beebe lunch. I still think it's BS, but I'm supposed to hear more later.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Ooookay... hearing thinks about Memphis, Arkansas, and Louisville with one school in the lead because of a possible "rich old uncle"

This story might have some relevance to what I'm hearing

Rotten Arsenal said...

Went to the Baseball Team Send-off this morning. Pretty decent crowd for 8 AM.
Tried to corner Del Conte and see if I could get any info but he disappeared before I got the chance. I did insert myself into a conversation bewteen John Denton and some other guy. The talk naturally turned to conference movement and when asked (not by me) if everything was done, he said something about there might be a few more moves. When I brought up Memphis, Louisville, and Arkansas, he said no way on Arkansas.

Rumor mill keep on churning...

Rotten Arsenal said...

Now hearing BYU is under consideration and that if that happened, TCU is out. Still not really believing all this chatter, but can you imagine the purple rage if the Big12-2 invited BYU to join over TCU?