Monday, June 7, 2010

Boise's invitation put on hold

MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson just announced that the presidents of the nine member universities decided to table the expansion issue...for now. That means that Boise State remains a member of the WAC...for now. The unnamed reason for this has to be the rampant "Pac 16" rumors, and this continues to give them legs.

When asked if this meant that Boise wouldn't be invited, Thompson said no and looked at his watch to emphasize the point that this decision was based on RIGHT NOW. Meaning...we're going to wait and see what shakes out with the Big 12. If any number of schools leave for the Pac 10 and/or Big Ten, those remaining members could be targets for the MWC...or vice versa.

As much as striking first and officially adding Boise would've really gotten things started, I think the inactivity on the part of the conference is even more of an indication that things are going to get a little nuts. Just hope that Chris Del Conte and Chancellor Boschini are getting the right people on the phone and making TCU's case be heard so that we end up in the best possible situation.


LENEtown Fizzle said...

I think the wait and see approach the MWC is taking, is the right one. I would really like to see what happens to the Big 12. It will be an interesting summer

Lyle Lanley said...

Baylor's little power play is pretty interesting, too.

If they succeed and get into the proposed Pac 16, good for them. We'll take Colorado instead.

If they DON'T succeed, and the Pac 16 happens anyway, then we take Kansas, K-State and then the Bears become a candidate to become the 12th team in the new MWC...along with Boise, Iowa State, Fresno, Houston, etc, etc.

If they didn't get into the MWC,then CUSA is pretty full right now, too...

So good luck, Baylor.

D said...

some talk about neb. and missouri thinking about leaving big 12.

another option of many options in the option book would be for them to pick up TCU and Houston,creating a new big12 south division, all texas teams.

easier traveling = more revenue

-random thought but due for an entry.


hornedtoad said...

anybody notice Andrew Cashner was called up by the Cubs? he has posted 3 innings of relief and currently has a 0.00 ERA. Pinella plans to move him to the 8th inning.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Why would the MWC even want Baylor? Do they really bring anything at all to the table?

Geez, they can't even get top recruits with the help of Big 12 exposure... why would anybody want to go to Waco without the "prestige" of a big conference?

Sir Wesley Willis said...

that has nothing to do with this story.