Thursday, June 17, 2010

RH-58's Redskins Camp Journal

Former poster child for this here blog, Robert Henson, is entering his second year with the Redskins and will be covering his mini-camp experiences on Hogs Haven. You can find his first entry here. It is actually pretty well written little piece.

I've never been much of a pro sports fan, growing up in a college town in the southeast will do that to you. For that reason my professional allegiances have always fallen with particular athletes, growing up it was former Vols and now a days it's former Frogs. However, I recently decided since I live in a town with a sports team I should join the rest of the assholes and support the Skins. So, good luck to you RH-58 and I'll leave you Cowboy fans with this...


Sir Wesley Willis said...

Well, the good news is, you only picked the fourth most reviling franchise in the NFL to follow... the bad news is you also picked the most gut wrenchingly hard to watch team in the entire league with the worst owner and the worst venue. Cheers!

Spit Purple said...

Yeah, I figure with the Frogs doing so well I should keep my karma balance by having one shit team in my repertoire.

And yes, Fedex is miserable.