Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Morning Scared Turtle Head Dump

Don't Force it, you could hurt yourself.

Typical dumper spitpurple is unavailable today, as is backup poo man lyle lanley, so you've got my out here half assing the news to your desktop. Have an over-written and ill-informed World Series post upcoming, so I'm making this quick.

And no, you're not getting categories.


Rabble Rouser said...

IF anyone wants to give womens rights supertool and TCU basher extroirdinaire, Kenneth Burch of NRH, some constructive criticism on his "Letter to the Editor" he can be reached at (817) 834-7663.

God Bless the internet, and fuck Kenneth Burch and his gay lover Richie Justice...

Rotten Arsenal said...

I saw that in the paper this morning. My first thought was, "Is this guy just looking for hate mail?" Seriously! I wonder how many Big12-2 schools keep softball around mostly just to stay in good with Title IX. Sheesh!
Not having softball? How is that even a valid argument for not going into the Big12?

LENEtown Fizzle said...

maybe we should drop our football program for a softball program, i mean who are we kidding anyways, we only played in a bcs bowl game last year, we aren't very good