Sunday, June 13, 2010


But someone had to do it.


BuckNasty said...

Woooo. Omaha!!!. I just listened to the postgame interviews on the radio and they had Augie and some player on. The player said "I truly think the wrong team is going to Omaha." The exact reason why I hate those whiny fucks.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Aren't they the greatest?

Wasn't chance ruffin supposed the be the best closer in baseball? Enjoy living in beautiful, sunny Detroit.

Froggy said...

Just had this TCU shot at annie's west:

1 shot 3 olives grape
1/2 shot blue curaƧao
1/2 shot grenadine
Topped with sprite

They call it purple soda, but it's a great purple shot for celebrating the hurt we put on the horns here in Austin

Froggy said...

Also, best comment after the game by a UT fan:
"Fuck y'all, Hook'em"
I might rank this win above the '05 football win against OU.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I may actually have to agree with you, Froggy. Obviously that win was huge and even more unexpected than yesterday's... but there's just something about beating those orange assholes in their home stadium with their their terrible, excuse making fans the day after a blowout to advance to the College World Series that makes me feel pretty funny "down there"