Thursday, June 10, 2010

Horns to the left, Ags to the right, stuck in the middle with who?

I almost get as much joy in watching the big 12 disintegrate as I did when the former Soviet Union came apart before our eyes. The commies deserve what that get as did the Soviets...

It will be months before we see the final result of the shake-out, but what to me may be the most interesting scenario is the possible split of TAMU & UT. Those two programs are meeting today to try and work out there differences and plan the possible direction of their exit, but it is a very real possibility that the Ags go to the SEC and the Horns to the PAC-whatever the total will be or PAC-##.

So what about the rest of us in the middle of this muckity, muck? Baylor tried to beg and borrow, but forgot that lending is still tight in this economy and no one can afford to drag there baggage along with them today. Colorado takes the invite west and Baylor is now back to reality.

And what about the Tech situation? Suddenly they find out without little warning that Kent Hance maybe doesn't quite have the pull they thought he did. We shall see, but being left out of the UT & A&M discussion is not a good sign and it was really questionable as to how attractive Lubbock appeared to those west coast schools. So will Tech now become a high plains drifter searching for solace with the group from Kansas and Missouri or is that mixing up too many Eastwood flicks into one? If not we could also add the "deserves go nothing to do with it" in here somewhere if you like.

We are facing the possibility of Tech, Baylor, Missouri, Iowa State, Kansas & Kansas State either trying to rebuild a conference that for all practical matters would no longer exist or those programs scrambling to join other conferences.

The "most likely" scenario would be that the remnants of the Big 12 would try and act quickly and save their own hides so restructuring the former Big 12 would not take place due to the time element required. Missouri obviously would love to join the Huskers and the other 11 in the Big Ten, Kansas & Kansas State would head east if possible and Tech? Baylor? And who really wants Iowa State in their conference?

Would TCU dare?

We shall see!


shortnkerley's said...

I'm really enjoying watching this all blow up in Baylor's face. in is a goldmine.

Spit Purple said...

I don't see Tech getting left out of the Pac-16 deal, the "tech problem" just applied to the Big 10 from what I gather. That and the goal of the Pac is to get 16, no championship game, just a BCS bid for each division. So if for some reason they don't take Tech, they would still need a 16th.

Personally, I don't see the 2 BCS bid thing happening. I do however see the Pac 10 turning to 16

Jimmiemac said...

A lot depends upon what happens to TAMU as the SEC talks are a reality. The SEC has been in quiet discussions with several schools, especially A&M and that is a much better fit for the aggies than the PAC-##.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

APPARENTLY Tech and Baylor got a last minute un-vite to attend said meetings. But I think it's probably kind of like when your mom made you invite the nerd from your 4th grade English class to your skating party just to be nice.

Rotten Arsenal said...

I don't want to see the Aggies in the SEC... although it would be fun to see them get their asses handed to them every week by some new competition. Can you imagine Alabama vs Aggie games? The Tide HATES Aggy because of that whole Francione mess