Monday, June 14, 2010

Morning Dump

Omaha Bound:

Long awaited dream finally comes true for TCU baseball Star-Telegram

TCU stuns Texas to grab ticket to Omaha Star-Telegram

TCU's relief ace kept the ball in the yard

Omaha bound! Frogs eliminate Texas, 4-1

TCU's Schultz goes from fill-in to super regional hero
Austin American-Statesman

UT baseball season ends with loss to TCU
Austin American-Statesman

Magic pitching well runs dry for UT untouchables
Austin American-Statesman

Kirk Bohls' 9 things and one crazy prediction
Austin American-Statesman

TCU, four others punch tickets to Omaha
Yahoo! Sports

Horned Frogs top Texas for first trip to Omaha
Omaha World

TCU basks in glory of first-ever CWS trip

Chazten Gonzales commits to TCU
News OK

Boise State will change more than just football
Laramie Boomerang

Money trumping tradition in conference realignment
Deseret News

Conference realignment to get political in Texas this week
Sports Illustrated

Change all about money, but also means playoff all the way
Dallas Morning News


Cro-magnon Frog said...

will one of you youtube extrodinaires put up that clip where the UT fan yells at Holaday to shut up and get back in the box, then Holaday rips the tits off the next pitch?

I feel that moment should live forever on the world wide web

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Marvelous comment from one of the Statesman stories. Apparently we lack class.

First of all, I'd like to congratulate TCU on a VERY opportunistic victory against an offensively inept and slumping Texas team with the best pitching staff in the nation and close to, if not the best ever at Texas. I think TCU will likely run into some teams that will make shaky starts like the ones turned in by Maxwell and Winkler pay more than the Horns were able to because of our slumping offense that really wasn't very good to begin with. I would hope that TCU does well and would wish them well, but honestly, I really don't care who wins it now, other than hoping above all hope that it's not OU. I might root for TCU, however, the biggest reason that I won't is because I fully agree with LonghornPaul. That dogpile was more than a celebration, it was a statement! If you really got into the heads of the TCU players, you'd find that it was a planned event to meet at the Longhorn and pile all over it - of course, as inexperience would leave it, they pretty much missed. Dogpiles happen in the infield - usually beginning at the mound with the winning pitcher. Go back in history, watch the dogpiles - they don't start in the outfield - they don't run as a team out to the outfield to pile, unless intentionally for a purpose. I'm sure they are tired of getting beat by Texas, but I, personally, believe the action lacked class. The reason so many Texas fans aren't saying so much about it is because we rarely see one at the Disch - Texas doesn't dogpile this side of Omaha, the home fans rarely see one - obviously, they wouldn't notice that it was the entire team ran, together, out to the Longhorn logo to pile right there, in a statement to the Horns! If I were TCU, I'd certainly be proud of my victory against the Horns - finally....but I would NEVER suggest that they do anything that ridiculously stupid to cause Texas to have more reason to beat the heck out of them next time......but, as inexperience would have it, and lack of leadership would allow it - they did anyway. So, here's to you, TCU, great series win for a trip to Omaha. My challenge to you now would be to act like you've been there before, act like the team you beat that's been there 33 times before.....act with class....afterall, if you're really that good, won't your play on the field win you all the marbles and provide all the statement you'll need?

We'll get you next year, I bet... Hook 'Em!