Friday, June 25, 2010

Morning Dump

As underdog and newcomer, TCU is Omaha's team Star-Telegram

TCU's season hinges on freshman Matt Purke today in College World Series

Pena brings more than Omahawk to Frogs

Purke again TCU's ace in the hole
Houston Chronicle

Purke making splash at CWS
Lufkin Daily News

TCU's Purke might make UCLA an underdog in College World Series
LA Times

CWS fan gives back grand slam ball

Horned Frog homer become keepsake for player and CWS
Omaha World-Herald

UCLA's Rasmussen looks to act as closer
Whittier Daily News

UCLA taking next step against TCU
Orange County Register


Dalton's leadership puts him at no. 8 on non-AQ list


Cheerleader of the week: TCU's Jordan Daigle
Sports Illustrated


LENEtown Fizzle said...

I hope Jordan reads this here blog and notices the first person to comment on her, the fizzle. she is reppin TCU well.

SuperSweet HornedFrog said...

Jordan likes her frogs Super & Sweet...shes all mine so back off

Cro-magnon Frog said...

I'm just gonna club her over the head and take her back to my cave.

Sorry boys.

LA Frog said...

If TCU spent the money on "baseball cheerleader" uniforms and the photo shoot then why are they not in Omaha? The fans love us there, but if Jordan and her friends were there -- Good God -- they might worship us. It would give Mike and Orel something relevant to talk about

Rotten Arsenal said...

Hey, not to change the subject from hot TCU Showgirls, but somebody needs to get on the ball and put a nice big red "X" through that OU logo on the Header.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Then when would Orel find time to brag about his baseball playing son at USC that just had Tommy John surgery?

yes, I've memorized it.

Joe said...

Sad news for all us Texas Boys...
Jordan does like her frogs super and sweet. Word is she's been snatched up by TCU Football player #17 Tyler Luttrell. That's one lucky dude. Bet he is always watching his back.
Whats a guy gotta do? We salute you Tyler.

There will be tears over Texas...