Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy

Yes, I am excited about Regionals. How could you tell? If college baseball isn't the best-kept secret in the world of sports, then postseason college baseball is. I honestly do not understand how there is a college softball game on one of the ESPNs at all times, yet only TWO of the sixteen baseball regionals are being televised (don't kid yourselves, aggy, your game is only on because of the FIU kid's 54-game hit streak). This weekend's games at Lupton are SOLD OUT with the exception of a few general admission seats, so if you haven't secured tickets yet I'd do so as soon as possible.

Speaking of tickets, it appears that our ursine neighbors to the south are throwing a collective temper tantrum over the lack of available tickets. Go see for yourself over on the baseball board (I'm sure you'll just observe for entertainment sake and not cause any trouble over there, riiiight?). I can almost understand Texas, OU or A&M fans looking down their noses at TCU and expecting to be able to just waltz into our stadium and outnumber Frog fans without much effort. But BAYLOR? Come on, guys- your grip on reality can't be that loose, can it? Get over it and come up to Fort Worth and buy some tickets from a scalper- it's what I've done at every regional tournament I've attended.

Turning our attention to on-the-field issues, though, there continues to be a lot of talk about Coach Schlossnagle changing the pitching rotation going into this weekend. David Peterson of, who knows at least twice as much about baseball as I do, registered his thoughts on the change, and I value his opinion so go read it!

Remaining in the winner's bracket is important in any tournament, but having to play during the day in Fort Worth this weekend is going to additionally punitive because of the 100+ degree temperatures being predicted. I wish TCU were hosting one or more teams that were likely to wilt in the heat, but I'm pretty sure guys from Waco, Beaumont & Tucson will all be just as ready to endure it as the Frogs. Then again, how many Baylor players was it that had to leave the 2006 football game with cramps?

So get ready for a fun weekend at Lupton. Make sure you've got plenty of beer for the tailgate, some zinc for your nipper (sunscreen to the non-Simpsons junkies out there) and some Midol if you're wearing green & gold.


VikingFrog said...

I've got two extra tickets for Friday's game if anybody is looking to buy two for only that game.

Is Spitblood scalping illegal?

BuckNasty said...

They sound like a bunch of Obama supporters over there. "This isn't fair. We should get tickets too even though we weren't good enough this year to host a regional. Everyone should have the same chance as everyone better than us." What a bunch of pussies.

buffalo said...

sounds like a great time to bust out the old "kick baylor out of the big 12" t-shirts.

THEFINCH said...

i cant make it because some asshole scheduled their bachelor party in new orleans, its going to be so lame

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Baylor has fans? How cute!