Monday, June 14, 2010

Kicking While Down.

Bryan Holaday (left) and Chance Ruffin.

Barely 18 hours later, and the Frogs' victory still tastes as good as it did yesterday when we were all fantasizing about being underneath that all-male dog pile in the middle of Disch-Falk Stadium. So what better way to continue the celebration than to kick Texas while they're down?

First though, a solemn note. The Big 12 - nee, 10 - it appears will live to fight another day, if you believe's Chip Brown. With aggy still trying to take their circus act of a fanbase eastward into the SEC, there's definitely not any certainty to this situation as a Big Nine would probably be far less desirable than a Pac 16, but one point he makes should definitely make things interesting this week. As we're all well aware, wherever Texas goes, anyone - including aggy - will follow and, as we're also well aware, Texas is the most financially successful athletics program in the country. But, even with their legion of hippy local fans, Texas is certainly not getting on board with the communistic trajectory our country seems to be taking and, even though they have enough money to fund the entirety of the remaining Big 12 North, they want more. So with that in mind, the fact that the Big 12 will allow member schools to pursue their own revenue streams, which includes individual TV networks, something not offered by the Pac 10, may end up saving the conference as we know it. Sure, the guaranteed gobs of money offered by a potential Pac 16 are nothing to turn your nose up at... but can you imagine the kinds of money the Longhorns would generate with their very own, UT network? Heck, I'd probably watch it, if only to catch their annual meltdown against the Kansas State's of the conference. This obviously wouldn't guarantee the other teams in the league a more even shake - something that has been a serious complaint ever since the merger - but still, Big 12 money is still more money than they'd get elsewhere. There's obviously no guarantees that the Big 12 will remain intact even with this development, but with all remaining schools other than aggy suggesting that their favored option is to keep the conference together, sadly, for now at least, it appears Baylor will still be able to tout themselves as a member of a BCS Conference.

But, as that's not really kicking "the more deserving team for Omaha" when they're down, I'll move on. So, I think it's safe to say that the most popular athlete from the University of Texas from our generation is Vince Young. Hands down. You can tout Colt McCoy and Kevin Durant all you want, but I don't think anyone even comes close to touching Vince. And while I admit that he was one of the most phenomenal athletes I've ever seen play any sport, I'm not going to lie to you and say that watching his self imposed mental destruction, otherwise known as his career with the Tennessee Titans, manifest itself hasn't been one of my more satisfying sports experiences of the new millenium. Seriously, his demons make Tommy Blake's look like angels by comparison.

As a refresher, during the 2008 season, young Vincent was having some serious struggles on the field and, after being booed by fans, showed his coddled, UT fragility by refusing to go back into the game. He then subsequently lost his job to Kerry Collins, went missing, apparently contemplated suicide, and then returned to ride the bench for the rest of the season. And while Young eventually replaced Collins this past season and apparently recaptured his mojo (read: rode Chris Johnson's coattails), it looks like his off the field struggles may continue plaguing him.

Football players and strip clubs have always been an oil and water type combination - apologies for the gut wrenching timeliness of that analogy- and it looks like Vince Young is continuing the trend. Breakdown: Vince Young goes to a strip club. Vince Young has too much sauce. Vince Young encounters a man who vocally expresses his dislike of the University of Texas. Vince Young follows man into an office at said club. Vince Young then assaults the man while shouting "Hook em, Horns." Vince Young gets a citation. Vince Young needs to realize that, as a millionaire athlete, he's going to be a target and to control his fucking temper, although would you expect anything besides this childish attitude from an ex-Longhorn?

You have to hand it to these ex UT players - they're passionate about where they came from. Ricky Williams smokes pot like he's still in Austin. Roy Williams, on the off chance that he gets into the end zone, throws up his Horns like he's still in Austin. Colt and Jordan still reverse cowgirl each other like they're in Austin. And apparently Vince Young will slap a ho for talking out of turn like he's still in Austin.

Honestly though, nothing will probably come of this. They'll sweep it under the rug and Vince will head back to Nashville and lose the AFC South once again. But you can't ignore the hilarity of Texas' most popular living ex-player acting like a complete imbecile during the same weekend that the "team more deserving of Omaha" was getting run out of their own stadium by the school that they refuse to play outside of their own terms. What goes around, comes around, Texas, and it looks like the bad karma generated by playing in Austin catches up to even the most seemingly untouchable of athletes.

But hey, at least football season is just around the corner, right? Enjoy the off-season, Longhorns.

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