Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baylor and the Karma Train

Ohhh when that Karma train comes around, it comes hard and fast (that's what she said). It sure appears as if Baylor is going to be left out of the new PAC-16, and is totally F'ed. I'm not typically one to particularly relish in someone else's misery (who am I kidding, I love doing it), but it is hard to ignore the irony in the situation with our neighbors down in Waco. Around 14 years ago it was Baylor who flexed their political muscle to get that last spot in the Big 12 and sent TCU and others out to wander conferences and struggle for relevancy for the next decade. Now it appears as though that political muscle is not as strong as it once was and will not have the power to get them into the new conference.

I have really not ever had a problem with Baylor. Hey, they used their influence and got the last seat following the demise of the SWC, and good for them. They are a little guy in a big pond, just like us. But after following their message boards and the outright ridiculous statements from their administration, I have now added them to my hate list. This was my favorite "we are not going to be invited to the PAC-10 because Berkley will not be affiliated with a religious school such as Baylor." Bwahahahahahahaha. Seriously? Just admit that Cal and everyone else doesn't want to be affiliated with you because you suck. That's it. You just suck. And you just suck really hard. I mean hell, even Iowa State went to a bowl game this decade. Iowa freakin State! And you cant? Feel free to kill yourself at any time.

Just keep on saying that we play in a mediocre conference and you could go 12-0 every year with our schedule, and to accept an invitation from the MWC is "beneath you", and keep up the delusion that your qb "who is hands down better than Vince Young", is going to teach us a lesson in the fall. So Baylor, enjoy the Sunbelt conference. Who knows, maybe you can get up to 7-5 and get yourself into a bowl game and you can quit whining about you got robbed in that '94 Alamo Bowl. And if you do end up in the MWC then welcome, I will enjoy penciling in a W every season for that Saturday.

You suck.

***Post Update***

I had to look at this three times on because I swear to god I thought I might have accidentally ingested some of those mushrooms that make UFC fighters think their friend is the devil and you must rip out his still beating heart. See Here. The newest thread is titled "If/when Baylor is in a lesser conference, does that devalue our degrees?" HAHAHAHA. I mean who the hell are these people? Are they seriously this insane? I am almost speechless. Last time I checked no one looked down on a Rice grad because their football team would loose to Katy High. Link to Post Here


Peter Pipers Pecker said...

Baylor is a bunch cunts

Middle Man said...

Hell no should TCU allow them to join the MWC. Let them slide all the way down to the SunBelt or WAC. They could be a big rival of LaTech? Might even have a shot at beating them once in a while.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Can we start a letter writing campaign to the MWC league office telling them to not even consider Baylor?

Those jackasses are now talking like it's a given they'll be asked to the MWC and that they'd be competitive

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Tried to create an account over on baylor fans so I could link them to all of the bad things we've been writing about them and start a blog slap fight... but they did not accept my request to become a poster... probably because I had my name as "Sic Em Sunbelt"... ah well.

Richard said...

guess they haven't gotten to Biology 1 yet at your irrelevant school. you realize that is a beaver right?

CounselorFrog said...

Do you realize it was the phrase I was going for? Not the picture? Enjoy the WAC.

WWHD (What Would Hughes Do) said...

Dick ‘irrelevant’??? Tell me you’re not a Waco fan.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Oh Richard... just to "help" I did a quick look around for a picture of a bear being attacked by Karma. I didn't find one, but I did find a kid's book series that perhaps would be helpful to Baylor Fans about now:

Bear Series by Karma Wilson

It's for a 2nd or 3rd grade reading level, so it's right on target. It looks like "Bear Feels Sick" and "Bear's New Friend" may be just what Baylor fans need to read.