Thursday, June 24, 2010

More thoughts on Curry's Blast

Are we making too big a deal out of Curry's grand slam from last night? I mean, as David Peterson of pointed out, it was just one play in a long string of crucial events that made the inning so special. So credit has to go out to the whole team for completing the comeback.

But still...what other moment in TCU history can compare to the drama of that mammoth shot? I thought Aaron Schutlz's home run against UT was going to be the signature moment of this '10 team, but how can you say that two insurance runs in the Super Regional are better than a come-from-behind grand slam at Rosenblatt?

For all of the success that the football team has had, you'd think there would be something that would outshine last night, but I am having a tough time pin-pointing one specific moment. Louisville's game-tying field goal attempt in '03 hitting the crossbar as time expired was pretty sweet, as was The Great White Hit. But those were both more "sigh of relief" moments, because the Frogs had been in control for pretty much the entirety of both games.

Perhaps the only moment that can match it is Jamie Dixon's buzzer-beater to beat Texas and clinch the SWC title for the Frogs in 1986. I was a little too young to remember that, but watching that video really makes you wish we could have that kind of atmosphere for basketball games again some day.

So no, I wouldn't say we're making too big a deal of Curry's blast. It capped a comeback that showed this team's true colors and let every Frog fan out there know that our boys don't have an ounce of give-up in them. It took me a while to settle down enough to sleep last night, and even then I woke up to watch the highlights again at 3:30am. I must've dreamed about it, too, because I woke up with this fitting stanza from the Flaming Lips stuck in my head:

I've got a trick...a magic stick
That will make them all fall
We've got the power now, motherfuckers,
'cause it's where it belongs!

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Rotten Arsenal said...

Hey guys! It looks like ESPNUHD will show last night's epic game again on Sunday night at 7pm. Set your DVR!